Apr 17, 2009

Twittering for a good cause

Friday, April 17, 2009

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Scott Case

CEO, Malaria No More

Co-Founder Priceline.com

This week, the world discovered a new and powerful weapon in the
fight against malaria: Twitter. The social networking and
micro-blogging tool mobilized a million people to battle the disease by
helping Ashton Kutcher be the first to reach one million Twitter
followers—saving lives, 140 characters at a time.

Earlier this month, Ashton decided to help raise awareness about
malaria for World Malaria Day on April 25th. To do so, he leveraged his
popularity on Twitter to spread the word and encourage his followers to
donate $10 mosquito nets at www.MalariaNoMore.org. This simple act (or
“tweet”) brought a message of malaria awareness to a new audience in an
innovative way and galvanized hundreds of thousands of people to take

Innovation like this is exactly what’s needed to end malaria deaths.
When Ashton challenged CNN in a race to a million Twitter followers, he
added a twist: 10,000 mosquito nets for Malaria No More to help
families protect their children in Africa if he reached the target
first. CNN quickly accepted the challenge and pledged 10,000 nets if
they could beat Ashton to the magic number.

The gauntlet was thrown and the race was on. But the fight to end malaria deaths had already scored a major victory.
As a technologist, I’m always looking for the next big thing in new
media and breakthrough communications. Twitter is a phenomenal tool—but
this is the first time I’ve seen it used in such a powerful way. With
this race, Ashton not only showed the power of new media, he also
launched what may be the biggest technology-driven, pro-social movement
in history.

Every individual who participated in the Twitter race played a vital
role in moving the world toward one in which no child dies of malaria.
To make a difference, Twitter followers didn’t need to make a large
donation or a grand gesture. The race to a million showed that the
power of dedicated individuals united behind a common cause can spark a
movement. Every Twitterer involved—regardless of whether they followed
Ashton or CNN—took a simple action that will have outsized impact in
the lives of families across Africa.

Malaria is a preventable and treatable disease that kills a child in
Africa every 30 seconds—but we know how to stop it. Thanks to new
tools, resources and political commitment across the globe, we are
winning the fight against malaria. Public engagement shows our leaders
that we are determined to beat malaria. Ashton and CNN’s Twitter race
shows how we can catalyze technology and innovation to tackle a social
problem and make real and lasting change.

We’re working to end malaria deaths by 2015—we can do it, but we
need everyone’s help. Every tweet helps, every mosquito net helps,
every person has the power to help save lives. Join the world in the
race to end malaria deaths by getting creative and using the tools at
your fingertips. Visit www.MalariaNoMore.org or use the power of
Twitter, MySpace and YouTube to amplify your voice and inspire others.

Ashton set an ambitious goal of reaching a million Twitter followers
this week. Inspired by his success, we’re setting an ambitious target
of our own: help us get to one million mosquito nets in one week to
celebrate World Malaria Day on April 25th.

As Ashton proved today, anything’s possible.
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Horoscope Pisces

Friday, April 17, 2009

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Got this off of my cell walla go...

And it says
Pisces April 17
Don't try to create the day you want to live today--let it all unfold around you.

And yes that is what I am doing...just living life....

Are you Twittering??

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Good evening everyone. I hope you all are having a great night.
Mine has been pretty good. I watched Ashton on Oprah today, its pretty cool that
they got Oprah tweeting :) its wild!! I loved it once I got ahold of the site
and got on there, I was shy at first to it but then I just got on there and
wrote my short little thoughts and I think that is the best part, its limited to
140 characters..do you know how much you can fit in 140 characters? lol..quite a
bit if you try hard enough..hehe I try to fit sometimes as much as I can or
continue it..

I also just watched Larry King and saw Ashton, PDiddy and
jimmy Fallon on there. That's pretty cool. I love that they are celebs but that
they are wanting sometimes needing our feedback on what we think about things or
our opinions on things and like Ashton said its not about the celebs its about
the conversations that they get going on there its pretty cool. I love it..I'm
addicted :) I don't think I'm as addicted as Ashton..yet..he does the twitpic
where he posts the pics, he does the quik.com where you post the live video and
he does the stream TV thing that is live so that is just awesome. I won't be
doing a show or anything like that but I have posted pics on twitpic

Anyway I just wanted to share that I think that its great
that hes did it for a good cause and got some other celebs donating money to buy
the malaria nets that's awesome.

www.twitter.com and if you want to add me mine is www.twitter.com/Lisa2900
Ashton's is www.twitter.com/aplusk
Diddy's is www.twitter.com/iamdiddy

Its pretty cool..join in .. see ya there tweetering :)

Race to 1 Million!

Friday, April 17, 2009


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This is the video of Ashton winning the race to 1 million against the CNN Brk

Need a new layout!!

Hey there everyone, well I was trying to get a new layout but none of them are working for me. Can anyone tell me how to get the pictures that I want to post on here smaller? They seem to take up alot of room and I can't fit them on here.

Apr 16, 2009

PIcs of my daughter's cake

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My daughter had a great birthday!! She said it was
the best one yet!! She had fun, she got her clothes that she wanted off of ebay
and me and her are going to spend the day together Saturday out and about so
that will be fun. She blew out her candles all in one breath :) She put them on
there and even had 2 of them at the bottom away from the others and still got
them all out! I got it on video!! YAY!! So I will share that. I am going to put
up pics of the cake to.

Hope that everyone had a great night. Besides the
thunderstorms coming through and giving us a ton of rain in a short amount of
time again were all good. Got a video of that to..hehe :)

A Pulling sensation in me pulling on my belly button!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

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A strange feeling pulling on my
belly button from the inside??!! I hadn't had this feeling since back in
Sept-Oct when I was pg and lost it soon after. Now this is happening again. I
know that I'm not and can't be pg so Leon looked it up on search and some others
both men and women according to him have the same sensation but theres goes from
the belly button down. Mine doesn't. It just goes like from my belly button
back...weird!! This time it didn't last that long, but almost had me in tears
with pain!

Thursday...almost TGIF!!

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Good afternoon everyone. I hope that you all are having a
wonderful day. Mine is going all right. Woke up with a headache but took
Excedrin migraine and its faded way out so I am very thankful for

Today is my daughter Jessica's 12 birthday!! I am in shock
that shes growing up so fast. Shes my only daughter and I'm very protective of
her and can't believe that shes almost a teenager!

Leon is fixing to go do his plasma and after go to Wally
world and pick up her cake and candles. Me and her are having a mother daughter
day Saturday. I am planing to take her to the mall and then surprise her by
taking her to go see the Hannah Montana movie. She loves her and I'm sure she
will enjoy herself. And of course I will enjoy just being me and her

So Ashton Kutcher is almost to the million, he reached 1
million on Facebook before twitter...so if your a fan of his, please go to
twitter, sign up if you haven't its free and add him and support him :) http://www.twitter.com/aplusk

I think its pretty cool for a celeb to take on a network :)
I think its great what hes doing. One person wrote me and said that it would be
better if he actually talked/replied to his fans, he does. He doesn't just talk
to other celebs. I like him regardless and I have seen him reply to normal
everyday people so whatever. Hes doing it for a good cause and isn't that what
really matters? Some people...

Anyway, it was so nice and pretty and the sun shining and
nearly blinded me earlier when I went out to check the mail and now its cloudy
and cool out. I got pics of course and will share. I love taking and sharing

Hope that everyone is having a great day so far. Right now
its quiet here, well except for the music being on..lol..I'm sitting here
enjoying the time that I have alone with the cats and music while hubby is out
doing plasma and getting Jesse's cake :) Hope he doesn't forget the

Have a great day everyone..I've been twittering all
day..join me there http://www.twitter.com/Lisa2900 and
then follow Ashton lol..hugs to all..have a good rest of the
From the pic above to this in less then 20 or so minutes...

Happy Birthday to my daughter Jessica and one of my best friends Jill!!

Today is my daughter
Jessica's 12th birthday and also one of my best friends Jill's birthday!! Happy
Birthday Jill!!! Love ya!!! Hope you have a great day :)

Apr 14, 2009

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Apr 13, 2009

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