Jul 7, 2009

Michael Jackson - RIP my thoughts

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Good evening everyone. This, for me, has been one heck of a very emotional day. I know that I didn't know the man, I know that I never came anywhere near close to even meeting the man, I know that I didn't even get the chance or opportunity to go to one of his concerts either as some very lucky and blessed others did. But for some reason I am just very emotional over the passing of Michael Jackson. He was an amazing artist, a wonderful humanitarian who gave and gave and kept giving and he was so loved by his friends and family and a lot of fans...its sad that we had to have this very emotional memorial of him today. But in doing so, I think that we celebrated him and that is what he wanted...I think that he loved the idea of doing a public memorial where the fans got to go and pay there respects to. When I saw the looks on those children's faces in there...so sad but then I saw them up on stage and saw them singing .. There dad would of been proud of them and for Paris speaking out even if it was just a short minute, she got it out there that was a great father and I think that people needed to hear that. Everyone has there faults and we all live and learn, so it was good of her to speak out even just for a minute, I felt so bad for her, my heart was breaking for all three of the children. And his friends that spoke about there times and him, like Brooke Shields I never realized that them two were that close..that is great that they had each other and were so close..those kinds of friendships don't come by that often...she made me lose it when she first started talking because you hear and see all the emotion in her coming out...Bless there hearts for getting up there and talking about him...Thoughts and prayers go out to them all.
I hope that things work out the way that the children want them and I'm assuming they want to stay with all there family where they are now..I don't think that woman if that's what she is..ugh amongst other things! Has the audacity to fight...blah she doesn't deserve the children, they are to darn good for her! She just looked so mean and hateful when I saw her when she came out of the restaurant, why did she have to be so mean and hateful..good grief! And in Michael's will it says that his mom Katherine or Diana Ross will tend to them and I'm sure that is what the judge will grant because that Debbie lady just isn't the neutering motherly type!!! She even stated on record that she wasn't a mother or something like that they said on the news they quoted her, I don't remember the exact words but she has NO rights to the kids. She needs to let them be. Shes just in it for herself and not in the best interest of the kids that's for sure!
I heard something that I thought was disturbing on the news, on Nancy Grace earlier this evening. She was talking about how the casket was moved from the cemetary to the staple center and then they went to an undisclosed secret location after the memorial service. She said that some of the family, namely his dad I believe wanted to get through the red tape and bury him at/on Neverland Ranch but that the mom and girls said no that isn't going to happen so I guess they have put him somewhere safe for now, which I find sad that the drama is going on there when it shouldn't be like that. It should be a time to grieve him and to remember him not to argue and fuss about where to lay the man in the ground at!! And then someone said that he wanted to be cremated not buried, well if that was the mans wishes then they should do that. I just hope and pray that they don't drag this out and that they lay him to rest soon however and wherever it might be..lay him to rest....let him be in peace now...he deserves that.
I am buying a shirt that has Michael on it and says that he might be gone but will always be remembered or something like that..I looked at a lot of them and finally found one that I liked. I want one not because of this event really but because I have always been a big fan of his and I want a shirt to show my love for him still is there with me. Back when I was a little girl, I had a record player..yea a record player..wow am I really that old?? Anyway and I bought the record We Are The World and I played it over and over and over and absolutely loved it. Its probably at my moms house put up in the attic or was given away..who knows but it was something that I loved..I loved music and always loved Michael and always will...his memory will live on in all of us forever...RIP Michael we love you always.

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