May 9, 2009

Teenagers ... UGH!

Good evening everyone. I hope that you all are having a great weekend so far. Mine was all right today. Chilly and cloudy outside nothing new, we knew that was coming. It was an ok day. My oldest is being a butt pestering my youngest son, that's his job!! I took my cell away from him since his cell isn't working he was borrowing mine, no more. My youngest wanted to play a game for the xbox and Jared doesn't even have an xbox anymore and yet he says that its his his his and he shouldn't have to let him play it. He doesn't even have a system that works on it so what the heck is the problem??!! Selfish!!! Then he starts saying its all hi his his he bought it with his money!! HA what money?? Money that I gave him!!! Damn teenagers are something else aren't they? He doesn't do crap for chores around here. He gets a cell, he gets things the younger ones don't. He gets to go out on the weekends and then he acts like this so no more money for him no more phone unless he pays it every month and he can go out and get a job if he wants things because I have had it!!!! He is going to work for the things that he enjoys now and see how much it takes to get things that he is taking for granted because I just give them to him...NO MORE!

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