Apr 17, 2009

Are you Twittering??

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Good evening everyone. I hope you all are having a great night.
Mine has been pretty good. I watched Ashton on Oprah today, its pretty cool that
they got Oprah tweeting :) its wild!! I loved it once I got ahold of the site
and got on there, I was shy at first to it but then I just got on there and
wrote my short little thoughts and I think that is the best part, its limited to
140 characters..do you know how much you can fit in 140 characters? lol..quite a
bit if you try hard enough..hehe I try to fit sometimes as much as I can or
continue it..

I also just watched Larry King and saw Ashton, PDiddy and
jimmy Fallon on there. That's pretty cool. I love that they are celebs but that
they are wanting sometimes needing our feedback on what we think about things or
our opinions on things and like Ashton said its not about the celebs its about
the conversations that they get going on there its pretty cool. I love it..I'm
addicted :) I don't think I'm as addicted as Ashton..yet..he does the twitpic
where he posts the pics, he does the quik.com where you post the live video and
he does the stream TV thing that is live so that is just awesome. I won't be
doing a show or anything like that but I have posted pics on twitpic

Anyway I just wanted to share that I think that its great
that hes did it for a good cause and got some other celebs donating money to buy
the malaria nets that's awesome.

www.twitter.com and if you want to add me mine is www.twitter.com/Lisa2900
Ashton's is www.twitter.com/aplusk
Diddy's is www.twitter.com/iamdiddy

Its pretty cool..join in .. see ya there tweetering :)

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