Nov 14, 2008

Nov 13, 2008

Work from home no fees start today

Hey there everyone. I am working this job along with my other ones. I am a freelancer and love working from home. Check out this link workfromhomeHQ
You can start today. Its completely free. He has a few different jobs that you can do for him and when you reach a certain amount, I believe its $20 you get paid through paypal. There is NO fee whatsoever to sign up. So check it out today

Getting paid to click on ads

Hey there everyone. I work at home doing some freelancing work but I also do the get paid to things. I have gotten myself into a routine of clicking ads daily to get the money adding up fast. And it does add up especially if you do more then one or two sites a day. Try some of them and get yourself in the habit even if its just for an hour a day while the kids are napping or after supper or before bed, do it for an hour daily on a few different sites and you can see a difference and start letting the money adding up for the upcoming holidays or whatever else you might want or need. All of the sites/links/banners that I list are FREE to join unless they say otherwise which is very unlikely b/c I rarely pay for things that I join.

If your interested in doing a few short surveys and I mean very short ones or if you like reviewing websites and writing 2-3 sentences about what you think of the site join the site today..its free
$6.00 Welcome Survey After Free Registration!

For the ones below, you can click on an ad, wait a few seconds and get credits. You can use these credits to post your own ad and or banner. Get your site out there for the world to see!! The internet is a huge place and if you have a site that you want to get noticed then sign up for these sites, free of course, and look at others sites while earning credits for yourself to put your banner and site out there. Watch the traffic start coming in for your site. And for these sites also you can breeze on through and read ads and then click next in a few seconds and the points for that add up really fast and nicely to.

Get paid for taking surveys (updated)

$6.00 Welcome Survey After Free Registration!

Click on the link above to join today for free
This is an awesome survey site that actually has cool surveys and its really quick and easy, not like some of the surveys where you go through pages and pages of questions and then at the end find out that you didn't qualify!! This site isn't like that..they are short and sweet and thats it.

Here is another great site where youc an take surveys and get paid.

Affiliates, Place Your Own Advertising Text Here. (ie) Click Here To Enter Merchant Website And View Products.


Nov 11, 2008

Earn some $$$ for the holidays blogging (Updated)

Good afternoon everyone. I came across a site that gave me a list of sites that you can sign up for and make money blogging. So I thought that I would share with you all the ones that I am signed up for. I am going to "try" to start updating this site more and others that I have to. I need all the extra money that I can get coming in for the holidays that are right around the corner from us all. Will add more/update later on.

Get paid to surf ads, it doesn't take that much time and just a little effort. You can do it daily and keep on it and make a pretty good amount by the end of the month.

Get paid to take quick surveys by clicking on the link below free to join and get $6 as soon as your signed up. Easy and quick not long boring surveys.
$6.00 Welcome Survey After Free Registration!

If your looking to click on some ads and make a few bucks then you can also click on the banner below and sign up for free

Nov 10, 2008

Very Stressful Early Evening

Monday, November 10, 2008

A very stressful early evening
Category: Life

Today was going alright, for the most part besides being tired and cranky as it was until 5 rolled around and no Jessica. She is staying after school for the after school reading and math program b/c she liked it last year and wanted to do it again this year so I said ok. It starts at 3:45 and last an hour and then the bus drops her off here in front of the house, usually a few minutes before 5 or at 5. Well 5 came and she wasn't here. I waited til a couple minutes after 5 and then started panicking! I called the school, no answer, I called the bus barn and no answer. So I kept calling them one then the other right after each other for about 5-10 minutes. Then Leon got dressed and left and went walking to the bus stop and then up to the school while Jared hopped on the bike and went up to the school. Long story short, shes home safe and sound THANK GOODNESS!!!! Thanks to Jared!

I finally got ahold of someone at the bus barn around 5:30!! He said that there was a mix up with the buses and they should be here soon so that relieved me a little. About 5 minutes after that Jared comes walking in the back door with Jesse. He said that he saw the bus going off a different way then where it needed to be going and chased it b/c I guess he figured it was the right one, not to many out that time of the day. So he followed it for about 2 1/2 blocks or so til it let out a kid and then got on there and said can I get my sister and the driver was like what who and didn't even know the route or where the hell to go or anything! So Jared got Jesse and they walked home! About 5 mins after they walked in the door Leon called and I told him that she was home and then he walked home. The idiot bus driver thought they didn't have it today and was late, which the bus barn guy toldme they were 20-25 minutes late. Leon said there was other panicked parents up there at the school to. PATHETIC! Jesse said no more after today so I don't know if she will continue going or not!

Thats about it for now. Im tired and getting my headache back again..hugs night

Cold and Rainy day

Monday, November 10, 2008


Cold and Rainy day
Category: Life

Good morning. Its freaking COLD here! I hate the cold and winter time. I wish it could be 50-70 all year long.

I need to get started on calling the businesses that I was given and put in there emails and or websites if any give them to me, no luck so far..ugh! We get 50cents for each and I haven't gotten a one yet!

I would rather blog! I don't like being told no thanks but only so many times til it gets old! But thats the job for now.

We brought Bear's kittens in here and they are all cuddled up and sleeping. They were on my lap with Halo til Leon moved them.

I woke up this morning to bleeding. Not sure what is going on yet again...this is driving me crazy! I have read that its ok to have a light period(s) while pg then I read that its not ok and ugh I dont know. I don't have money to go to the dr so I am thinking about the health department. Something is going on and I need and want to know what it is. I am not stressed, were doing alright so it can't be because of that. Its frustrating.

So today on my to-do list is getting the rest of the calls done from the first list, turning it in and going for the 2nd list..Then maybe blogging tonight b/c I want and need the extra money for next week. I got $40 going into my bank account but I need more for the cable. Not to mention I hope that the other job gets me some clients and then I can really relax and make some darn good extra money for things including Christmas and paying off next months electric bill..ick!

Have a great week everyone

Nov 9, 2008

Getting closer and closer to the holidays

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Getting closer and closer to the holidays
Category: Life

Good evening everyone. Not to much to say tonight. Been a pretty good day. Got some things done that needed to be done. Finished the articles and turned them in. Now I just need to concentrate on the calls tomorrow and the blogging for this upcoming week. I need the money for the kids Christmas. I am hoping that my other job that I got hired on as last week will come through with clients this week and that money will help.

Have a great upcoming week everyone. Hugs

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