Jun 13, 2008

I am now an offical CHACHA Guide!! WOOHOO!

I am now an Official CHACHA GUIDE!!! WOOHOO!!
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Good early evening everyone. I just wanted to write and tell you all about the news I just got...I am now an oficial ChaCha Guide!!! (Cha means search) Leon made fun of me when I told him! MEN! Anyway, so if any of you want to know anything about anything use your cell and text 242 242 and then ask your question and we will answer it for you .. free! Of course if you have cost per text you will pay that but nothing to us. I have the 1000 texts so I don't have to worry about it.
So anyway, I hope that you all have a great rest of the night. I am fixing to start work now again and this time its for ChaCha. Have a good and safe night everyone..hugs

If anyone is interested, please just send an email on here or a comment and I will give you the link and such to go see if you can be a chacha guide to..you have to have a referral to be considered.

Jun 8, 2008

Just watched Season 2 of Army Wives...OMG

Just watched Season 2 Army Wives...OMG!!!!
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First off I realize that I am not an Army wife. And honestly, don't konw but about 2 people that are even in the military period. But last year when this show did its debut on Lifetime it just drew me in. It just omg got me to not want to miss it. Like I said earlier, I would miss my Days and my Y&R but I just couldn't miss my Army Wives. Anyway, tonight was FINALLY season 2. OMG...it was sooo good and yet sooo sad at the same time. They said that they were losing someone and I knew that it was going to happen but as I sat there and watched I still didn't realize what had happened. A part of it was a dream and I didn't catch onto it! I usually can catch on to things like that but I didn't this time. OMG...one of the daughters of a lad died. She wasn't even in the bar at first, she was in the parking lot waiting in the car for her mom, but then she saw the man walk in there looking funny with this thing on his chest covered up and she went in after her mom. How horrible!!! I cried when I found out it was her that died!!! I swear it feels like your a part of the family. It feels like you know them all. Like your a part of them even when you don't know them, haven't met them etc. I swear I was hurting as much as they were and I know it was just a show, I know its just actors and actresses doing there job. But omg they do such an awesome job and it seems all so real. I get so darn emotional when watching it and even yesterday when I was watching the episodes leading up to tonights even though I saw them already at least once if not more then I still got emotional when they watched there men leave. I still cried for them. They are SUCH awesome actors/actresses!! Sad thing is, I am sure that is the way that some of us out in the real world are really living. Watching there loved ones leave on a plane and not knowing when they will come back home. Losing someone close and dear to them All the things on the show, I am sure that there are real military families out there going through it all in real life and my heart really goes out to them. I couldn't begin to imagine how hard they have it sometimes. So anyway just wanted to write a little about that.
Now its time to go work a little more since I took 2 hours off, one to watch the end of a movie and another hour to watch the season 2 thing. Work is never ending..at least I get to have my headset on and listen to my music to relax me somewhat and work. Have a great evening everyone and a safe and great week ahead.

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Anxiously awaiting Season 2 of Army Wives Tonight

Ok so its gotta be said...THANK GOODNESS Season 2 of Army Wives is here!!! I absolutely fell in love with it LAST YEAR when it first came on!!! So bad that I couldn't miss an episode .. I watched it more then my soaps!
Anyway so the night has finally gotten here... and I have less then 2 hours now..woohhoo
So besides waiting impatiently for it to get here..I have been busting my butt all day working for a lady and another guy placing ads. Getting paid $100 a week from the lady and getting paid $35 per 100 ads from the guy. So yea been busy..good busy making money but still busy and that made the day fly by. Now its time to rest and wait for my show to come on.
Hope that everyone has a great night and stays safe
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