Mar 24, 2008

Work From Home

    So are you looking for a little more income to cover the cost of higher bills these days? Like hte cost of gas for your vehicle is rising everyday it seems like. We live here in Oklahoma & I don't know about you all, but here the price of gas is increasing I swear it seems like daily even if its just a couple of cents. It still adds up alot more now then back even a year ago and its adding up fast, too fast if you ask me. So that is one of the reasons that I enjoy working here at home. You don't have to worry about the gas in the vehicle adding up to a large percentage of your paycheck. You keep working more and more yet the gas that it takes everyday just to get back and forth to work is on a constant rise and it still takes a huge part of your paycheck every week and month to keep putting the very high priced gas in the vehicle, yet we have to do it, some of us, to survive. Now that the gas prices have gone up to put the gas in our vehicles, its also going up in gas prices to heat our homes. We have a central heating unit that we didn't use once this past winter b/c it doesn't work right but also b/c the cost of gas is so high. We have a water tank and that is the ONLY thing that we have been using and here recently we got out bill and its over $200!!!! And that is for JUST the water heater!! They said that they came out and looked and read our meter again and it was right. Well, you tell me if our bill is over $200 for ONE month on gas just for a water heater then what are people that uses gas stoves and such, what is it costing them on there gas bill??? My goodness I would hate to know!
    So that brings me back to working here at home. You can work here at home, it takes times and effort and organization and such but in the long run, it saves SO much in the gas in the vehicle that its worth it. I have worked as a customer service and sales specialist here at home for about 6 months for 1800 and I absolutely loved it. Didn't get the hours that I wanted/needed but otherwise I absolutely loved it and might even see if I can work there again. I loved it. They were awesome. You tell them what hours you wanna work and they do a schedule and hook you up and they paid direct deposit every 2 weeks. Its a great part time job to start out. I wish that I would of stayed with them longer and tried to move up but it just didn't work out that way for me. I had family issues to deal with and that was that. I chose to stop working there. I enjoyed it though. Nothing wrong with them.
    For some of you that want to do customer service or telemarketing or whatever else you like to do, you can go to or net, I always get them mixed up. They list a lot of jobs that can be done from home and its a great resource to finding that job to work at home and make some good money.
    There are a few other sites that are good to look at. I would suggest to go looking in the classifieds but don't look for the work at home ads, look for like customer service or sales or telemarketing jobs etc. Those will usually tell you also if you can work at home etc. These days I think more and more companies are also wanting and hiring from home b/c it saves them on money to in the long run.
    I wish you all good luck with your search. I will find some more sites and get them listed on here soon. Have a great week
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Mar 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

    Good afternoon everyone. I hope that you all are having a wonderful and safe Easter. My day has been pretty good so far. Its nice out and sunny for the most part, started off a little cloudy and cool but it warmed up a little and its sunny out now. So the boys have been playing outside for most of the day. Jesse, on the other hand chose to stay in today and hang out with me and pick up her room and so now she has her tv back in her room. It was a mess and was taken out, kids! She likes it to look nice but sometimes she makes such a big mess that she just gives up on picking it up and keeps adding to the mess. So she didn't clean it and so therefore no tv. Now she has the tv and likes it better. Leon was in here on the pc, I was in there in the front room watching a movie on LMN, forgot the name of it, but it was about 2 sisters and one of them has 2 kids and the one that has the 2 kids just up and left them with the sister that wasn't used to kids and in the end the sister that took in the kids got custody. It was a happy ending b/c the unfit mom, she got a job and was getting back on the right track. Cool movie. I like the ones that are real life stories. Time for the kids to start there baths and get ready for school tomorrow! YES! They were out ALL week for Spring break and while I enjoyed them being home for the week, I am ready for them to go back to school so that I can work and get some quiet time and me time for the things that I need to do and take care of.
    I hope that everyone has a great Easter. Have a wonderful last week of March. I can't believe that its coming up on the last week of March already. This year is just flying by like crazy. Anyway, hope you all are doing great. hugs.
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