Feb 29, 2008

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Feb 28, 2008

My day

    Good morning everyone. So this morning has been alright so far. My firefox browser though wouldn't open this morning thank goodness that IE comes in handy with things like that. So I did the netscape, but then it said something about the support for it is ending on March 1, 2008. Hmm, so then it pops up saying please download either the firefox which I have but wasn't/isn't working or download this one called Flock..hmm I thought ok something different I will try it b/c it said if you liked firefox you would like this one. So I did and guess what?? I LOVE IT!! You can blog in a different window and then publish the blog to your choice of sites like my blogger...its pretty cool and it has like the flickr and the photobucket which of course I have both. And it has the pics up at the top of the browser, its pretty cool. So I like it.
    Other then that, nothing to much is going on. I called Sandy this morning and while talking on the phone, her dogs came in and smelled like cow crap lol so she was giving one of them a bath while on the phone speaker with me, that was something to hear. lol..
    So lets see what else. I need to get caught up on emails I am sooo far behind right now its not even right! I have my kitchen stuff that I am going to get in the morning. I have to go out and put out my cards that I am making/printing today along with a few fliers about the stuff that I am offering to.
    I need SO much right now, don't know where to start! Anyway, will write more later on, behind on things and need to do a few things. Hope that everyone has a great day and is ready for the weekend and new month right around the corner. Hugs

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Feb 24, 2008

The 4 jobs that I work here at home

JD Premium Products- my site is http://lisa2900.jerkydirect.com that site tells you about the money that can be made. I did the $12 to start and am putting out cards everywhere and also putting up ads all over the net. Its a great business and everyone is supportive and great. They give you a call and see how your doing and if you need help they are there for you. I have joined a yahoo group just for the business and its helpful to. They have wonderful products, but you don't have to sell them, they sell thereselves, I don't like to sell, I like to get people in the business to help them make money.

ASI- with ASI (affordable service inc.) I am interviewing and hiring right now. This company has alot of positions to move up in. I am in the Human Resources Dept right now. Moved up from the Promotions Coordinator. Everyone starts out as a promotions coordinator, which simply means that you pass out cards with an 800 number and your referral number on it and the card tells them about a great prepaid phone for $19.95/month its a great plan, I got that one. So the cards do the talking for us, we just put them out there where any and everyone can get them. Then as soon as you got your 1st enrollment, you can move up to the HR dept, which is what I am doing and you get to interview and hire people. I like it. We also offer savings on your dr's visits, vision etc. And when/if you decide to move up to HR you get your own website, mine isn't up yet, but you can look at http://www.asihealthcare.com and click on career opportunities if you would like to see what each position is about. NO fees, you just let me know your info, name, complete mailing address, phone number and email and then I call and do a quick interview and get you hired and signed up for the orientation classes which are done on the phone. So just let me know if your interested in ASI

SureJobs- This is a great job. You are a job agent its pretty awesome. You find people that want to be hired and you send em an email (already wrote) you just put your info in it and they choose to sign up or not. You can also find employers and send them an email and tell them about the service in an already made up email. There are 2 options for this one, its up to you which one you choose, the first one is free and tells you what you need to do to find the people and the 2nd one, is I think it was $24 or 29 not that much but like I said you DONT have to pay unless you choose the 2nd one, the first one you can work and earn money and its free. I choose the 2nd one for me. If your interersted in this one, here is the link www.homestaffingexperts.com?referred_by=Lisa2900

Now the 4th one is ameriplan. This one is for you if you want to be an IBO (independant business owner) and/or if you need health savings. This one for this month only of Feb., is $25 to get into. Its pretty good so far. You get a back office and a few websites of your own to put out there to tell people about if they want to work from home and the health savings plans. Here are a couple of the links so you can look at them if you like. www.iboplus.com/Lisa2900 that ones about the health benefits www.MyHomeBusinessPays.com/Lisa2900 is the one about being an IBO

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