Nov 6, 2008


Category: Life

I have gotten plenty on my mind these days. Some good and some stressful. I am thankful and blessed for the things and people in my life. I appreciate each and every one of my friends. I am doing alright. I was down there for awhile but I am ok now. I know that things will get better, might take a little while but they will. I think once we get moved out of this house and situated that we will be better. I think that we just need to get out of this house and out of the neighborhood preferably. Its not the best in the world and has gone downhill since the 2 years that we've been here. We just need to get in a better place to where I don't hear a story in the freaking paper saying that basically 2 blocks away there has been a shooting!!! Missing 2 little girls while sleeping 6 inches from there heads! That just really really got to me and I think thats one of the biggest reasons I want out of the neighborhood. I use to feel safe and f ine here and for some reason now, I guess ever since the crappy shootings and such I just don't feel safe for my kids or myself. So the sooner we move the better. Not to mention there are way to many spiders coming in this house!! I can't stand spiders!!

Anyway, I know that some of my friends weren't for Obama, I know that the ones who weren't are probably thinking omg now what is this world really coming to or omg is he really going to do what he said that he would? Well all I can say is give him a chance to show us that he will do what he said. Apparently alot of us believed in him because there was over 7million I think popular votes for him or more beating McCain by a good amount something like 53-47 or something so yea that tells me that alot of people believe in him and his words. Have faith everyone it will be ok, it will get better.

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