Nov 6, 2008

My day of very mixed emotions

Thursday, November 06, 2008

My day of very mixed emotions
Category: Life

Today was alright until earlier tonight and the blog about that is the one before this one, finding out that my uncle has cancer..horrifying!

This morning me and hubby got out and went and got my money from western union then we went and paid the electric bill. We went to wally world and got a $1 double cheeseburger and fries at the McD's in wally world. We went shopping and spent about $30 on a few things and then hopped the bus and came home. Not to much else wnt on. I took a nap and woke up in pain! There was a stinging feeling inside of me and it felt like something was pullying my belly button but it was on the inside of me. I coudln't feel anything move, just a pulling on my belly button and it was a stinging but it hurt feeling. That is how I woke up, so yea fun! I called Sandy and said what in the world does this sound like to you and told her the feeling and she said your pg! I went online and put in pulling feeling on inside of belly button or something like that and it came up with a lot of results and 9/10 dealth with being pg. It said that the pulling was b/c of things growing and sttretching in there. so I again took the freaking last test and it again came back negative!!!! So shes sending me 2 tomorrow morning that she took. I think its the freaking kind of test I got or something b/c this is crazy. I haven't had my monthly for 2 months now. The last time was Sept 1st. I had spotted in the middle of last month and had the blood clots which I thought was a miscarriage but apparently it wasn't or else I did miscarry and then got pg again so soon?! I don't know this is driving me up a wall. So shes sending them tomrrow and then I will get them at the first of next week and see what one says then wait til in the middle of the month and do another one if I dont' start by then. Its not freaking menopause b/c I dont have the sysmptoms and I am not to sure honestly what else it could be!

 Hugs everyone have a good night and Friday.

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