Life is so unfair to good people, I just found out my uncle has cancer

Life is so unfair to good people, I just found out my uncle has cancer
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Good evening everyone. Our night was going fine, we were spending family time after we ate spaghetti for supper and we were playing with the kittens and then survivor was coming on so we were doing alright and enjoying time together just talking etc and then the phone rings, Jared looks to see who it is and its my mom, he answers it and I come in here and talk to her and she tells me that my uncle Bobby has cancer!!!! And not only does he have cancer, the doctors gave him 6 months!!!!!!!!

She said that the other day he was hurting so he went in to the dr and then they decided to do some tests and I guess yesterday or today they put him in the hospital and told him that they found cancer on his liver. They did a colonscopy and found a big thing of cancer all over his colon no way to save it and it was making it spread other places in him. Then she said that it had spread to his lungs to. So not only is it in his liver, but his colon and lungs to. She said that he made the decision to go ahead and let them do surgery in the morning and take out his colon completely and put the bag thing on him. Then he would have to decide if he wanted to do the chemo or not. My grandfather, his dad, died of lung cancer about 8 years ago in Oct and that was so horrible to see him so weak and nothing you could do but just be there with him and let him know that we love him. And now my uncle. I was very very close with my grandfather b/c I was his first grandchild for 5 years so we were very close and then with my uncle we hit it off to b/c I was his first niece and even when I had my first son Jared, we were still close when we lived in the same town and there for awhile we lived next door in 1 bedroom little houses. He took me on my first motorcycle ride which scared the tar out of me!! He took me to the lake and all around there and mountain climbng and fishing and things I loved it. He spent time with my kids to, not so much my youngest Sean b/c he moved right after grandpa died and that was when Sean was barely 2. Anyway, I love him, hes such a great guy and so much into his faith. A full Christian and he got me into going to church back when we lived in the same town and then I kinda just stopped but for the time I went I enjoyed it, it was just hard with all the little kids so little then and me pg back then to with Sean etc. it was just hard to get them out and around that was my excuse, but I know now that I should get my kids back into church and see if we can find one that is a good fit for us. We have had bad experiences with churches like the family worship center, that just wasn't for us b/c my kids told us that they showed movie/cartoons and it had the woman and guys private parts showing and that was just NOT right and so we immediately stopped going there. So I just need to try to find one where we feel comfortable b/c I can tell you now, I don't feel comfortable going in a dress and all gussied up, thats just not me, I want to be able to be relaxed, look nice but be relaxed if that makes since. I don't have money to buy nice church clothes like dresses for me and Jesse and suits for the boys, theres just no way and not to mention that they woudln't feel comfortable dressed up like that either and I think that you need to make sure that your comfortable. For us its been here at home, we pray, we do our thing, its just not out in public and I feel that as long as we feel good about ourselves and our faith that we don't have to go out in public to a church to be a good person and christian. We are good people, were just shy.

Its just so unfair that things like this happen to so many good people out there. My friend just told me earlier that someone in her family was diagnosed with cancer and this person has other health issues to deal with and now this. Its just so unfair and it hurts b/c what can we do? We are there for them as much as we can be and we tell them we love them and were here for them, but is that good enough? I feel so useless sometimes when others are sick and I just don't know what to do or say sometimes.

So please if you can, could you all say an extra prayer for my uncle with cancer. I really appreciate it.

I hope that he does the surgery and decides to come back here and live with my grandma. I don't want him there in OH, I feel he needs to be here at home with his family by him. This is a picture of him when he came to visit a few months back, his name is Bobby. Thats me and my daughter with him. I am so glad that I had my son take the picture of us.

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