Kids singing a song on myspace kareoke

Myspace Kareoke - kids sang a song :) 
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Good evening everyone. Earlier this evening Chris and Jesse decided that they wanted to get on myspace kareoke and do a song together. We looked at a couple and finally found a cute one, Who Let the Dogs Out. :) So them two sat in here and goofed off and was silly and sang the song I put the video up on youtube, uploading now should be done soon hopefully and I think that its saved on here somewhere lol its new so not to sure how it works but it was saved I think. They are to cute trying to sing and do a good job and just having a good time.

If you have kids that love to be silly and goofy and like to sing, get them on kareoke its cool and you can just do the sound or you can set up your cam and do the video and sound like we did. Its to cute and fun. Have a good night.

YouTube id is Lisa_2900