Good busy and long day

Good busy and long day
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Good evening everyone. I hope that you all had a great day. Mine was pretty good all in all. I can't believe that it was such a long drawn out day.
I was supposed to work for a telemarketing company this morning as my first day BUT I found things that disturbed me in the way that the business especially the lady that trained and hired me and a new friend of mine acted towards me and her. So I decided that I didn't want to work for someone or some company that did my friend and me the way they did. They fired my friend for no apparent reason. Me and her are thinking its b/c she was asking the trainer about her daughter (who happens to be a scam artist) so my friend thought that she was her mom and asked and the next thing that she knows she gets an email saying we won't be needing your services for the rest of the month, which she hadn't even started yet either. We were supposed to of yesterday but leads got messed up and so they said for me to start today but after thinking and doing the way that they are being talked about in the forums aren't that great either. So anyway, I let it go. I will blog more about later on b/c I don't want others to maybe get scammed in the end.
So anyway, later on in the later evening, I got a few emails from GAF where I had put in for a few jobs and got a few. I got two writing jobs. One of them is writing 10 articles a day for 300 words each and making $1-2 on each which is fine I love writing and I need to get busy and stay busy and keep my mind going and the money coming in. Another one was for another guy/company and so far its 2 but it was my first night so I did that and they are $2-3 each. So I figure it I make $10-15 or more a day thats good for now. Money is money and right now every dollar is good for us. Leon is still doing his plasma 2 times a week which is what hes allowed to do so thats $65 a week which pays all of the water and then the next week half of the electric or half of the cable. OH I changed my phone companies from $65 a month to only $12 or so a month and its only that high because I got it unpublished for an extra $5/month. So doing WAY better with that. And I got offered another one posting in groups/forums for 5cents each. Not to sure on that yet if I got it but he wanted my id on messenger so we can talk. Then I am filling out forms for $70 for a one day project with them. So at least things are coming and I can keep the money coming in even if its only a few bucks a day.
So lets see what else...I know there was more going on just can't think now b/c Leon is in here rambling on and on and going on his little preaching sessions...OH BROTHER!
I am listening to Jack radio (in vegas) I love it. Bon Jovi is on. They play all sorts of music on there and its good. Lori and her step dad are going to Vegas in Nov and I am trying to come up with money to go but not sure if I can pull it off yet or not. We will see.
Leon showed me a video on youtube yesterday of matt Damon and his standing on the presidential election and wow what he said made since and something to think about. I want to post it on here but Im getting tired tonight so I will wait until in the morning and then I will put it on then. Hes not liking the way that Sarah Palin is (neither do I!) Leon is getting us an envelope tomorrow with a stamp on it since I can't find the few stamps that I had, so that put a stop to me sending out our voter registration things.
Anyway I am tired and Leon's still rattling so I am going to bed. Have a great day everyone.