Jul 25, 2008

Been working my butt off on ChaCha..join me?

Good evening. I would like to invite Any and All of you to join me in working for ChaCha!! You can work for them/with us if you have a high speed net connection, thats about all you need. Go to Become a ChaCha Guide
Go to www.chacha.com and click on the become a guide.
If you decide to sign up and go for it and become a guide with us, you can put Lisa2900@gmail.com as the "referred by" Then that way you have a better chance of getting hired. They have told us that they hire the ones that have been referred first.
I have been working ChaCha for the past week for say 1-2 hours a day and tonight an hour and I have made over $200 already!!! I made $8 working an hour tonight. We are pretty busy right now and will be extremely busy over the weekend as were at the Indy 400 thing going on this weekend. So get in while you can and get some extra money coming in. I have been working it for about a month or a little over. Just started working it each day last week and I am almost at 700 questions so I am doing pretty good. Come join us at ChaCha.com and look for the "become a guide" link, go for it and remember referred by Lisa2900@Gmail.com
Have a great and safe weekend everyone.
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