Jun 7, 2008

Do you like Freebieis? Then check this out

Do you like Freebies?? If so check this out
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Hi everyone. Earlier today I came across this site from another cafe mom in a group that I am a part of. I clicked on the link, read through the page and it got my attention so I signed up. If you are a complete lover of FREEBIES then this is something you should check out. Here is my link for you to check out

Are you looking for somewhere to advertise your business or your site?? Somewhere where you don't have to pay for you to advertise? How would you like to put your link on auto pilot? You could just put your link in once on a site and then it gets looked at day in and day out. You can do that, I am doing that with a few of my sites. You get credits for joining and you can surf pages and get credits and if click on banners, you get more credits and all you have to do is wait 15 seconds..not 25 not 30 ... 15 seconds and then go to the next one if you want. And you are in control of what banners you click on. I love it, try it, its Free to join.

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