Mar 16, 2008


        Good evening everyone. I hope that your all doing great tonight. I am fixing to go in there and watch Oprah's "Big Give" crap I forgot that Big Brother came on tonight, not sure if it came on at 7 or 8 I forget but anyway I will just watch the end I guess. I will be back on here later on to blog some more. I have a ton on my mind and I want to blog it all.
    So I hope that each of you are having a great and safe weekend. My kids are safe and sound in the house. They were being to rough and wild outside so I made them come in and get in the tub. YIKES what am I going to do with them acting all wild this coming week for Spring break! I hope that it stays nice out so that they can play outside, but I don't want them getting to wild and crazy.
    Have a great week everyone..hugs

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