Mar 16, 2008

Thinking about drinking

    Hey there everyone. Well, I am considering going out and getting a 4 pack of wine coolers and a single beer for hubby, not sure if I will yet..still thinking about it. He just came in here and asked if I was going to for my birthday but I don't know why he said for my birthday, i have never drank before in all of the 13 years that we've been married on my birthday so why start this year??! Anyway, I might just go out tonight and do it. Not sure, Jared is at his friends house spending the night and if he found out, he would kick my butt b/c hubby used to have an issue with drinking, not me but hubby and Jared doesn't want me to be like hubby was back then a decade ago. I won't ever let myself get like that, I don't even drink on New years or haven't lately in the past couple of years so I don't have to worry about that. I might just go and get us something for the simple fact that I can and it won't do that much to us. Just need a night of relaxation I guess. Which of course I can find other ways to relax, not sure what hubby's reasoning behind it is. I won't buy him more then one single beer, I am NOT going to allow it and thats that. And we wouldn't be drinking while the kids are up, they have to be in bed sound asleep before I would dare take a sip of anything. I don't get into the hard liquor stuff either. Now if I had a blender, I might make me a strawberry dacqueri or something but I haven't ever done that before either, my friends have for me back in the day.
    Anyway, I am going to go and upload some more pictures to my photobucket and delete some others and then see if I feel/want to get out and get something to drink, maybe just sodas just don't know if I am in the mood to drink or not....have a good night everyone...hugs

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