Saturday afternoon

    Good afternoon everyone. Today has been pretty good so far. At least nothing to bad or heck even exciting is going on around here today. Jared and his buddy went riding around on there skateboards. It always makes me nervous b/c Jared doesn't have a helmet. He called earlier adn was at the park with the ducks and then a few minutes ago they called and was getting a snow cone and enjoying it. He said that they were coming back here to get there bikes but they haven't shown up yet..Im getting worried and fixing to call him. They are probably just goofing off eating there snocones but I still worry.
    the little kids are outside playing and enjoying the weather. I thought that they said on the radio that it might rain today but so far its like partly sunny and doing alright with no signs of rain.
    I wouldn't really mind it raining, I like it when it rains. I don't want it to get that messy or that rough out but I like it when it just pours and is nice .. sounds funny but its relaxing so to speak, at least for me.
    There have already been talk of tornadoes all over the place and I just hope that people stay safe and no one gets hurt. I haven't been watching the news to much or to closely lately, it just mean and violent things on it 3/4 of the time and I just don't want to hear it. I want them to come up with something good for a change. People doing good, people giving or people helping others, not all the meanness we can do without hearing about all that for a few days, I am sure no one would mind hearing nice things for a change! They should do that on the weekends when the kids are out of school and are flipping through channels, they should show and tell ntohing but good things.
    So I heard that Obama is going back up in the polls, not that he ever even went down but is going up more and more as the days and weeks and months go by its Obama this and obama that. Hillary is in it but its a climb up a upward hill for her. And McCain, well I don't know about him, hes just sitting back not doing or saying to much since its really Obama and Hillary in the race for now.
    Last night I flipped on the tv and I watched Jeff Foxworthy on the Glenn Beck show. I enjoyed listening to him for a few minutes. See they need to have good wholesome interviews and talk shows etc about people like him. Good people not anything bad and all the scandal and law breaking and idiots in office that are cheating and going out on there spouses is just Ridiculous to say the least. Its just a damn shame that they do that when they are in office. If they were just a regular ordinary everyday Joe like the rest of us, and then went out on there spouses no one would hear about it or care and its sad when they are popular and in the public eye and they go out on them and then they make fools of there selves and put there spouses in the public eye when they don't need or want to be b/c its a shame that the press has to be all up in there business!
    I just heard on the radio that "Punky Brewster" just gave birth to another baby, a baby girl. Congrats to her. I remember watching that show everyday and every time that it came on. Loved it. Hadn't heard to much from her or about her, but I am glad that shes doing good and had another sweet. I bet she will be just as beautiful as her mommy!
    Guess thats about it for now. Oh I just want to add something else really quick, one of my friends spent the night in the hospital the other night, glad to hear that shes alright now. I hope that she is going to be alright, I feel for her. I found out that shes diabetic and I know what thats like, my first step dad was/is diabetic and my best friend Brian is also diabetic along with a few others so I know that its tough and can lead to problems more then we have. Anyway, I just wanted to wish her the very best and I hope that she gets to feeling better soon. I wish that she didn't have to go through all of the stress that shes going through. Her son is just being a little childish acting like he doesn't care b/c of the girl that hes with and shes calling all the shots now and is using and abusing him just like ALL the other guys out there that have dated her...he will wake up soon...lots of hugs...

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