Remove the Politically correct Blinders and open your eyes

Hey there, I did NOT write this, I copied it off of a cafe moms journal post..just wanted to share it with you all...

Just so you know where I am coming from:  There have been alot of debates on the candidates and what they believe.  There is a lot of conservative vs. liberal bashing going on in many groups on CafeMom.  

Perhaps a few years ago, we could have lived in shades of grey.  Due events on Sept 11, 2001, we can no longer operate in shades of grey, the world is now black and white and will remain so until terrorism is defeated.

In this election cycle, we have 3 legitimate candidates who could end up being POTUS - Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Barak Obama.  All three of these candidates have people who are 100% in support of them.  All three of them have people who are 100% opposed to them.  There are also a lot of people who are on the fence if you will - people who do not like any of the candidates before them.

We have some major issues facing us - illegal immigration, terrorism (both internal and external), health care (free market or government supplied), a stagnant economy, the whole petroleum issue, global climate change, education, the home mortgage crisis et cetera.  All of the candidates have ideas on how to remedy these issues.  Just because the candidates state that they will do something does not mean that they will.  Politicians like to make promises they will not, nor cannot, keep.  Politicians no longer listen to their constituents, they listen to Political Action Committees and the people who will give them the most money.

We are no longer governed by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  We are governed by a small minority of people who think that they know what is best for the billions who live in the US.  Most of them seem to believe that we are too stupid to save us from ourselves.

We all need to open our eyes and realize that what the media, politicians and business leaders are telling us is not necessarily the whole truth.  It is their version of that truth.  We need to remember that history is written by the winners. 

I am calling on every person here to look carefully at what you are reading, seeing and hearing and think for yourself!  Find multiple forms of news media (conservative, liberal, christian, neutral) and find the common thread among those stories and you will be nearing the truth.  All media is biased in one direction or another. 

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