Friday evening

    Good evening everyone. I hope that you all are having a great evening. Nothing to much going on around here. The boys are playing outside in the backyard. Sean and Chris got grounded earlier today and so they stayed in and were grounded to there beds for about an hour of time out. They BOTH left the yard where I couldn't see them so they got grounded from going outside and a time out for an hour to sit and think. It worked they did and they said that they were sorry...scared me to death nearly when I looked out and they weren't anywhere in site! They thought that since Jared was running around the house and across the street etc with his friend, they thought that they could to but they knew better b/c I have ALWAYS told them stay in the yard! They simply didn't listen so they got in trouble. They are outside now, they listened and were being have during there time out so I let them back out with a stern warning NOT to go out of the yard again. This day and age I don't even like Jared running around! Hes a big boy compared to the other two and I let him b/c I don't want him always couped up in the house and not going out with his friends b/c I am scared of the world and the meaness sometimes that goes on in it. So he goes and stays only on this street though, if he decides to go any further either by bike or foot, he tells me and he checks in.
    I am bored and tired and so I was looking for games to play and I played some online but that got boring so I have downloaded Shopmania that I played awhile back and beat the game, figured its fun and I can try to beat it again, took me awhile last time and Jared liked playing it to.
    I played Westward earlier to, that game is fun. I can't wait for the 2nd one to come out, as a matter of fact they said on the forum next week!!! You can guarentee that I will be playing it on the trial and I am sure if I can on the first I will be buying the thing or might just have to wait til it comes out on BigFishGames where I have the credit that I haven't spent yet or on RealArcade I have credits to that I haven't spent yet.
    That show your mama don't dance comes on tonight on Lifetime so I am thinking of watching it and then my soaps later on tonight since I didn't watch them earlier today.
    Have a great evening and weekend everyone..hugs

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