Bon Jovi Sunday

        I am calling this one, Bon Jovi Sunday since I have been and still am blasting my Bon Jovi music all day long. I went to there web site, and I saw them and heard them tell about a thing called I love my town and you have to make a video with there song in the background. Crap if I thought that I could do it I would in a heartbeat. I don't have a video camera or else I would go for it! I love them and I would literally have a heart attack if they were to come here to my town! I know that they are going to be in Dallas in mid April and then the next day in OK City or vice versa, I wanted to go to one or both and now I don't think that I will be able to go to either one. ... pisses me off. I love them SO much and they don't go on tour all the time and the last time they were on tour, back 5 years ago, they were in Dallas on my birthday and one of my best friends Brian took me and I had a blast with him for my 30th birthday!! I wish that I could do that again. I would do nearly anything to go again to the Dallas one and have Brian go with me. I think its like a Tuesday night or so when they will be in Dallas or it might of been a Monday night, I bet that he would go with me if I got us tickets, but I can't now and that pisses me off...unless of course I go and work my butt off and they still have tickets for crappy seats then we might go. I don't honestly care WHERE the seats are..its the just the fact of being there would be awesome. I made him, Brian, a Bon Jovi cd with there newest one, Lost Highway and I sent it to him, I am hoping that he got it by now. I sent it out awhile back.
    So lets see what else, not to much, watching or well rather listening to them on there site right now, they are playing Make a Memory, LOVE that song...Love the video to..they did an awesome job with it and Lost Highway and Til we ain't strangers anymore with LeAnn that song and the video to.
    Anyway, I love them, they are my number 1 band and always will be. I have a poster and tshirt and I wish that I had more, oh and a key chain. I want to go to the concert so bad, I can taste it. I love you all Bon Jovi...stay strong, be safe...hugs

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