My day

    Good morning everyone. So this morning has been alright so far. My firefox browser though wouldn't open this morning thank goodness that IE comes in handy with things like that. So I did the netscape, but then it said something about the support for it is ending on March 1, 2008. Hmm, so then it pops up saying please download either the firefox which I have but wasn't/isn't working or download this one called Flock..hmm I thought ok something different I will try it b/c it said if you liked firefox you would like this one. So I did and guess what?? I LOVE IT!! You can blog in a different window and then publish the blog to your choice of sites like my blogger...its pretty cool and it has like the flickr and the photobucket which of course I have both. And it has the pics up at the top of the browser, its pretty cool. So I like it.
    Other then that, nothing to much is going on. I called Sandy this morning and while talking on the phone, her dogs came in and smelled like cow crap lol so she was giving one of them a bath while on the phone speaker with me, that was something to hear. lol..
    So lets see what else. I need to get caught up on emails I am sooo far behind right now its not even right! I have my kitchen stuff that I am going to get in the morning. I have to go out and put out my cards that I am making/printing today along with a few fliers about the stuff that I am offering to.
    I need SO much right now, don't know where to start! Anyway, will write more later on, behind on things and need to do a few things. Hope that everyone has a great day and is ready for the weekend and new month right around the corner. Hugs

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