Jan 9, 2008

You can make money from home, I do!!

Good evening everyone. Well I had started this blog, WAY earlier today but kittens jumping around on the desk and everywhere, ended up closing out the browser and erasing what I had wrote, which was ALOT! Anyway, I am going to try to remember most of what I wrote earlier and try this again with the kittens in the other room sleeping, so they shouldn't come running in here anytime soon to jump on here and cause trouble again.

So lets see, where to start. I have been making money here at home for a while now with different things. My favorite and the one I have been with the longest is PPP (pay per post). They are an awesome company and site. You get paid to blog, $5 per blog is the min. They pay you through paypal and you get to choose the product/service that you want to blog about by going to the open opportunities and checking out all the ones that are available. Check out the banner below if you like to write/blog like me and give reviews about sites, products and services. Its free to join...check it out..

Lets see, I have a few other ways that I make money ... I do the surveys now and then, I complete the free offers by putting in my email and/or phone number. You can make pretty good with those and you can download that robo form and it fills in all the info for you. Which makes it way easier. There are a few affiliate programs where you can join and you can make some extra money with that. you can also check out Google Adsense. Its simple to put right on your webpage, no biggie and make some money with the ads. Also try the get paid to read emails, those add up pretty fast if you do even a few a week.

Traffic swarm is really really really GREAT if your looking to get the word out about one of your sites and need traffic to it or if you need sign ups..put your link on there and get lots of traffic. Free to sign up and you can put 3 links up if your a free member with them. They also have ads and things for you to put up on your site and you can make money for people searching and clicking on the ads through them to. Check it out, they are all free to sign up.

One of the other best free things that you can sign up for is, Obopay. Its a prepaid credit card, which means you control the money that goes on there and you don't have to worry about going over your limit or all those extra fees. If you decide to sign up FREE with Obopay, you get $10 put on the card for signing up. Free $10 just for signing up...can you pass that deal up? Click on the link below to go to the site and sign up today. $10 free doesn't cost to join.

Sign up and get $10

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