Jan 8, 2008


Tuesday, January 08, 2008

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Hi everyone, just wanted to write a little for a few. Jesse got in after 5 today. She had homework and gave me her report card. Not to thrilled with it, the teacher made a comment saying that shes not turning in her work and/or homework and that is affecting her grades alot. Yea I would say so, she brought home a D and a U!! I don't get it, that girl studies here at home, I help her, with her spelling words every night until the test. Thats a routine and she does her homework here and I check it. I make her read a book a night, sometimes 2 but mostly 1 b/c were running out of books. We've gone through them so I am thinking when I can, I want to get the kids in a book club so that they can get new books every month. She needs more help though I think with her reading. Sean can fly through a book with very little trouble if any at all depedning on the level and Jesse does pretty good but stumbles on some of the longer/harder words and I say she still needs a little help, which I try but I can only do so much, thats the teachers jobs to. I do what I can but dang. I might as well become a teacher or take her out of school and homeschool her if I have to do all the work. Shes going after school for an hour and I would of thought that she would be working on her reading but the way she told me today they skipped around from one thing to another so it sounds like they do 3 or 4 things for 15-20 mins or so each and then its over...hmm not sure if thats going to help much or not, we will see I guess. Its frustrating and upsetting to see her struggle some and for her to bring home bad grades like that to.She said that its hard and I told her ok so when you don't understand raise your hand and tell her that you don't understand, ASK for help. She said that she raises her hand and the teacher ignores her. She didn't have this many problems last year and of course it was a different teacher but he helped her way more then this teacher is. I think that she needs a different teacher. I think that htey shoudl of put her with Chris in another school, in that special class. Thats what she needs, shes struggling to much. She needs the help and I have voiced my opinion about it but they don't agree so what can I do?? Honstely I think that Chris should of stayed in the regular class I think that he would of been fine and Jesse should of went to the other one but they don't see to take my 2 cents worth to heart. GRR! So I am still debating in my mind if moving out of the town would help or hurt the kids. The more I debate the more I wander if staying would help them more and me just take her out and put her in the other school and class myself by talking to everyone and anyone that will listen. Or if we just need to leave b/c they won't listen and don't take what I say to heart and listen. Then its the thing with Jared's school to..the idiots are telling him that hes getting N's!!! WTF! They want to give him N's b/c those idiots can't keep up with him being there and only miss a very few days!!! Its like he shouldn't of even of gone to school period if they are just going to do him that way!!! WHAT THE HELL!!! Its not like he skips, hes a good boy and I know for a fact that he doesn't and woudln't anyway. RIDICULOUS that they can't get there crap straight and know that my son hasn't missed a different number of days in each of his freaking 6 classes...IDIOTS! So thats something else dealing with the damn schools that I am trying to get situated if/when we move has to be tended to...the idiots! That could mess him up! How nice they are!
Then I was playing pogo and getting badges left and right and the net goes off and I lose the room so forget it not in the mood to go back in there.
So I start listening/watching the Cnn.com/politics things live on the web and Clinton and McCain won NH. Edwards came in 3rd...darn it! I am happy that Hillary won it rather then freaking Obama. I just don't like him. He just doesn't rub me the right way. He just hmm I don't konw, just a feeling about him I don't like when I see/hear him.
Not to much more going on, kids in bed sound asleep and Im listenign to music of course. I might just go to bed in a few, not sure yet. Might play a game offline and try to relax a little more and then go to bed.
Hope that you all have a great night and rest of the week...

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