Jan 8, 2008

My Tuesday

My Tuesday
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Today was alright, not sure why, but I slept in today, guess I was more tired then I realized. I didn't go to bed to terribly late last night, a little after 1 or so which has been my norm for a week or so now.
Jared came home and then went to the little store to get some bread and a few more things. Then before we knew it, it was time for Sean to come home. He came in when I was talking to someone on the phone waiting for an answer about something, which she siad that she thought she finished before she went on the vacation but it looks like when she pulled it up that she didn't finish, so she said that she would work on it. THANK GOODNESS! GEEZ!
Sean came in, brought his report card to me and it was all good. He does awesome in school, I am sooo very proud of him. The teacher said that she was proud of him and that he focused and did a grea job with everything that he does. Way to go Sean!!
Then Chris came home, he gave me his report card, he did good. Proud of him to, his teacher didn't leave him any comments but I know that hes doing the best that he can. I am proud of him to.
Now its 5 and Jesse isn't home yet, she is staying after school for that after school program thing to help her. So I know that today being the first day to, that its goign to be a little while before she gets home since it just ended at 4:45. They better freaking know where the streets are...the other bus drivers act like damn idiots around here and drop them off at hte different stops! SO I hope that she gets home soon. I worry about her, I don't like her being out this long and coming home around dark goodness but as long as shes getting extra help like she needs then I guess its alright for now.
Sean told me today that he told his teacher that hes moving but moving to another house not moving to another town in a month or two, I asked him if he would mind moving out of town and he said no b/c he has cool friends here. Oh I hate uprooting them and bringing them yet again to another new place to go to school at.
Is it really that bad here? Yea, when you got the kids walking only 2 blocks from the bus stop to home and they are walking wiht a couple of other kids and a couple of gang guys pulls a gun on them b/c they think they heard something or thought it was someone else and pulls out a gun! Thats just crazy and not safe at all. Then we have our windows broken b/c of some idiot bratty kid that is bored or whatever and decides it would be funny to freaking throw rocks at our house...yea he needs to be running the streets don't he? Yea he will be one of the ones in jail before hes 16 probably! Where the hell are the parents at?? Then its the damn idiots that I have across the street diagonally from us that are idiots. They do drugs, act nosey and stupid and everytime me or Leon goes out to check the mail, the man 3/4 of the time walks out of his house and checks his mail at the same time we do just so he can be nosey and ask whats up or whatever...I don't care to talk t him when I know that hes doing drugs...YUCK! I don't want to even look at them b/c I just can't stand people that do drugs...waste of time, energy and money!! So thats a number 1 reason right there , drugs to get the hell out of here. The question is move out of town or out of this particular area and if we just move out of this area, how do I know that it won't be bad there to?? On the other hand how do I know that its won't be this bad in another town? I don't know, just taking a chance. I guess you just have to take chances and see what happens.
Hoping Jesse gets home soon, its 5:09! They better call if theres a problem and Leon can go and get her...damn they better get her home before dark!!! Sean's goofing off in the front yard on his skateboard...and he she comes. Thank goodness. Home safe and sound.
Hope that everyone is having a great day/evening/week. This week is going by really really fast. Which is good, Friday is right around the corner which means filing taxes is right around the corner...THANK GOODNESS!

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