Good Friday evening

Friday, January 04, 2008

Good Friday evening
Category: Life

Hi everyone. Hope that you all are having a great night. Its Friday!! YAY! So today was alright. OMG it got up to 61 outside! Crazy for this time of the year but of course the kids enjoyed it going outside for a little while and I liked it feeling nice and cool out and actually not freaking freezing.I hate the cold!
So no big plans for us for the wekeend. Me and the kids played a few new games today. A couple of good ones was eval and trial games so I can't wait til they come out so that we can get them maybe. I have a free 3 month trial on Real Arcade so I have 3 games that I can choose taht are free if they come out with soem that I like.
Im just listening to music and trying to catch up with emails. Sean is watning to play games on here so I might do that in a few, not to sure which one yet..hmm anyway thats about it for now.
Have a great weekend everyone.