Jan 7, 2008

Back to school for the kiddos

Monday, January 07, 2008

Back to school for the kiddos
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Good morning everyone. I am up and going. Didn't get hardly any sleep last night. Was up playing Jin on Pogo with Jill (had a blast!!) until about 1 or a little bit after. I almost got my badge...woohoo..going back this morning to finish it. Layed down in bed, tossed and turned, tv on, Nick at Nite as usual. Fresh Prince on, love that show. I layed there and layed and layed there some more til 3 or so and finally dozed off. Mind roaming to much, almost got up and was going to come in here and blog, but finally fell asleep. Had to get kids up this morning. Got Jared up, hes off to school safe and sound. Called the school to tell them about his attendance, they are saying that he missed a different number of days in some of his classes then others and are giving him N's!!! for incomplete! I DONT freaking think so!!! They need to get there heads out of there butts and put down the freaking right amount of days. Hes missed maybe 6 or so..he hasn't missed that much. I don't allow him to. I don't allow any of the kids to miss unless they absolutely have to. So I called and she said that some of the kids forgot there locker combinations so they are trying to help those kids out so I will call back around 8 or so.
So now Im just sitting here waiting for 8 to roll around so I can call, probably wait til a few minutes after or even after the other kids leave at 8:30. Jesse starts her after school help thing tomorrow afternoon and goes through Thursday. She won't get out of school until 4:45..sounds so late. So she probably won't get home til 5 or so. Being that were so close to the school maybe she won't get home to late.
Not to much planned today, need to call a few people and get some things straightened out or else they are going to get an ear full from me!
Anyway, its cloudy and looks cool out but not to cold. It was comfortable in the house last night, got up to I think it said 81 for the high..geez! Then I heard or saw on the news somewhere, where a part of freaking CA got a few feet of snow! Didn't know or realize that any of CA ever got cold enough for snow!!
I love the pic lol ... yea Im the sane one...love Garfield...hope everyone has a great first full week of 2008...first Monday of 2008 is ok so far, knock on wood, not sure if it will stay that way, depends how the school and others do today. Hugs

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