Jan 5, 2008

The Weekend

Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Weekend
Category: Life

Good evening. Just wanted to stop by and say good evening. I have a horrible horrible headache and so I am probably goign to go lay down here in a few. Me and Jesse were looking for some games to play that we haven't played yet, but being as I am picky and only like certain kind like the Diner Dash games or the Fashion games and things like that and mystery games where you walk around and look at clues, not the ones that are hide and seek and search for a long time trying to find something. Those hurt my eyes to bad.
Anyway, so did you all hear about Britney? I think that shes finally done it and hit rock bottom andthey have her in a hospital adn watching her so that she doesn't hurt herself and or someone else. I feel so sorry for those kids to see there mom like that...they were there with her at her home with a supervised visit I believe and then when the bodyguard for K-Fed tried to gcome and get them she refused and thats when the cops stepped in and had to come and after 2-3 hours they called the EMT and transported her to the hospital..GOOD GRIEF!! I feel for those girls both Britney and her sister Jamie...GOOD LORD WHERE ARE THERE PARENTS AT????????? One looks like shes goig through a freaking breakdown and has lost it and the other is knocked up at the age of 16 and finally came out and told after 3 months of being and knowing that shes pg and where the HELL are her parents???? I don't give a crap howo old you are or where the hell you live or how the hell you live the parents should have to be there for Jamie considering that shes freaking a minor still!!! So where hte hell are her parents at and how did they let this happen to her when she had a good career on tv on Zoey 101 and doing great and now this... her parents should of been there more and put rules and restrictions on her and maybe this wouldn't of happeend or ok if it was meant to be then fine but damn those girls are messing up left and right and the parents are NO WHERE TO BE SEEN OR HEARD FROM!!! Or am I the only one that hasn't heard and saw them??!!
I can't wait until we move. I want to NOW! The house by us, I swear looks like a mother freaking drive thru!!!! They got cars pulling up in front of there house and the guy and his CHILD in his arms goes out to the truck, opens the door and talks for maybe 1 minute and then shuts the door and walks to back in the yard a little and here pulls up car number 2! Where he does the same thing, opens the door and talks for a min and then they leave and he goes back in the house. He had a CHILD in his arms when he was doing that!! What a great guy he is!!! And hes old enough to be a grandfather I don't know that he is but the kids are young and the guy is older looking. So anyway thats ANOTHER reason why I want OUT OF HERE!
Our game is almost done, were downloadig free trials and I picked one that is a mystery one and want to see if I like it or not. BORED! So anyway everyone have a great night and rest of the weekend.

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Jan 4, 2008

Good Friday evening

Friday, January 04, 2008

Good Friday evening
Category: Life

Hi everyone. Hope that you all are having a great night. Its Friday!! YAY! So today was alright. OMG it got up to 61 outside! Crazy for this time of the year but of course the kids enjoyed it going outside for a little while and I liked it feeling nice and cool out and actually not freaking freezing.I hate the cold!
So no big plans for us for the wekeend. Me and the kids played a few new games today. A couple of good ones was eval and trial games so I can't wait til they come out so that we can get them maybe. I have a free 3 month trial on Real Arcade so I have 3 games that I can choose taht are free if they come out with soem that I like.
Im just listening to music and trying to catch up with emails. Sean is watning to play games on here so I might do that in a few, not to sure which one yet..hmm anyway thats about it for now.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Jan 3, 2008

My Work At Home Site

Hi everyone. I just wanted to share a site with you that I have and am upgrading, you might want to stop by and see some things that can help you make a few extra dollars at home.
I started a forum there today, so if you have a business, or something related to working at home, feel free to come by and put your two cents in the forum. Share the ways that you make money at home, where you advertise, what advertising method works for you etc and put up those referral links. I just started it today, so its bare right now and needs to get some posters in there...so come on, join in and post your ad, business, etc. Thanks and have a great day

My work at home site

When you look at the page, on the left hand side, click on the one that says Forum and there ya go...happy posting.

Third day of the new year

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Third day of the new year
Category: Life

Hi everyone. I hope that you all are having a great day/evening. I am having an alright day. Nothing big going on here, so far! I can't wait to watch the things about the caucus on CNN tonight. I want to see whose in and whose out. Should be interesting. I haven't watched it all day, not sure if they are doing it now, but I know that they will be tonight at 7 or 8.
So I have this game called Sacred and I have been playing it some today. I love it. Didn't realize that it was an online multiplayer game to. Guess I just never paid attentino and I like playing it offline. Anyway, I tried it but not to many were on and the ones that was, was from ohter countries like someone said Im French! So yea ok I will continue playing by myself offline.
I need to get to working on my website updating it yet some more. One of my new years resolutions, is for me to click on the once a day on each of the 10 of them and then go and click on the other 6 or so once each day and do some good and help others. I click on the pages at www.care2.com and then the others are banners that I have on my cafemom page and on my blogspot page. And I am in the process of putting them also on my other web page. So I feel good about clicking them each once a day and giving in the only way that I can, since I am not made out of money.
Lets see, what else? I think that tonight is the night that the Celebrity Apprentice comes on but I am not going to watch it,I don't really think that there is anyone on there that I just have to watch and see how they do. And ever since the Donald and Rosie thing, Donald can kiss it! I couldn't really stand him before and ever since he put down Rosie, I don't like him even more. She does good for others, what the hell does he do? Try to make more and more money and I don't ever hear about him giving his money to charities of any kind! At least Rosie shares her money. WHAT A JERK HE IS! Just my opinion.
I have plans to work on the websites tomorrow and all thru the weeknd and get it perfected and add more things on all of them probably, at least thats my plan. I have to get out tomorrow and take the bus to Dollar Tree and Walmart and get a few necessities like some food and a few other things.
So today is ithe third day of the year, so far so good on my only so far resolution, of course another resolution is to blog at least once a day...sad I know but it helps me get things off of my mind and think somewhat straighter.
I need to get caught up on my emails..I am SO far behind! I have alot of them taht I haven't even looked at. I guess I might dot that Late toight after the caucus and after I blog yet again about the outcome of it and my opinion of it!
I hope really really hope that Obama doensn't get in the top. I would prefer Hillary over him. I like Edwards but if I had to pick the two, her over him. I just don't like the way that he can't respect the country with the song and put his hand over his heart...completely disrespectful in my mind and eyes. Hillary on the other hand, yea she has her faults to, like fraud and things so thats not good but hell at least she freaking respects the country in front of others and shows a professional acting ... if that made since..hes a jerk.
The other side, hmm Huckabee I think I like him and wish him the very very best in it b/c I think that hes a good man. He did the commercial on the Merry Christmas and then everyone put him down and talked bad which sucked, I thought that was good of him to put things behind him and just say Merry Christmas ... GOOD GRIEF! The media will freaking tear you apart when given the chance.
Guess thats about it for now. I hope that you all stay safe and warm..hugs

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Jan 2, 2008


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Category: Life

Good evening again everyone. Well I watched a little bit on Cnn tonight about the Iowa Caucus that will be going on tomorrow. They mentioned the top 3 of the Democrats: Obama,Clinton and Edwards hmm out of the 3, I would choose Edwards. I didn't realize the steps that are involved in the caucus and I learned about it tonight so that was interesting to me. The democrats have to get at 15% to be in the running and if they don't, they are out of it. So the people that voted for the ones that are less then the 15% then have to pick one of the other candidates. Hmm, interesting, didn't know that. Anyway, so they said that it was a toss up or well looked likea toss up for the 3: CLINTON,OBAMA, and EDWARDS so we will see. They were saying that Clinton would rather be number 1 but if she isn't then she would want for Edwards to come in as 1 and her 2 not Obama and the most nightmarish outcome would be for her to be number 3 and the 2 guys to come in as 1 and 2.

For the Republicans, they kept talking about Romney and Huckabee neck to neck. I am hoping for Huckabee, I think that hes a good descent man and would be a good man to run the country. Romney, not sure about. And then one reporter person or analyst or whoever he was, said that they didn't even mention Guiliani until 45 mins into the show, so that hurts him. I think they were right when they were talking about him and said that he hurt himself basically by going to FL and not Iowa..we will soon find out. And they said that McCain is coming back up in the polls. I like watching and listening to the things about the election b/c I think that its going to be close. They said that its an open election and we haven't had one of those in 80 years!
I remember last election, it was on the night that htey announced the new pres and me and Brian was on the phone talking and at the time both of us wanted I think Bush to get it I think. My views of him have definately changed in the past few years.
Anyway I find it interesting to watch and learn and see who might get it. CLOSE election!! Ok I got that off of my mind, have a great night everyone.

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My thoughts for today

My thoughts for today
Category: Life

Good evening everyone. How are you all doing tonight? I am doing alright. Just thoguht that while I was thinking of it, I would get on here and blog for today. I have been busy busy trying to get my websites set up and updated. I have one that just needed updated so I thought that I would get that done tonight. Been working on it for awhile and still have tons to do on it.
I heard from my step daughter, shes doing good.She has been busy but at least I know taht shes ok. I know, I just worry. Leon actually wrote her the other day and just said that he sent her his love..whats up with that? Is he realizing that hes getting older and shes growing up more and more and fixing to be 20 in March!! I hope that this year is a good one for her. I hope that shes figured out what she wants to do with her life and does it.
In other things, my mind is just busy busy trying not to let things get to me and stress me out...yea good luck with that one! HA! I am looking for houses to rent where I want to move to in TX and so far there are a few available everytime I look in the paper online there is a couple or so new, thank goodness so I am thinking that I will be able to find one in the area that I want to move to..good! I am hoping that the stupid IRS will let us file SOON but I heard on the news that they are upgrading systems and not until Feb will I be able to file, which means I won't be able to get the refund until mid Feb. I got it last year at the end of Jan and that is what I was hoping for this year, but not now by the sounds of it. Stinking IRS! I need to get on here and do a search and go the e-file site that I use and make sure that I still can't file until Feb. I wish that they would get done with the upgrading fast..but we know that when it comes to the goverment giving money they tend to take FOREVER or as long as they possibly can.
So what does everyone think about the elections this year???? I don't know what to think really. I have opinions on different ones of them but honestly not sure if I am on the D or R side...to many people running on each side. I wander whose going to be in the top running?? Hmm, it will be interesting thats for sure. They each I think have there own cons and pros. So who knows.
Nothing else much going on. I downloaded a couple of games, one of them didn't work and the other one worked but it woudln't show me where the darn mouse was so that wasn't easy to try to play it with no mouse!
I just read on Cnn.com, thanks to Jared coming in here and wanting the pc b/c hes stuck on a game and wants to get some hints, anyway that tonight is the night before the Iowa Cacuses (can't spell!) anyway and I wanted to watch and see what they each have to say and then I will be back in here to of course share my opinions.
So thats what is going on tonight. I will come back here in a little while and blog lots more. I have to stay up tonight and get my sites done so I will be on for a LONG time and maybe until after midnite. I was getting it done pretty quick, but I have to go and check each link that I listed and each banner and make sure things work and then go and place my ads and things and it takes time to get the word out there about things.
Ok so anyway, I am off to go watch CNN. Hope that you all have a great and safe evening. Hugs

Jan 1, 2008

New Years Day evening

Good evening everyone. I hope that you all have had a great first day of the year. Mine was ok. I need to make up some New Years Resolutions and stick to them. I have done my first one, which was to click on the free give banners, its where you click on the banners and give food, and books and so forth. There is a cool site called www.care2.com where you can sign petitions and make your own petition and things. I like the site. I found it last night from a lady on cafemom that left a comment and told me about it, so thank you to her.
I figure that I can't give financially, so I might as well take 2 minutes out of my day each day and click on each of the banners and give to those that are need. The least that I can do.
So does anyone out there have there own resolutions that your going to try to stick to this new year?? I don't have to many, but I need to think of a few more and make a list of 10 and put them on here.
I went to www.rosie.com, which is Rosie O'Donnell's site where she shares her thoughts in blogs and pictures and things and has her own shop and things. I like her. I think that shes one of the most loving and caring celebs out there. I don't see to many more out there with there own sites and gets on there and puts there thoughts and shares there families with us on there blogs etc. Or maybe I am just not looking for the right ones, maybe there are some that do it besides her. Well either way, I give her credit. Shes outspoken and thats the way that we should be b/c keeping things dug deep inside of you don't help. They will just pile up and explode one day.
She was saying on one of her blogs that she was voted in a poll in some STUPID magazine the most annoying celebrity! I don't think that is fair or right! I love her, admire her and think that shes a good person, caring and loving and is a good fun loving mom. I just don't get where these magazines get those people to vote...if they would of asked me I wouldn't of said that for sure. I am sure theres other celebs out there that are annoying, BRITNEY Spears to name one!!! Shes annoying by the way that she acts soo damn stupid and shes a freaking mom and misses court dates that have to do with her kids and its just like she doesn't give a damn about anyone or anything!!! THATS ANNOYING!!! What about her sister?? Jamie Lynn I believe is her name...SHES PREGNANT at 16!!!!!! She just THREW her career out the window b/c of screwing up and sleeping with her boyfriend when shes a celeb on tv and kids freaking lookign up to her and then that is the way that she does!!! And where in the world is the mom and dad????? THEY ARE ANNOYING by not keeping there girls grounded to where they need to keep there heads up and be have and stop showing out...GOOD GRIEF! I like Brtany's music..well a few of her songs, the way that shes been acting I just don't know if I want to support her by buying her cd's...I don't think that she deserves my money by her actions that shes doing here lately. And I haven't bought any cd's lately, the last one I did was of course Bon Jovi's Lost Highway. I don't buy to many, I listen to them online and on the radio.
Anyway there are plenty of others out there that are annoying, they don't like Rose b/c shes loud and outspoken...well thats better then being quiet and cooped up I would say. I wish her the best. I love her!! Shes awesome and those people in the magazine can just shut up and leave her alone.
Anyway, I hope that everyone had a great day. Hugs

The 1st day of the New Year

So today is the first day of the year. woke up a little late, around 9:30 or so. It was nice to sleep in a little. Woke up to clouds but now the sun is shining bright and nicely. Should be a pretty nice day.
I am busting my butt trying to get some more income coming into the house and I honestly just DONT understand why hes a freaking man and yet he comes up with one excuse after the other about how he can't get out and help look for a job. Ok so I haven't gotten out in the world and looked for a job, BUT I make money on the net, blogging and doing the surveys and offers and so forth and it was doing alright. But now b/c of life and things we are $300 behind on things and HAVE to come up with that much at the latest by the 15th...so thats STRESS on me and so I have told Leon to get off of his duff and the least he can do is help out and try to go look for a job but him and his damn excuses. And the thing is that we didn't do the getting behind by spending on things that we didn't need or by buying Christmas etc. We did it b/c I didn't get paid all of what I was supposed to...What a way to start out the new year!!
Anyway so I am stressing to say the least and don't understand why he can't even try to lift a finger to help out! That is my lazy ass excuse for a husband!!! GRR STUPID MEN! So there goes my mind roaming yet again, wandering WHY do I put up with his crap and WHY is he still here when he doesn't do that much but yet STRESS me out way more then I need to be!!!! Here lately I haven't been able to think straight,I get sidetracked more often then I used to, I go in the other room to get something and forget what I was going in there for, I am even sitting here at the desk, click on a new tab to go somewhere and check on something and then it becomes a blank...what was I going to do? Where was I going to check on?? And sometimes it comes back to me after a few minutes and other times it doesn't come back to me. What in the world is going on with me?? So with all that going on in my life and then me worrying about money and looking for another job, I am to the point of where I am fixing to say screw it all and get the other pc so that I can do the job for $9.50 or $8.50 an hour and just try to scrape back til then. I need to figure out something, its not only frustrating but irritating. My pc isn't good enough to do the job but I know that if I rented one that it would more then be up to speed to get the job done. The training for the jobs start in mid-late January. I don't know what to do, my mind is going in a million different directions. Hence me writing a ton of crap write now and going from one thing to another.
Anyway, I guess I need to stop now, will write more later on when my brain has stopped running a million miles an hour.
Happy NEW YEAR everyone!! Hope you all have a great day and week. Hugs

Dec 31, 2007

Last 5 minutes of 2007

I got to go in the other room and watch the ball drop, almost freaking missed it though. Got in there when they had about 30 seconds or less left! It was nearly to the bottom...Yay 2007 is nearly over...please let 2008 be better...PLEASE!

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Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Good evening everyone. I hope that you all are having a safe and wonderful New Year. Its not the New Year here quite yet. We still have a little over an hour...Fixing to go watch the ball drop though, its a yearly thing here at our house. We stay home, goof off and watch the ball drop. At least were safe and sound, I hope everyone is safe and sound and watch what you all drink and don't drive.
I wish that you all have a great new year in 2008. Make lots of money and have your dreams come true. I am hoping that I can make us some good money in the upcoming New Year. There is going to be alot of challenges and things ahead for all of us in 2008, I can feel it, one of them being the Presidential election. They are sooo close and yet so far!! There are so many of them running in both parties I swear that I forget half of them and have to be reminded of the rest! I still don't know who I want in office.....anyway we will see, only time will tell.
Have a great night...and week of 2008!

Top 10 Crime Stories of 2007

Top 10 Crime Stories from Time.com
Category: News and Politics

1. Massacre at Virginia Tech

On Apr. 16, Cho Seung-Hui, a troubled Virginia Tech senior, killed 32 people before taking his own life in the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history. The episode brought many unsettling issues to the fore, including loopholes that let the mentally ill buy guns, privacy laws that restrict school counselors' ability to tell others about a distressed student and the difficulty universities have in alerting entire campuses to imminent danger. The role of the media was also scrutinized after NBC aired photos and video that Cho had mailed to the network in between killing two people in a dorm and shooting many more in classrooms.

2. The Jena 6

The incident, which drew attention to what many Americans consider a double-tiered justice system, started after nooses hung from a tree at a high school in Jena, La., sparked a rash of interracial fights. In December 2006, six black students were charged with beating a white one, and thousands of civil rights activists would eventually march in Jena to protest the incarceration of one of the so-called Jena 6, Mychal Bell. In June an all-white jury convicted him of second-degree battery by concluding that his tennis shoes had been used as a dangerous weapon. His conviction as an adult was overturned, but he eventually pleaded guilty to the same charge as a juvenile.

3. The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

On the night of May 3, British tourists Kate and Gerry McCann left their three young children asleep in a Portuguese resort while they dined nearby. When they returned, 3-year-old Madeleine was gone. So began a mystery that continues to befuddle investigators. David Beckham and other celebrities were enlisted to help find the girl amid theories that she might have been kidnapped by international pedophile gangs. The McCanns were eventually named as suspects after tiny amounts of the girl's bodily fluids were found in a car her parents had rented several weeks after she went missing. The McCanns claim the evidence is inconclusive.

4. Fiery Attack at Glasgow Airport

In June, two men drove a Jeep into the arrivals terminal of the Glasgow airport and set the car ablaze in an attempted suicide attack. The driver died from third-degree burns. He and his passenger, a British-born Muslim doctor who owned the Jeep, are believed to have planted car bombs that were found in London shortly before the Glasgow incident. The attack highlighted the extent to which Islamist anger with the Western world could radicalize even educated professionals.

5. Bribery in Iraq

In the largest bribery case to come out of the Iraq war, Army Maj. John Cockerham was indicted in August for taking $9.6 million in bribes while he was a contracting officer in Kuwait. He allegedly accepted the payments in return for promising to award contracts for such things as bottled water through a rigged bidding process. He and his wife and sister were also charged with money-laundering and conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government. All three have pleaded not guilty.

6. Slave Labor in China

Hundreds of laborers forced to work as slaves at illegal brick kilns in northern China were freed in June. The slaves, some of whom were minors, had been kidnapped or lured to the factories, where they were physically abused and, in a few cases, murdered. Dozens of people were convicted for their role in the slavery scandal, including the son of a local Communist Party official, and one kiln employee — who confessed to killing a mentally handicapped man for not working hard enough — was sentenced to death.

7. Execution-Style Slayings in Newark

Everyone who knew them said they were good kids. Three were enrolled at Delaware State University, and the fourth planned to join his friends there shortly. So when they were lined up against a schoolyard wall in Newark, N.J., and shot execution-style (one survived) in early August, it rattled the city and its idealistic young mayor, Cory Booker, who had been elected a year earlier on promises to reduce crime. The murders also stoked a national debate about immigration after it was revealed that one of the six suspects was an illegal immigrant free on bail on child-rape charges at the time of the killings.

8. A Wrestler's Rage

In June, World Wrestling Entertainment star Chris Benoit apparently dosed his wife and 7-year-old son with a sedative before strangling them in their Georgia home and then hanging himself using the cord from a weight machine. The popular wrestler left no suicide note. Amid media speculation that the double murder-suicide was brought on by steroid use and so-called "roid rage," a toxicologist concluded that despite finding elevated levels of testosterone — possibly as a result of treatment for past steroid abuse — in Benoit's body, there was nothing in his system that contributed to the violent behavior.

9. O.J. Gets Busted

Really, O.J.? Really? Your alleged plan to run a civilian "sting operation" against the guy you claim was illegally selling your memorabilia consisted of you and a few gun-toting friends breaking into his Las Vegas hotel room and taking your stuff back by force? We're sure you would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for that pal of yours who tape-recorded the whole incident. O.J. pleaded not guilty to all of the charges against him, including robbery, kidnapping and use of a deadly weapon, and his trial is scheduled to begin in April

10. Fleecing a High-Society Mom

Brooke Astor, the glamorous New York City philanthropist and socialite who succumbed to Alzheimer's disease in her later years, died in August at the age of 105. Soon afterward, amid stunning allegations of elder abuse, neglect, and flat-out greed, her only son, Anthony Marshall, was charged with stealing, forgery and conspiracy to plunder his mother's estate. Marshall pleaded not guilty to the charges, which were brought against him more than a year after Astor's grandson sued to have Marshall removed as her guardian for allegedly allowing the once grand dame to live in squalor.

Top Stories of 2007

Wow today is freaking just flying by!! I just blogged like 2 hours ago when we had 6 hours to go until the new year and now its already after 8!! So we have less then 4 hours to go here in the Central time zone. I found some news stories on the Cnn.com site so I am going to share them and then later on I might write my own most remembered stories of the year.
Well crap I might not be able to list them b/c the darn thing won't let me copy/paste them..they are short little paragraphs, so I might just write it myself...how stupid....

Ok I couldn't copy/paste so I sat here and typed it all up in the wordpad so here are the top stories of the year. I apologize lol for all the mispells Im sure there is, kids comign in and out and hubby interrupting so I lost track and I am sure there are mistakes but there are the stories. Im making my comments at the end of them in another color.

Jan 2007-
In the old days, US presidential campaigning began about a year before the election. But thats been history for quite some time, and in this hectic, fast-paced 2008 campaign season, its been full speed ahead since the beginning of 2007. The first of the year also saw Rep. nancy Pelosi of California become the first female speaker of the House of Reps as Democrats took control of both chambers of Congress.

So many people running in the race, its hard to keep up with them all!!

Feb. 5, 2007
NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak is arrested after allegedly trying to subdue a romantic rival with pepper spray and abduct her from a parking lot at an Orlando, FL airport. Nowak had driven from TX to FL, where she confronted Air Force Capt Colleen Shipman. Both women were romantically linked to astronaut Bill Oefelein.
NASA fired Nowak on March 8. Navy Cmdr. Oefelein left the astronaut corps in June. He told investigators that he and Nowak had been involved in a sexual relationship that he ended in Jan. She pleaded not guilty March 22 to charges of attempted kidnapping with intent to inflict bodily harm, battery and burglary of a vehicle using a weapon. Her trial is set for April 2008

Did you all hear about this one??? I thought it was the nuttiest thing..the lady drove from freaking TX to FL and wore a diaper or diapers so that she would save time by not having to freaking stop and go to the bathroom!!!! Yea ok..SHE NEEDS HELP!!!!!!

Feb 9, 2007
Anna Nicole Smith, a former topless dancer, model, Playboy Playmate of the Year, billionaires wife and reality Tv star, dies of an accidental drug overdose in a Hollywood FL hotel room at age 39. After months of circuslike, televised court proceedings involving custody of both her body and her orphaned daughter Dannielynn, Smith's notoriety seemed larger than ever.
Meanwhile, the spotlight continued to shine on pop star Britney Spears who bombed in an attempted comeback at the MTV Music Video Awards and was embroiled in a contentious child-custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Fefderline. hotel heiress Paris Hilton remained in the limelight as well, spending three weeks in jail after pleading no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving.

It was a shock to me and I am sure others out there to when the news came that she had died. The person that I feel for the most is her daughter. I know that she left other loved ones behind, but I feel for her daughter b/c she won't get to know her mom and spend all the mom and daughter times together. At least she has her dad...thank goodness shes Larry's little girl and I know that hes taking really really good care of her. They are just to sweet cuties together. Rest In Peace Anna

April 16, 2007
During the early morning hours of April 15, a gunman goes on a rampage on the Virgina Tech campus. By the time he finished, 32 people were dead before he turned the gun on himself. In the days that followed, video messages photographs and violent writings revealed a disturbing portrait of Cho Seung-Hui, the English major accused of the killing spree.

I remember this day, it was all over the news, so horrifying. I didn't realize that it was on my daughter's birthday!! I guess that I just forgot about it but goodness that was such a tragedy. Why do people like that person go on a freaking rampage like that?? WHY??? Is it something in there genes a disorder or what? I wish that I knew the answers as I am sure others do to. If only we would of been warned and someone could of stepped up and prevented the tragedy!

May 3, 2007
The disappearance of the British girl Madeline McCann on May 3 makes headlines around the world. Her parents have said she disappeared from their hotel room at a resort in Praia da Luz, Portugal while they dined in a nearby restaurant. Kate McCann and her husband, Gerry, embarked on a high profile campaign to highlight theire daughter's plight traveling throughout Europe and Africa. But the child has still not been found.

I don't konw about this one, I heard about it but didn't really keep up with it that good. If it was a ltitle girl that disappeared, then WHY was she left alone in a hotel while the parents were off eating???? Maybe its just me, but something does NOT sound right here!!!

July 21, 2007
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" the final book in J.K. Rowlings seven volume series about a youthful wizard, arrives in bookstores-and fans anxious hands-at midnight in London and around the globe. Ten days later, it had sold 11.5 million copies in the US, according to the book publisher.

Ok so lets see...the last of the HP books...yea I remember being at Hastings during the evening before the book came out at midnite that night and there was people there dressed up like each of the characters. A bunch of Harry's roaming around and some others to and professors..it was cool looking. Then she had to go and ruin it and be a butt by telling a young fan that Dunbledore was gay!!! I can't stand her for saying that to a child!!! That in my eyes, was just inappropriate.

Aug. 2007
Mattel CEO apologizes as the company is forced to recall millions of toys made in China for the second time in two weeks. It is teh largest recall in recent months involving Chinese products, which have come under scrutiny worldwide for containing potentially dangerous high levels of chemicals and toxins.
Dog food, shrimp and even toothpaste were among the other goverment recalls of Chinese-made products. Experts have called for US companies to better police the products they bring in and its a monumental task. Chinese imported goods have become so pervasive in the US marketplace, its nearly impossible for American consumer to escape their reach.

I can't believe and still don't understand how our companies over here can buy all there items from Chinese companies and not freaking check the products better...what does that tell us about our own US companies over here? Tells me that they apparently don't look over there products to good that they get from over there. Wouldn't you want to inspect them before we buy them and have them shipped over here and put on the US shelves for all of us to buy??? STUPID!

Aug. 1 2007
Rush hour ends in disaster after a bridge spanning the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota, collapses and kills 13 people. As the bridge crumpled, cars and chunks of concrete plunged into the waters below as other drivers slammed to a halt to avoid the drop. Investigators continue to look for the cause of the structural collapse.

This is just absolutely horrifying that those people died over a bridge collapsing! I can't believe that things like that are happening worldwide not just here. Sad and I think that we need to spend more money and fix the bridges and make sure they are up to code or else close them down so that something like this doesn't happen again!

Aug. 7 2007
Barry Bonds breaks Hank Aaron's major league home-run record with a shot into the right-center seats off Washington Nationals pitcher Mike Bacsik at San Francisco. but his achievements on the field-he ended the season with a total of 762 homers - have long been shadowed by a drug use allegations. In Nov., a federal grand jury indicted Bonds with perjury and obstruction of justice and accused him of testing positive for performance enhancing steroids.
Bonds, 43, repeatedly denied he had knowingly taken performance enhancing drugs during his Dec 2003 testimoney in an investigation that focused on a Sand Francisco-area laboratory.

I don't really keep up with sports or baseball and so I don't know what exactly is going on with the player but I will say this, if he did do the drugs, shame on him! He has a ton of people and kids mostly Im sure looking up to him and then this bs comes out about him...what a shame!!

Aug 27, 2007
An airport restroom, foot tapping and hand signals are placed in teh spotlight when the June arrest of Sen Larry Craig becomes public. The US senator from Idaho was arrested by a plainclothes police officer investigating complaints of lewd behavior in an airport mens room. The officer said Craig peered through a crack in a restroom stall door for two minutes and made gestures suggesting to the officer he wanted to engage in "lewd conduct" Craig said the officer misinterpreted his actions, and continues a legal fight against the charges.

Ok so I heard this story ALL over the news and had to laugh..I know its sad and embarassing Im sure for his family, can't even imagine but what the hell was he doing??? What the hell was he thinking!!!??? Don't you just go in the restroom to do one thing and then get out...What a ding bat!

Aug 27, 2007
NFL star quarterback Michael Vick accepts a plea agreement with prosecutors and pleads guilty in court to a federal dog fighting conspiracy charge. In court documents, Vick admitted to buying pit bulls and a property in Smithfield, Virginia where the dog fighting venture took place. He also admitted that he and other co defendants participated in the killing of six to eight dogs that did not fight well.

Now with this story I can't stand that guy and any of the other people involved. I don't like it when people hurt animals, ANY animals must less these idiots that think apparently that they are all that, to go and have dogs fight each other until they die???!!!! What the HELL were they thinking??? What the hell kind of excitement can you get out of dogs fighting each other and killing each other??? SICK MEN!!! I heard that he (the Vick dude) got 2 years ... I hope that I heard right and I HOPE that he goes to prison b/c he deserves it for what he did and buying the dogs...SHAMEFUL!

Aug 31, 2007
President Bush's longtime political adviser Karl Rove, known t Bush as "the architect" and considered by some to be "Bush's brain" leaves the White House amid tributes from senior aides and scorn from some Democrats. Even some Repubilcans were weary of their political guru, tying his failed domestic plans to the president's warning popularity. Four days earlier Attourney Gen Alberto Gonzales resigned. Although Bush had long stood by Gonzales, many lawmakers in both parties called on him to quit after the firing of several US attorneys in 2006- terminations alleged to have been politcally motivated. Rove left after White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten asked staffers to resign before Labor Day or commit to serving through the end of Bush's term. Another aide, Dan Bartlett, who oversaw the press office, left earlier.

I think that Bush is losing his touch. How many people in his administration total has left him this year??? They can't even stay with him for his upcoming last year in office?? Why did they leave him before his term as pres was over?? To many questions out there about all those people leaving him. I think that there is something going on there and they didn't and don't want to be a part of so they think/thoght that getting out early would be the smart move..hmm wander what is going on that we don't know about or will we ever know????

Sept. 2007
Sparked by a huge fuel price increase imposed by teh military goverment, thousands of people-man of them monks-protest in Myanmar. Video smuggled out of the country showed unarmed protestors being beaten by the military regiments security forces, and one man, believed to be a Japanese journalist, was shot and killed at close range. Myanmars military junta said in mid Oct that it has detained more then 2,900 people during the crackdown. many of them are believed to remain in custody.

Sad and could of been avoided!

Sept 2007
The US commander in Iraq, Gen David Petraeus, tells a joint congressional hearing the 30,000 additional tropps deployed to Iraq in Jan could come home by next July but that further US withdrawals would be "premature". President Bush ordered teh deployment to pacify Baghdad and surrounding provinces. Petraueus said the campaign had largely met its military goals, reducing sectarian killings by more than 50 percent nationawide and by more than 80 percent in Baghdad. On Sept 16, a shootout in Iraq involving personnel from the private US security firm Blackwater resulted in the deaths of Iraqi civilians, sparking an outcry among Iraqi leaders on a debate over the accountability of contractors.

I have to say this, I stand by our military, don't get me wrong. BUT I totally disagree with the war over there in Iraq with us over there. I think that we need all of our troops back over here in our own country protecting and working over here. I don't think that were wanted over there and that we need to be over there simply b/c thats not our country, its theres so let them run it as they please and be done with it. Just my opinion.

Sept 20, 2007
Thousands of demonstrators take to the streets of a small town of Jena, Louisiana, to protest how authorities handled the cases of six black teens accused of beating a white student in Dec 2006. The incident was a culmination of fights between blacks and whites. Many said they were angry that the students, dubbed the "Jena 6", were being treated more harshly than three white students who hung nooses from an oak tree on Jena High School property. The white students were suspended from school but did not face criminal chrages. The protestors said they should have been charged with a hate crime.

Now I didn't really hear to much about this story and keep up with it but from the little that I typed about it...sad and horrible. What the hell are these people thinking!?

Sept 25, 2007
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tells the UN General Assembly that Irans nuclear issues is "now closed". But US and other Western powers disagree. The UN Security Council has repeatedly demanded Iran suspend enrichment of uranium and has imposed limited sanctions on Tehran for refusing to comply. In Oct, the Bush administration imposed stiff sanctions against Iran and declared its Revolutionary Guard a proliferator of weapons of mass destruction. The Iranian goverment contents its nuclear program is aimed only toward providing nuclear power. Meanwhile,tensions over North Korea's nuclear program eased when Pyongyang agreed to begin disabling its nuclear weapons facilities.

Another thing where i think that Bush needs to "BUTT OUT" or one of these days hes going to piss off the WRONG person and put this country in more whats the word...in more fear then what we are already in!!!! Does he just not realize that its not up to him if they do the nuclear things...what in the world makes him freaking think that if he sits there and says stop that and shut it all down that anyone that isn't in this country is going to freaking listen to him and do what he says. Hes not anyone to them...they dont' care what he says to them, in one ear and out the other so before he opens his mouth to much he needs to step back and leave it alone. Of course I don't want them doing the nuclear BS but hell what can we do?? Do we really believe them when they said that they shut it down and stopped or whatever? How can we just believe him? We can't because this world is full of lies and liars and Im sure they are one of them b/c of the way that they act and talk. But who knows, but yea Bush just needs to watch his mouth and quit acting like what he says matters to them b/c it doesn't , the only people that listen to him is OUR country not any of the ohter countries..they don't have to..hes just another man that is telling them things they don't want to hear and one of these days they are going to get tired of hearing him tell them to stop. What gives him that right to run his mouth to them?? Just my opinion.

Oct 2007
Nearly two dozen wind whipped wildfires sweep across southern CA in late Oct, forcing nearly a million people from homes near LA, San Diego and San Bernardino and leaving 14 people dead. At least two of the fires were started intentionally and two more have suspicious origins, according to Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger. more than a thousand homes were destroyed.

Fires also destroyed dozens of villages in Greece and killed at least 51 people and the prime minister suggested teh blazes might have been deliberately set by political extremists ahead of national elections.

I remember all the fires. It was horrible. Sad tht all those people lost there homes, I feel for them and hope that htey all have safe places and a roof over there heads.

Oct 12, 2007
For their work to raise awareness about global warming, former US VP Al Gore and the UN Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change are awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel caps a series of prestigious awards for Gore, including two Oscars this year for the documentary film "An Inconvenient Truth" which he introduced on a worldwide tour publicizing the dangers of global warming.

Way to go Al Gore!! I think that hes an awesome man that is not only trying to make a difference but is making a difference and getting the word out...what a pres he would be...he would put Bush to shame!!!! At least he has a head on his shoulders and he is generally a good person and the best thing about him, hes a very smart and inteligent man b/c hes NOT running for pres!!! Hes to smart to get in there and try to take care of all the crap that Bush has put us in...

Nov 27, 2007
America's mayors, metting to address problems brought on by spikes in foreclosures rates say the country's mortgage meltdown will take a heavy toll on home prices in 2008, with an average 7 percent decline and $1.2 trillion in lost property values. Earlier in the month an online marketer of foreclosure properties reported a 30 percent increase in filings during the third quarter of 2007 and said the number of filings was nearly double from a year ago. Foreclosures are expected to continue to increase as many of the adjustable rate mortgages written in 2004 and 2005 reset causing interest rates and mortgage payments to rise. Some consumer advocates predict that more than 2 million homeowners are in danger of losing there homes over the next couple of years.

Now I think that this is just totally and utterly ridiculous!!! I think that everyone out there that owns a home and stays on top of there payments, and even soem others, lets just say all homeowners or most...shouldn't have to pay higher payments b/c of how the world is revolving around...it shouldn't matter what goes up and down, they should have a set payment and that should be it period the end. Shouldn't been aloud to go up in the first place, if anything, go down after you make a year or two of on time and non late payments or something. It said that 2 million will lose there homes in the upcoming years!!! Then do something to make that NOT happen...DUH!

Dec 27, 2007
Former Pakastani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's assassination caps a year of unrest in Pakistan. Bhutto also was the target of an Oct 2007 attack upon her return home after eight years of self imposed exile. In Nov 2007, Pakistans president Gen Pervez Musharraf, declared a state of emergency he said was necessary to secure the contry from extremists. Critics accused him of using it to keep his grip on power. By Novembers end, Musharraf stepped down as teh country's military leader and was sworn in for the third presidential term- as a civilian. Paraliamentary elections were scheduled for Jan 2008. Opposition leader Nawaz Sharif who spent seven years abroad in exile and also returned to Pakistan this year, said his party will boycott the elections in the wake of Bhutto's killing.

I don't know much about this story either, hadn't been watching to much news or tv in the past week or so. I have to say though its sad and I am sorry that they did that to her. Its sad the kind of world that its turned into. All the violence all over the world. So sad...what happened to all the good stories? I don't hear them, just the sad and devastating and violent ones. I guess when I was a kid/teen I just didn't listen to much news b/c I honestly don't remember all the horrible stories and things happening back then in the 80's and early 90's like the ones going on today.

So thats it...the top stories of 2007....I started this about an hour ago and just now getting done with it..needless to say...my wrists are TIRED!

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6 hours til the new year

Monday, December 31, 2007

6 hours til the new year
Category: Life

Good evening everyone. I hope that you all are having a wonderful day. Mine started off a bit hectic this morning. Leon went to go draw out money and I had handed him the wrong card...DUH! So Jared came back and said wrong card and I looked and looked for the other one and it was NOWHERE to be seen!!! So for about an hour I went off and had a fit tearing my desk area apart looking for it and taking things out of my purse and going thru them a million times. Leon came over here beside the desk and stepped on the switch and turned off the pc trying to look behind the desk and knocked off a notebook on the floor and soon after he left hte room I looked down and it was laying on the floor! My cats were jumping all over the place this morning so I am going to blame it completely on them for knocking things off of my desk!! Bad Kitties!! He got the card and I screamed out of frustration and he left and got the money out. Came home and we ordered pizzas. We will be really short on money and food this month, they screwed us at the first of the new year...DONT FIGURE!
So anyway that was my morning. Now its about 6 hours til the new year. I have been busy online all day or most of the day trying to get some work to do on the net and some of the things I was doing isn't panning out b/c they haven't gotten back in touch with me and probably won't til Wednesday is my guess b/c of the holidays.
Im not doing anything special for the new year celebration, just staying home, the norm for us. Watching the ball drop probably and looking for other jobs and promoting my things and possibly redoing one of my sites and making it like my blogspot one.
So have a very happy and safe New Year everyone...hugs

Dec 30, 2007

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Last Sunday of 2007

So the year of 2007 is nearly over, said and done with it and will be just a memory. THANK GOODNESS!! Our year was alright but the end of it just plain SUCKED to say the least.
Does anyone have any special plans to ring in the new year? We don't, we never do. We stay home, kids usually go to bed or sometimes stay up wtih me and we watch the ball drop since its an hour before its actually the new year. I am looking forward to the new year, but I am hoping that its not going to start out like I think it will. Were having some issues right now and if things go the way that I talked to a lady and she said that they would...OH LORD! I am just not in the mood to be starting off the new year badly.
I just want tax time to get here so that I can file online and get it back asap and then get a vehicle and then start looking for a place to move to and get it and move and get out of here. I know that nearly anywhere that you move to these days in this day and age which is horribly sad, your going to hear about a shooting or a gang showing out or a drug bust or something along those lines. I was looking at newspapers online and good Lord! Is there really anywhere safe to live here in the USA!!!??? I don't like the little bitty towns b/c they are just to nosy and everyone knows everyone's business or everyone is trying to get into everyone's business...no thanks! Then in the a little bit bigger towns well where I was born at with a population of I believe 25,000 or a little more there is more crap there iwth the drive by shootings and crap then there is here with about 80,000 or so people! There is drug busts and things around here but damn at least there isn't that many or I don't hear about them shootings! I know that drugs and guns both are bad but I think that someone doing drugs in there own house can only hurt thereselves more then going nuts with drive by shootings!! Because thats just an act of violence on innocent people most of the time I think. So I am looking into moving into a town in between the medium and large ones. We will hopefully get near where I want and then I will be happier and hopefully safer then here.
We had lived in Dallas about 7 or so years ago and I am telling you living in freaking Dallas isn't as bad as here b/c here they are throwing rocks at your darn windows and all sorts of bs! Geez!
So anyway, I hope that everyone has a great New Years. I will be sitting here when it strikes midnite and the new year is here. I will probably be blogging knowing me!! LOL...
I need to go and get all my blogs off of the yahoo 360,I haven't looked at it in awhile, kept meaning to but never go to it so I guess that I better check it out and start saving things before they are gone forever and as much as I write I don't want them all to get erased.
Hmm, as a matter of fact since I usually do the 360 and myspace I might just go and compare my myspace with the blogs off of 360 and if I missed some I might just add them in on here instead of going and copy/pasting them all on my other site multiply where some of them already are. Hmm DUH why didn't I think of that sooner!!!! I must have some of my moms blonde roots coming thru!!
I have a ton to talk about, tons on my mind. I wanted to do the top 20 or so things about 2007 like the top songs, top movies, top news stories you know things like that so I might start looking those things up here in a little while and blogging those.
In about an hour at 7, I need to get on a phone call to one of the things that I am checking out where I can make some money...hmm we will see.
I have been signing up with all sorts of survey sites and get paid to sites. On Panda Research I have $75 or so already and just need a few more dollars before I can cash out at $100!! YAY! I want to do that in the next couple of days and then hope that it kicks in and they pay me like fast and not a month from now!
Oh I wanted to tell you all about this site that I just found out about last night or the night before, its called Freecycle.org I believe is the name of it. You go there and then you put in your city and state of where you live. Then you see if they have a group, which here they do, so I clicked on the group thing and it took me to a yahoo group and I signed up for it and on that group there are posts of wants and offers and you go there and if your in need of something, say a bed for example, you post to the group that your looking for a bed and then others that have beds might get on there and either email you or might post that they have a bed. The only thing is, is that its FREE things!!!! So if your looking for things anything from clothes to tv's to beds to puppies to tables you can get on there and post it. Isn't that cool??? And of course if you have something that you can give away to someone then post it and choose which person gets it and they come and get it...easy as that. I think I will make a bog with just this on it so others can find out about it.
Ok everyone have a great rest of the night and weekend...Im going to go fill out more surveys and rake in some more money and then get on the call and if its boring and not what I expected Im off of it and on to watching Amazing Race, which I might just bail out of the call .. just depends b/c I love AR. Have a great night everyone...hugs
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