Dec 29, 2007

Last Saturday in 2007

So today is Saturday the 29th of December 2007. Where in the world has this year gone?? It has completely flown by if you ask me. Well, I don't mind really that it has flown by really to much. This has been a little tough of a year. It started out pretty good but then by the end of the year its just starting to come tumbling down all around it seems like.
I woke up this morning to Leon saying oh crap! And Im like great now what! Come to find out the last burner on the stove went out! So we now have NO burners on top of the stove. The oven isn't working either, it quit a few days before Christmas!! It will go on preheat and get a little warm like to warm taco shells but not cook food I don't think or else it will take 3 times as long because we had put chicken in it the other day and it took like half the day it seemed like to barbque chicken! So now we need a new stove just wonderful. We are cooking in the toaster oven and we don't have a microwave anymore, it quit around Thanksgiving or so. so as life goes on or should I say as this year goes on the bad things just come tumbling down.
I found a site where I can make pretty good money just completing offers, no not cash crate and I have been trying to do some of them and trying to get some cash in my paypal so I can order an electric 2 burner thing from walmart if they have one online, I know they have some in the store. So at least we can maybe get that and just plug it in and use them until we move..grr I hope thats really fast! I hope that they don't put off the refund checks that much. I usually have ours done and get the money by the first week of Feb or so They mentioned on the news the other day that they would need until freaking Feb to upgrade there systems! So I don't know, does that mean that we can't file until then??? Well if we can earlier I will and if not I guess we will just have to wait.
I am trying to do everything in my power to get things situated for us and to where we can up and move in March at the latest Im hoping and I was hoping maybe to move the week of Spring break so that the kids wouldn't have to rush and go back to school after we move . I just hope that we can find something where we want to move and something reasonable. I want or rather need to buy me a new pc with more MB on it, mine has 256 and I just got offered another job the other day after Christmas but they wanted of course the 512 or whatever or more mb for it. I have to get this thing upgraded or just go after a new pc so that I can get hired. they are sending out invites more often now and I needed the job. there was 2 of them to choose from, both csr both working here at home. One was $9.75/hr and the other one was $8.50 I believe. So thats pretty good money in my eyes to stay at home and work. I wanted to do the $8.50 one b/c it was dealing with a type of business that I would like/enjoy taking calls for (phone company) but I can't unless/until I get the upgrade. They both pay for the training and the training didnt' start til the end of Jan so I have a couple of weeks or so but I just don't know what to do. I had even thought about renting to own a pc just so that I can get the pc to pass the thing that it has to and then go from there and have the job and do the training and have money coming in by the time that the refund check gets here and have even more to move on. I am also wanting and trying to make money from a few sites and getting that money coming in, the question with them is how long does it take to get paid...hmm with some its pretty fast but others its a month or more for a little check that isn't really worth waiting a month over!
So I have some tough decisions to make b/c we only have X amount of money and I can only do so much basically by myself b/c i don't see Leon getting off of his duff to help out...GRRR! If he would of just kept his damn job until the new year then I wouldn't be this damn stressed out right now and everything being put on ME! I try to talk to him about what about if we do this and this and not that etc or what if I do this or what if I get this and that and not the other and OH hes a jerk sometimes, hes like you know what we got, you know what we need, you know what we want, you know what needs and has to be done so just do it...HA! Its just NOT that easy sometimes. It takes decisions and the decisions that you make omg if I make the WRONG ones then what?? It will all be on me and not him b/c he will say well you did it! What a man!!
So thats some of my venting that needed to be vented and so now I have calmed down a little. But still irritated frustrated and just pissed not to mention stressed but hopefully something will come up at the beginning of the year and then all the stress will be gone or well most or some of it will be gone...lets hope!
Have a great last weekend of 2007 everyone...stay safe!! Happy New Years!!

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Dec 28, 2007

Making money at home, its not impossible!!

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Hubby acting weird

Friday, December 28, 2007

Hubby acting wierd!
Category: Life

Hmm, so I am wandering if my hubby has lost his mind!! He came in here earlier and said something about have you heard from my daughter and Im not thinking Belinda, Im thinking Jessica first just out of habit I guess, and I said what and he said Belinda and I said oh, no I haven't heard from her in a few days why? And he said can I borrow the pc for a few so I said ok and went in the other room and got a drink and was looking for a snack and came back in here and he got up and said thanks and im like alright. Then I noticed that he was in my myspace inbox thing. So I said what are you doing? Snooping? He said no just wrote her and Im like wrote her? hubby never gets on here these days except to watch youtube so when he tells me that he wrote someone thats shocking! So anyway he just told me that he wrote her and said that he was sending her his love..hmm ok..then she writes him back so I get up and he replies to her and I am telling you the darn man is getting up there in age, hes 38, and trying to wake up or something I don't know but something is going on b/c when my mom does things out of the blue and nice things and for me you know something is wrong, well its the same way with Leon, when he starts doing or saying nice things you know somethings wrong! When my mom does something nice otu of the blue and I ask Leon hmm wander why she did or said that and his reply is usually b/c shes getting older and wants to go to Heaven! now Im thinking...hmm wander if thats the reason that hes being nice lately...does he think that hes going to get some extra points and make it into Heaven to by being all nice to some that he hasn't talked to in awhile...hmm
So just thought that I would share that...hes unusually nice today...something in the air for niceness?? He was outside with the kisd the other day helping them with there bikes...YIKES is he trying to really be a "dad" now??!! I am proud of him for spending time with the kids and I even took a couple of videos of it and put them on YouTube...haha got him in the act and proof of it! lol..

Last Friday in 2007

Last Friday of 2007
Category: Life

I wish that they had some newer fonts on here to where I could write like I do in my Incredimail mails. I downloaded it last night and at first it worked b/c I sent myself a test mail and then I started clicking on other emails and the darn things were blank! So I wrote to a group of email ladies that I truly love and someone told me what to do and I did it this morning and it works!! WOOHOO! I absolutely love Incredimail b/c of the graphics and backgrounds and things.
So my day has been pretty good. I woke up with kittens running all over me this morning! They were in a rambuctous mood today running all over hte house jumping all over everything! I woke up b/c one of them decided to run over the side of my face the brats! What a way to wake up!
Leon got up and went to the store with Jared and they got some things that we needed for lunch and a few other things. Then he came back and cooked it...yay didn't have to cook. Just not in the mood lately and with just the one burner it sucks trying to make a big meal. The oven seems to warm up things like taco shells on preheat but otherwise won't cook!
When I was eating I watched the end of Y&R ... hmm interesting new year coming up on there it looks like to me. Then I saw/heard on the news that the IRS said that they need until Febuary to upgrade there systems so no one will be getting there refund checks back until late Feb is what they said...GREAT! But like Leon said, get it done fast still and first come first serve on getting them back maybe sooner..I hope!
I need to clean up my room and get the papers and things ready for our taxes so that I won't hit any snags when its time to file them online. My room is a mess!! I hope that we can get them before the end of Feb and then look for a place and get one by the first of March and be moving then. Maybe if I worked it right, we could move during spring break and then the kids wouldn't miss school and could fix up the house and get settled and then go to there new school. Guess we will just have to wait and see whats available out there when its time. Funny thing is that I looked on our paper the other day and there are a few good deals here in town but I don't think that I want to stay here. I think that I still want to move to TX and be near my friends. Its getting bad/worse around here, I also read in the paper here that the other day last weekend I believe it was or Monday, they had a storage shed blow up in the backyard of someones house not to far from my sons high school and it was b/c of drugs that it exploded! It was a meth lab or something like that. GOOD GRIEF! So the more I hear about that kind of crap going on around here the more i want to leave. I know that Im sure that crap happens everywhere these days but when you hear it, its just worse then it happening and you not hearing about it. Anyway, I want to move closer to my friends and then maybe I can be more social and the kids to. They don't get out to much, they do but they don't have friends over or things like that and I want them to. They are shy kids for the most part and I am hoping that when we move that they will snap out of it and see me and some of my friends hanging out and hopefully they will get friends and start hanging out etc.
I can't believe that this is the last Friday in 2007...Any one have any plans for the last weekend in 2007? Us, were just staying home, we never do anything. We or rather I stay up and watch the ball drop and thats about it for my night. I will be either in here on the pc or in front of the tv. Sad but yea thats the way its always been. We don't have anyone to keep the kids and we really don't have anywhere to go and hang out so we just stay home.
It got up to 50 so I let the kids outside to get out some of there energy on there bikes and they enjoyed thereselves. Now they are back in the house. At least they got to go out for a little while.
I hope that you all have a great and wonderful Friday and last weekend of the year. Hugs

Dec 27, 2007

Week is almost over

Good evening everyone. I hope that you all are having a good night. My day was alright. It was freaking COLD here today! High only in the 30's if I looked at the thing right...BRR! I hate the winter time. Leon and Jared got out today, they went to the Dollar General and rode there bikes there and then got back twice as fast. Leon rode Jared's and Jared rode Chris' bike and then he stayed outside with the bikes so they wouldn't get stolen. Don't have the money to get a lock for them yet, maybe soon. The kids stayed in the house today since it was sooo cold. Sean was upset and asking if he could go out every hour of the day it seemed like...I took a little 20 second video of them riding there bikes out yesterday and put it on youtube lol it was all that my little cam would take is 20seconds, guess thats better then nothing. They had a good Christmas thanks to my mom for getting them the bikes that they wanted.

Things around here are getting a ltitle better. I hope that we can get the taxes done asap online again as usual and then we can get them back and start planning the move and looking for a car etc. I want the new year to bring good things for us.

So the new year is going to be here very soon. I have so many things that I wanted or need to do before the end of the year goes away. I needed to finish transferring the blogs from the 360 on yahoo to the multiply site and its not done yet. I guess I better get a move on that or else I will lose all those blogs and I will NEVER forgive myself for that if that happens. I have blogged nearly 2000 times in the past 2 years and I don't want to lose them just b/c I didn't take the time to do a couple of months at a time when I could of.

I have been adding, rearranging and taking off a few things on my blogger site. I have banners to some great stores that have awesome deals and clearance and all sorts of things especially the free shipping is what I like on some of them on the site and then I also put the banners at the bottom mostly for the things that I do here at home and make money on. I put the banners for them on there. I got a few referrals on different things so far and my site is getting around and getting some traffic to it so I am happy and excited about that.

I love the cashcrate b/c I made like $18 on it thats approved and that didn't take me 5 minutes to do that and then they approved me so I am thrilled but what ticks me off is that I was going to put in to send me my check and it says that you have to verify the phone and since mine isn't a landline phone now or a cell phone number, they won't take the number! So I guess that until I get more minutes on the cell I can't get that check yet so tahts irritating but at least I know that I have made money on there and am going to get it sooner or later.

There is also a card called OboPay that I have added on my site and a link on my sig on here, its where if you sign up and of course its FREE, you get a card sent to you (its a prepaid master or visa) and you get the $10 on it and then you can add on there and get one for your kids and spouse if you like. And if you want to do the affiliate thing and tell people about, they get $10 and you get $5 I believe for each person that signs up for it. So thats pretty cool money and when you sign them up the money goes right on the card.

I have been doing some other things to, the get paid to sites, love those. I need to get a few more of them going on. I need to go back to the project payday that is the site where I made $300 in less then 24 hours!!! I signed up for trials that were free or just $1 and got that money right into my paypal!!

I have tons of issues and things I want to talk about but I guess I have gone off the subject already enough to where I just need to write other blogs about the subjects that I want to discuss so I will do that here in a few.

Hope that everyone has a great night.

Dec 26, 2007

Advantage Term Life

Good evening everyone. I would like to tell you about a site that I came across this evening. Its a very informational site and it might help you all out if your looking to save money on insurance. The site will give you a quote on insurance with just a little information that you put in. And you can also compare rates, which is very helpful.
In this day and age, you just don't know when the unthinkable might happen. It would be so much better to be safe then sorry. I am looking into some insurance not only for my spouse but also for myself and possibly my children. I would like to get an insurance policy that has the benefit of cash back life insurance. I think that getting a policy with the option or rather the benefit of having cash back is important for the ones that you leave behind so they don't have to worry about more then they need to. They have family insurance so that would help and benefit all the families out there that are looking, wanting and needing insurance but don't want to pay a ton for it. The site is very good with the information that it provides and also an easy to navigate site.

Mid week

Good evening everyone. I just wanted to say good evening and I hope that everyone is safe and sound and getting a chance to somewhat relax after the holiday. I can't wait until the New Year. This year was one that I don't mind putting behind me for the most part. Ever since Sept or Oct things have been going down hill so I am waiting for the new year and hoping that things will go up and not down. At this moment, they are going alright so lets hope it keeps going that way.

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Closer to the New Year

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Closer to the New Year
Category: Life

Good morning everyone. Today its freaking COLD outside!! Still in the 30's. I thought that a couple days ago it said that it was going to be nice out today like yesterday and a few days before that getting into the 60's or hi 50's but NOT today!
Jared and Leon went out to do some errands. Leon went to pay the water bill and Jared went to spend his money that my mom gave him for his report card. I am SO proud of him! They left about an hour ago on the bus and I give them another 1-2 hours before they get back home b/c with the two of them out there at a game store OH LORD! They take an hour easily just in Hastings! And they are going to that Game King place that is supposed to be good priced and have a ton more then Hastings or something. So I hope that they are having fun and enjoying thereselves. I was actually looking forward to getting out and going but I can barely talk so I am staying home and letting them get out in the crappy cold.
Last night, my stomach was in KNOTS waiting on my mom and step dad to get here. She called around 10 til 7 and said that they were about 45 mins away and that they would call again when they reached the edge of town so I said ok and that was that. Then thats when the stomach got in worse Knots and cramping and oh goodness it was horrible. Anyway, they got here about 45 mins later a few minutes after 7:30. Leon and Jared was outside walking around and all of a sudden I hear this bang bang bang on my window and its Leon hollering there here. So up I jump, forgetting to hit save or send or anything as I was sitting here blogging about it...big surprise! I go outside with teh kids and we help them carry things in and they have 4 put together already bikes in the back of there ride..they have a NICE ride!! So the kids get theres and bring it in the house in my front room so that we can see them since its dark. They brought a few other things. She actually gave me money since she didn't get me and Leon anything (SHOCKING she NEVER gives us money!!) and especially not at Christmas...last year and that shocked me enough! Anyway, during this time of them coming in the house, kids opening there presents that they brought them and Wayne checking to make sure the bikes were all together and tight etc. Leon had left and went walking around the block! HOW NICE OF HIM!!!! My mom got Jesse an outfit, looked cute, jeans and a shirt, one pair of jeans were skin tight so shes taking them back and sending us the new pair soon. Jared got 2 pairs of jeans (THANK YOU!!!!) and a couple of hoodies and shirts. Then she got the boys a shirt each to. She gave the 2 little boys $10 each and Jared $20 then he got his $100 for his report card right before they left and Jesse got $1 to put in her new sparkly pink purse...which she screamed when she saw it and loves!
So all in all the night went better then I thought it would. I got about 1/4 of a 3 layer cocunut cake out of the deal to..yummy! I enjoyed it alot last night.
They left around 8:30 or so and were on there way back home. I hope that they made it home safe and sound.
The kids are mad b/c its in the 40's out and I told them it had to be 50 or higher before I was letting them out. They don't need worse colds then what they have. Sean's in there griping and hollaring about it and telling the tv to shut up lol when it said hi 49 or something like that and its still 30 something and almost noon.
So today its cold out but an ok day other then listening to kids hollar b/c they can't go out and ride there new bikes. I wish that she would of gotten the pc instead!!! oh well..maybe NEXT year!!
Chris' bus assistant came over the other day Saturday and brought the kids mostly Chris and Jesse some clothes that her kids outgrew which I appreciate and a couple of toys and told Leon that they would bring by the bikes tomorrow meaning Sunday and then Sunday came and went and no one and then now its Wednesday and Im wandering what on earth happened to them? I hope that they are alright. I wish that I could of gave them our number so that they could of called and said we can't bring them by or something.
Mom brought the cats a scratching post..she couldn't find the kitty bed. All the cats love the scratching post. Merry Christmas to them.
Guess thats about it..hope everyone had a great Christmas ... New Years around the corner...hugs

Save Big and Earn Big Free!

Dec 25, 2007

Take a look

Good afternoon everyone. I wanted to say Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone. I am a stay at home mom of 4 wonderful children and I have been working from home and making some good extra income all year long. I work here at home. You know the thing is that all the get paid to read emails etc., they add up little by little and if you sign up for quite a few of them and if you stay on top of it and keep up with clicking on them daily or even more then daily like morning and night or something, things start to add up money wise. I didn't think that it was going to add up b/c some of them don't offer that much but it does.
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Making money from home can happen, Im doing it. You just have to try and keep pushing it and put every thing, all of the things that you signed up for all on one site so that its organized. I figured that out not to long ago b/c I was having I swear like a million different sites to keep up with and I couldn't do it anymore. So this is the site that I choose to put the banners and things on to show and let you know that there are ways to make money out there from home and FREE.
You can be an affiliate for several places/companies and make money off of the clicks and or sales from that banner or site just from being an affiliate and they are free to sign up with .. never costs you anything.
Now there was a time when like some of you Im sure, have paid for the work at home things and you know what? I found out that most of them are either the same things just put into different words or they are a complete total scam!! SO I wouldn't advise paying for anything in this day and age. Like I said I have been making money and its come from the FREE things that I have signed up for not from the ones that I have "paid" actual money for.
Another way of making money at home, yet again you have to stay on top of it. Taking surveys, and yea you have probably heard this before, but you really can make money with the surveys. I haven't put the banners or links up for them yet but I am going to in the very near future. I think that getting your opinion out there with taking surveys and making money while your doing it is a good thing. I think one of the things I like best about the surveys is that most are simple and to the point and not really complex and you can get I think its like called roboform or something like that where you can have everything your name addy etc all filled in on the forms by pushing on one button...HECK YEA! I used to have it and hubby came in here and got rid of it so I am having to type in all my info any and every time that I do the surveys but that was really really handy and of course, FREE! I like that word free...these days things are going up and up except the paychecks so we need to take the free's when we can..right? Its always nice getting things for free instead of having to spend your hard earned money on them and NO I am not saying go out there and steal, Im just saying signing up for free stuff is a good thing and I was really into it back in the days when my kids were littler, not that there older, they don't need the free formula or diaper samples etc. I stopped that when my youngest reached school age. I got stuff and gave it to my friends that had kids.
I will be adding more things through out the rest of the year and you can Guarantee throughout the beginning of next that sounds weird to year...2008...its coming up on us rather quickly and before you know it, you will blink and it will be here.
I guess thats about enough for now, so I will go and try to get the survey links up later on today/tonight while waiting for my mom and step dad to drop off the presents for the kids on there way back home..have a great day

Christmas Day

Hi everyone. Merry Christmas. I am not much in a holiday mood today..honestly just waiting for it all to be OVER!! Got up this morning and came in here. I just heard from my mom a few minutes ago, they aren't to far from there house, which means that they got a late start as I figured. So they are still 2 hours or so from my aunt's house and they are going to go there first then around 7 or so get here. So we have the rest of the day to relax so to speak before they get here. The house is clean/picked up. We could do a little more but Im just not in the mood for any of it right now so this is the way its going to stay.

The kids are watching tv in the other room, Leon is playing his game and Jared is in his room enjoying the peace and quiet of the other 3 not hollering and bothering him. Its getting to be a nice sunny probably pretty warm or in the 60's or so today like yesterday and the day before that. So here in a little while Im sure that the kids will be going outside and enjoying the weather while they can.

I am just going to stay in here and try to relax and listen to my music, Im in a Bon Jovi Lost Highway cd mood today so Im playing it for the second time and turning it up on a few songs. I haven't done to much else and I don't plan on it.

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LOL ... Christmas saying

Heres another one for the cat lovers out there like myself :)

LOL...Now if that ain't the truth..thats the kind of mood Im in .. just to do it before the cats do it but this year, since the boys decided it would be funny to play with the tree poles, we couldn't put ours up b/c they decided to play sword fights with them and lose them!! BOYS! But I love the pic

Christmas Day very early morning

Good morning everyone. I am still up and going. I was waiting on my mom to call .. earlier but I guess that she forgot about us and decided to wait until tomorrow (later on today) to call us and let us know if shes coming in the morning or around noonish or more towards the evening. She BETTER call and let me know something!
I just figured out how to add pics to the blogs thru the way easier then I thought. I had done it before but forgot exactly how I did it thats ME completely!
I just wanted to say that I am still up and going and listening to music relaxing while everyone else is fast asleep. I hope that everyone had a great Christmas Eve and I hope that you all continue to have a wonderful Christmas Day. Mine will be or well SHOULD be fine since were just staying home and cooking the ham for the dinner etc. Have a great day...hugs

Dec 24, 2007

Christmas Eve evening

Hi everyone. Just wanted to say that I hope that everyone is having a great Christmas Eve. Our day was alright. It was nice outside so the kids were outside about 1/2 the day or so. I talked to my mom a few times today/tonight and she said that she got each of the kids a bike so they will be coming by sometime tomorrow either before or after going to my aunt's house for Christmas dinner. My mom lives 4 or so hours away and they only come down basically at holiday times and maybe 2-3 times during the year for whatever reasons but not that much. My aunt lives about an hour from us, with no car we don't see them that much and don't talk on the phone that much either. Were not that close. Back in the day when we all lived in the same town we would all get together at my grandma's house for Thanksgiving and for Christmas. We would go over there for Christmas Eve and open presents and then wake up Christmas morning they had stockings and later around noon eat a meal. But ever since Grandpa passed away about 8 years or so ago and ever since then it just hasn't been the same. Ever since then I just don't care to really be around the family that much. We had moved to TX right after that then came back and we started doing our own thing for the holidays and grandma and my aunts and everyone that used to live in the same town that we moved out of, moved off right after we did so when we came back, we came back to no one and have been doing our own thing since. My mom said what are ya'll doing for Christmas and I said staying home and doing our own thing and my mom said we never made you stay home and doing our own thing, we always went to grandma's and I said yea I know but we like doing it our way now. I guess shes getting older and maybe realizing that with all the rest of the family there but not her daughter and grandkids it feels different or something I don't know. Anyway, I am just the "black sheep of the family" anyway so I don't know what the big deal is. We have spent the past few years to ourselves and shes now saying that she wants us to be there with the rest of the family, but anyway were not going to go there b/c 1. we don't have a car to drive the hour there and 2. I am just NOT in the holiday mood as it is and definately NOT in the mood to put up with the family BS that comes along with the family gathering! And believe me my family has tons of BS that always seems to come up just at the best of times!!! So they are supposed to be calling back sometime tonight to let us know if they are coming before or after they go to my aunt's house. I am hoping somewhat that they come before going there so that they will be in a hurry so to speak b/c they are always running late no matter what they are doing or going they are always late. So that way they couldn't stay here that long and chat up a storm about whatever omes to mind and just give the kids the bikes and be on there way. On the other hand, I don't like being a "morning" person and being all nice etc if I haven't had my morning blog time and my time to vent and have my soda or my tea or cool aid..gotta have a nice drink of something and get refreshed and ready and in the mood so to speak for company...we don't have company that much and I like it that way for the most part! Well lets just say I like it when its NOT family...anyway theres pros and cons to both. Then not to mention that our heating unit isn't working so it gets chilly in the evening and I don't want them here when it starts getting chilly and we have to take out the electric heater to warm up the rooms. Its been pretty nice for the past few nights though and during the past couple of days yesterday and today the kids enjoyed going out and playing. So it was comfortable in the house. Our oven went out and were down to 1 burner now!! Its an electric stove and I don't know why in the world that the burners are going out but they are and the stove isn't that old! One of the burners went out then a couple of weeks or so later the other two went out and at the same blessed time like one in the morning and the other in the evening! Then the other day we saw sparks come up in the bottom of the oven and the next thing you know it won't cook! So there goes Christmas Dinner!! Good thing that we have a little toaster oven to cook in and we have a ham that were eating for dinner anyway so that can be heated up on our stove on the one burner. I am hoping that it doesn't go out anytime soon b/c that would just suck! It sucks as it is having just one burner and a little toaster oven, it does the trick but dang one burner trying to cook a big meal...ain't gonna happen! There goes cooking cakes or anything! I can't wait til we freaking MOVE out of here!!!! The windows get broke (not our fault) then the central heat doesn't work right and has black stuff up there in the attack thing that isn't good so we can't have the heater on b/c it has carbon monoxide or whatever and then the thing with the stove...YIKES! Is it tax time yet?? I need to get out of here, its falling apart! Not to mention that I just don't like it here anymore, I don't feel safe. I felt safer in the little town that we moved out of and there we had a shooting 2 houses down from us! I can't wait until we get the tax money, look for a house, well first a car, buy it, then look for a house and move and get settled. We want to move to a town that has about half of the population that this city has now. I think that it will be better. I read in the paper today that they had a Meth explosion here in town yesterday!!! In someone's backyard in a storage building they had stored soemthing to make Meth with and it exploded!! Where it happened, wasn't to far from my son's school!!! I don't like that and also the fact that they had to evacuate the area b/c of the things that exploded, the chemicals were so freaking high that it went off of there meausring thing! GOOD LORD!!!! So this town just isn't as nice and calm or whateer as I had thought and hoped. I hadn't heard about things like this even in Dallas where we lived years ago!! So when we move, I hope that I find a good descent place where it looks good and I hope that it stays that way!!! Looks can be decieving b/c I looked here and its a nice home and a nice street, when we first moved in almost a year ago and now it seems like in the past 1-2 months its just been going down hill fast!! So I am hoping that when I pick it that it will be in a good descent nieghborhood and will look good/descent. I am usually pretty good with picking out houses but this one, just don't know why the people around here are going bad, or was bad and was just hiding it really really good!! Either way it goes, were getting out of here and I am glad that we will eventually and that were going to move where I can go and be comfortable and have my friends to visit with and see them now and then, that will be a change and a nice one at that. I can't wait. I think that having not only my friends around but other adults around to talk to will make me feel better. I haven't been myself and I haven't figured out why yet and so I am thinking maybe one reason is being stuck in the house basically 24/7's which most times, I don't really mind but then again I would like to be able and go out and over to someone's house and just say hi and visit even for an hour or vice versa, have someone come over to my house. I would like the company. So I think maybe with other adult company and conversation in person it will help me some..hopefully. The down side of course is that we will be closer to my mom which has its good and bad points to it. The kids will be closer to her, which well if she wants to spend more time with them or if she wants to drill them for info which she has a tendacy of doing when she wants to..more often then just spending time with her. Anyway, the point is we will be closer lets see how she acts with them or should I say acts towards them when were closer yet again. Before when we lived 10-15 mins from them, we didn't see them that much either. She came over a couple of times, wore out her welcome and left!! I have grown up since then and I am thinking that shes getting older and wanting to spend time with them more if she could and not be a bad mouthed talker to them about me like she has been in the past. My kids are loved and cared for and taken care of and as long as I know that then she should but out and not put me down to them b/c 3/4 of the time they come running back to me saying grandma told us this and this..blah blah blah... I guess I have gone on enough in this blog, time to start another one, I got in one of my "blog writing on and on" moods and just couldn't stop...anyway I hope that you all have a great evening and great Christmas Day tomorrow...hugs

Christmas Eve

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve
Current mood: blah
Category: Life

Good morning everyone. I still don't feel to good. Im just in a Blah mood today and have been for awhile now. Not sure what the problem is, just not very much in the holiday mood/spirit this year. Anyway, I hope that everyone out there has a great holiday and stays safe.
I have alot on my mind and stressed to the max basically and feeling like crap just piles on top of it so that is part of the reason why I feel like bahumbug right now.
I hope that everyone has a nice day and stays safe...hugs

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