Dec 7, 2007

My Friday...ugh what a freaking day!!!!

Friday, December 07, 2007

My Friday...ugh what a freaking day!!!!
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Hi everyone. Good evening. I hope that you all have had a great day/Friday. Mine was .. stressful to say the least!! My oldest son not only came home late again but when he finally got home, he had a HUGE slice on his right cheek!!!! And there was blood on his shirt!!! I asked him what in the world happened and he said that he was playing basket ball in gym and this and that and then went he went up to put the ball in the basket or something and another boy came down on him and he felt something sharp but didn't realize that he got cut like he did!!! NONE of the teachers in the next 2-3 classes that he had even freaking bothered to ask him if he was ok or how it happened etc...what a lovely bunch of teachers they have at that school!!!!! It just happened and it was fresh looking when he got home so I know that there had to be blood on his face and it looked fresh to they just NOT give a damn or what!!!!!!!!!!????????? So my son has a slice cut on his face now that looks aweful b/c of some brat at school. I swear its wider then any finger nail could of done so it has to be a blade cut or something!! So with that happening today and yesterday with the gang and the guns at my 2 youngest kids I am about ready to get the hell out of this town completely. So thats why its been a HELL of a day and not to mention a stressful one. I can't even trust the damn school to call me and say hey your son has a cut on the side of his face but hes ok etc. Instead they don't even ask or give a damn. Kids asked him if he was alright and he said yea but didn't realize that it was that bad looking. Poor kid...I don't know about this damn town now. The gangs are all over, some stupid high school aged kid decides that it would be funny to come by our house and throw 2 rocks and break our windows and then now the damn slice on my sons face!!!! I don't know if we need to move OUT of this town or maybe just to another house but even if we did that would be safe???? There is SO much crap going on that I am scared for my kids. I swear if I had the money the resources and the patience and time I honestly think that i would freaking HOME SCHOOL my kids!!!!! Then this afternoon when hubby was getting ready for work and pacing back and forth being stressed like me, he opened the front door for my 2 youngest kids to come in and OMG the SMELL of drugs was sooooo much that it gave me a little headache!!! I DONT want near this shit I don't want my kids near it and something needs to happen to the idiots that are doing it....GROSS smell. So since I had so much stress on me about things that I guess it got to me b/c I was shaking and just outright didn't feel right so I just said the hell with it and told hubby to call in sick b/c I didn't know if I could handle the kids and things tonight with so much on my mind and being so stressed and trying to decide if when and or where we should move to and if so how and etc etc just a bunch of stress so I went thru here onlien and looked thru online newspapers and saw some of the prices on rent houses around here and off at some other places to. I still don't know what were going to do yet. We can't stay here like this. We are hopefully going to be getting the refund check ASAP since I do ours online and usually get it pretty quick (knock on wood) they had a ticker thing on CNN that said something about the IRS needed to fix something in the next week or something like that or else our refund checks could or would be delayed..yea so thats what I really wanted to hear or rather read!!!! Tax time is our Christmas sometimes like this year and its the time when we get to go out and have some fun and relax etc. So the darn IRS better get there heads out of there butts and figure things out and get things situated to where we get our checks on time!!! dang!

I have NEVER done drugs and I will NEVER do them. Thats just like smoking even cigarettes...YUCK I can't do it b/c of my eyes, they water and bother me to much with the smoke. I am glad that I never got into drugs that is just a horrible horrible thing to get into.

So anyway that is my griping and grunting and venting today.

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Huckabee and Bush things

Huckabee and Bush things
Category: News and Politics

Good evening everyone. I forgot to blog about this last night or else I would of done it then. To much going on and my mind is going around in a million different directions....anyway, I watched Glenn Beck last night for the first 1/2 hour and he had a conversation with Mr Mike Huckabee. I haven't heard to much to be honest from him so I wasn't sure how his views were/are on things etc. So I sat there and listened to him and I liked most of what I heard. I am still trying to decide on who I like and might vote for. There are soo many choices and I tell you I have so much on my mind that politics and the election coming up is a big part of whats on my mind but sometimes other things of course come first.

So I decided to sit there and listen to what he had to say and I like him. It was said on the CNN news ticker thing that his ratings are up like 22% or so. Yea I can see why. So maybe what he has to say makes since and maybe he would be a good president. I tell you all in all honestly I think that ANYONE ok almost anyone would do a BETTER job then the president we have in office now.

I can't believe that he came on in a news conference...I think this was yesterday and said that hes going to try to help out the homeowners. Well from what I heard and understood it doesn't make since and its completely a waste of time and effort.

We saw the thing on the news where it said that if you missed a payment that you would NOT qualify. And if you could prove that you couldn't afford the higher interest rates or something like that you would qualify. And some other things.....Has anyone else looked into this?? Am I the ONLY one that thinks that it doesn't make since to sit there and say oh yea ok were going to help these homeowners that might be heading for foreclosure...ok then tell me something...I thought that foreclosure meant that you HAVE missed a payment um DUH thats why your close to being foreclosed on. YET hes stating that if you missed ONE payment that you DONT qualify for the help...ok so how can you sit there and state that your going to help homeowners that are in trouble and fixing to be foreclosed on if they don't qualify b/c they have missed a payment????!!!! That just pissed me off...DOESN'T make since to me. ITS A BUNCH OF BULL in my opinion. I don't own a home, thank goodness at this time in the world but we were considering maybe in the beginning of next year looking for a home but no not when the rates are going up and its just crazy out there in the world. I tell you people are just tongue twisting words and going around in circles and I just don't get half of what they (president and some others) are saying lately. Just like Giuliani about the bible thing...its a simple yes or no but yet they seem to run around the question in circles without completely stating a simple yes or no.

So there is my politics rambling and venting for the night...

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Dec 6, 2007

Gangs and Guns on my street!!!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Gangs and Guns on my street!!!!
Category: Life

Good evening...OMG my 2 youngest children came home this afternoon and they were shaking and both talking at the same time...I had to calm them down and tell them one at a time! My daughter is 10 and my youngest Sean is 9 and they came in here and was telling me that they were walking home from the bus stop (which is by the way only 2 blocks down,I THOUGHT it was safe and ok for them to walk just the 2 blocks down...HA maybe not now!!!) Anyway, they said that they got off of the bus and was walking home and there was another kid to two with them and my son Sean and another little boy was walking and talking about Spiderman 3 when these guys my kids referred to as gangsters/gang members was across the street knocking on some ladies house and one of the guys took something out of his pocket and turned around and pointed a GUN at my KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then they said that he looked around and then turned back around put the gun back in his pocket and started knocking on the door again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesse said the other kids started running home but Jesse said that her backpack was so heavy that she couldn't run so they (my two) just walked really fast to our house!!!!! OMG that scared the CRAP out of me!!!!! So according to my kids these guys were like 3-4 houses down the street right here on MY block and OMG I can't get over how shaken up they were and how shaken up I am now!!!! I was like lock the doors!! LOCK THE WINDOWS! and hollering to make sure everything that could be locked was and all the blinds were closed etc. I was still waiting on my middle son to get home. He rides a bus that brings him right here to the house so at least I didn't have to worry about him walking home from the bus stop or anything. Talk about scary. My daughter comes up to me and says mom they said that our street was one of the ones where you want to keep your doors locked and the blinds shut and I am like GREAT!!!! When we first moved here back in April there wasn't anything bad going on over here. You couldn't tell there was alot of traffic at the house diagonal from us and you couldn't tell that there was apparently gang people walking down the street!!!! OMG where can you move these days to where its safe???? Even the little bitty town that we moved from had crap going on! They had a shooting 2 houses down from us when we lived in a little bitty 2000 population town or so!!!! A SHOOTING 2 houses down so that told me ok well its not even safe here so thats why I made the decision to move here where there was more work and I really didn't think that where we are on this side of town was bad. They have some pretty nice homes over here but yea looks can be decieving to say the least because DAMN! So anyway b/c of the rocks being thrown at our windows a couple of weeks ago we are thinking about moving even if it means breaking our lease. I can't have my kids coming home from school and seeing guys with guns pointing at them across the street and people more likely kids throwing rocks at my windows... What the HELL is going on with this world that all this crap is happening and I swear its always bad things...where the heck are all the good things that should be going on??? When I was a kid (not to long ago, Im only 34) I didn't hear about the gangs and guns being brought to school and mall shootings etc. Either I didn't hear about it b/c it wasn't going on or Ididn't hear about it b/c I didn't watch the news more often to hear about it!!!

So that was my afternoon and I am sooo scared for my kids that I am going to start going down there to the bus stop and walking the kids home in the afternoon and making hubby go with them in the morning b/c I don't want anything to happen to them ... MY GOODNESS ITS HORRIBLE!

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Dec 5, 2007

Spanking your child...whats your thoughts on this??


Question: Whats your opinion of spanking a child? Should it be Illegal to spank your child on the butt or is that over doing it???


I think that spanking of any kind should be Illegal

I think that spanking on the butt should be allowed when trying to disipline a child

I think that grounding and time outs should replace spanking


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Good evening everyone. I have a question for all you moms. Should it be Illegal to spank your child?? I talked to a good friend of mine yesterday and he told me a story that happened to him in a TX Walmart not to long ago. I want your opinions on this just b/c I think that some of it sounds ridiculous personally.

He was in Walmart with his 2 children one girl one boy and his wife. His wife was off doing her own shopping in the store and he had the kids. Ok, well he caught his 8 year old daughter STEALING something!!! This isn't the first time that its happened, it happened a couple years ago I believe and once he found out that she stole it from the store he brought her butt right back up there to the store and made her tell the security guy that she stole the toy and the gu talked to her and told her how wrong it was etc.

Well the other day when they were in the Walmart and he caught her stealing or rather trying to steal, he got onto her and told her that she wasn't supposed to do that and it was wrong etc, well she got a mouth on her and back talked him. So he spanked her on the butt with his 2 times popped her on the butt. Another couple, strangers, walked up to him and got in his face and was telling him that hes abusing her etc and that he shouldn't of done that and didn't give him the chance to tell them what happened, the reason behind it or well that it was even any of there business!! So the couple a guy and a lady, the guy got up in my friends face and was yelling at him, well here comes another couple and they got involved and started griping and telling there opininons of it as well. Then there shortly here comes his wife around the corner. She starts saying her 2 cents b/c they are in her husbands face and so they turn on her and start telling her off. Well the man started getting to close up in my friends wifes face so he told him to back off. So the guy gets up in my friends face and pushes him into the shelf and my friend pushes him back. Well the cops were called and they (both couples I believe) wanted the cops to arrest my friend b/c he spanked his little girl there in public in the store. The cops said that they couldn't arrest him for that, since there wasn't a law stating that spanking in public was illegal etc. Then the couple the one that got in my friends face decided that he wanted to press assault charges!!! Yea when HES the one that pushed my friend, well the cops looked at the video and saw what really happened and I am glad to say no one got arrested...GOODNESS just b/c some people decided to butt in when they didn't know the situation.

So me and my friend was talking and he said that Massachusettes had passed a law where it was ILLEGAL to spank you kid. Now I am not sure if its illegal to do it in public or anywhere or what (I need to research that) but he said that they tried to pass it in TX and they said no and it didn't go thru but did in Massachusettes I believe is where he said that if you spanked your child in public or if the child tells a teacher or someone that there parents are going to spank them and they go to the house and the parents did or was or whatever spanking that they would be arrested!!!

Now I know that spanking well it can mean a ton of different things. With your hand is one thing, on the butt is one thing, with a belt is one thing and by hitting there other places besides the butt is another thing. When my kids were smaller and they got into things and such well yea I would pop there hands and tell them no like when they were toddlers and as they grew up they got into things or something and I would tell them no and pop them on the butt with my hand. I don't see that as a problem but I definately am not saying that hitting there anywhere else but the butt is right etc...I just want some of your opinions on it ridiculous that the state can and did pass a law to where its illegal to spank a child?? Then how are we supposed to let the child know that what they are doing is wrong?? I was abused physically as a child and so I know what child abuse is all to well that is why I don't like spanking my kids and as they have grown up I don't spank them, I talk to them and time out and ground them for things they do wrong or talking back but when they are younger how are you to disipline the kids if you can't just easily pop them on the hand and tell them no or on the butt??

So tell me what you think about this...heres the poll with the question whats your opinion of you think that it should be completely illegal or is that over doing it

Random thoughts

Good evening everyone. I have some things on my mind and I wanted to get them off of my mind. But first I just want to say..dang I had a NICE QUIET evening!! lol...amazing what a dvd movie can do! We got the movie Bratz in today from Netflix and Jesse had a cow like I knew she would!! She likes to scream when she gets excited...but its really funny b/c she always asks me mom can I scream and I usually say yea just once and she will let out the loudest and I swear LONGEST scream that you have ever heard!!! Shes something else. I put it in the dvd player on the big tv in the front room and her and Chris and Sean sat down and was sooo quiet I swear it felt like they were in school with it being so quiet. They all behaved there selves and no fussing or fighting or hollaring or anything for an hour and a half and let me tell you I ENJOYED IT!!!!
Right after the movie supper was done and then Kid Nation was on. Next week is there Finale time flies. We love that show. We watched it then they went to bed and I stayed up and flipped it to CNN by accident going to another channel and forgot that Brad Pitt was on Larry King Live tonight so I watched it and I just have to say wtg Brad. I hope that he knows that hes a great role model and some of the other stars should come out and help and donate to. I hope that they do. They mentioned on there that Hillary and Obama both of there campaigns were going to contribute so who knows...I think that they might just be doing it to get more votes but as long as they put forth the effort and help someone get into a house I guess it doesn't really matter why they do it as long as they do it. Anyway, I am happy that Brad stepped up and is wanting to do something for those people. I honestly think that our own country let them down when Katrina happened.I think that they could of done more and done things faster then they did like with the fires in CA not to long ago. They jumped on it but they could of jumped on New Orleans just like that and didn't ...they just stunk at the way that they handled the whole situation.
Lets see what else...OMG the idiot that went into the mall today and killed 9 people including his self and injured 5 and I am sorry if this comes out the wrong way but I am relieved that he is one of the ones that are dead!!! At least he killed his self in the end and didn't go on around and kill more!!! I hate saying that, I don't want it to sound harsh or mean but dang it its the truth and then they said that they had a suicide note from him and he was 18-19!!! What the HELL was he thinking??? Where the HELL were his parents and OMG that young and the note said something like he wanted to go out in style!!!! That is just not only SICK but OMG just not right. What is the world coming to??? Now its not even safe to go to our malls???? I don't go to the malls anyway, haven't in a very very LONG time but still in case I wanted to thats just putting more doughts in my mind that we can't even go to the mall and look around and be relaxed b/c some maniac idiot might decide to go in there and start shooting!!!!!!!!!
So thats my thoughts on that..I am fixing to blog on another topic that ticks me off and I am going to put up a poll on the next one and see where people stand b/c I think that its outragous and stupid but we will see what every one else's opinions are to. The subject that I will be blogging on next is the spanking your child thing...should it be illegal? Is there a line to where you should spank your child or should you not spank your child and when I say where you should spank your child that means like out in public. That will be coming here in a few minutes...I hope that everyone has a great night...hugs

Mid Week

Good afternoon everyone. I have had a pretty good day so far. Got up this morning, woke Jared up a few minutes late but he still got up and ready and out the door on time. The other kids got up and ready and off to school. I fell back asleep for a few minutes, not even an hour and got up at 9:15. Came in here and surfed around the net and checked emails and things. Leon was asleep on the couch. He didn't get home til 11:30 or so last night.
I got to watch not only Y&R today but also Days!! I hardly ever just take the time out to watch them both, usually wait til the end of the night at 10 and 11 on soapnet or at 6 on soapnet for Y&R. Anyway, I made a pizza, watched the rest of Y&R, its getting good and then got up and did some dishes. Leon got the mail in...Jesse got her movie today "The Bratz" movie and so shes going to be THRILLED to say the least when she gets home so that she can sit and watch it. Jared got home on time today (thank goodness) He was going to go to the store and get him a soda and me a bag of tators but not sure hes going now. His foot is hurting him and hes limping around on it. Leon went to the store earlier today during Y&R and got him a soda, me 2 sodas (I drink mine WAY slower and they last me for a couple of days, just the 1 liters of dp) and me some chips to dip into my cheese dip..yummy. I like to snack while we watch our show and toinght is KID NATION love that show. I think that I heard its just tonight and then next Wednesday its the last episode of it. And I think that I saw/heard on there also that Survivor just has 3 more episodes so the shows are coming to an end already! Wow time is flying by. I heard that American Idol is coming I think they said in Jan which is good. I like that show. I like the Amazing Race to and watched it the other night.
I have a TON of things and issues and stuff I want to blog about but the kids are going to be home any minute now so I guess that I will end this for now.
Some of the things that I am thinking about writing about later on is spanking your child...should it be illegal to spank your child?? Should you get arrested just for tapping your child on the BUTT in public b/c they talk back to you? Is that really a thing that should lead to jail time or fines or anything?? Also my thoughts on Chuck Norris and him supporting a presidential candidate Huckabee for 2008...interesting..just heard that earlier today while Leon was surfing around on YouTube or somewhere so I want to say my 2 cents about that. I personally don't know to much about Huckabee but I think that he said some good things the other night at the debates or from other times I heard him talk.
Im making roast for supper yummy so I better get in there and get it started so it will be done about the time the movie is over or right before and then we can eat after the movie.
I hope that everyone has a great night...hugs

Dec 4, 2007


Good evening everyone. Today was alright for me. I got up this morning (COLD) have I mentioned that I HATE the cold!! brrrr....anyway, got up and came in here and relaxed messing around on the pc for a little while. Played a few games and checked emails etc. Leon took a nap from noon til 1:30 and then left for work at 2. Jared came home late from school.. He had to walk b/c the bus was late and they announced to ride another bus but he couldn't understand which one they said to take so he ended up walking home. Bless his little heart!! He got home about 15 minutes after the bus would of dropped him off so I was hoping that he just missed the bus and walked home and nothing else happened. Im a worry wart like that when it comes to my kids.
Lets see what else, OMG!! I heard from one of my very best friends today, Brian. We hadn't talked since OMG like the beginning or middle of Sept when him and his wife was fixing to go on a cruise. So yea its been awhile and he had a birthday to since then. He just turned 35 at the end of Oct. Hes an awesome person, guy and one of my very best friends. We have known each other like forever...actually since 9th grade and we dated for a few years and remained very best friends since then. I would do anything for him and the same he would do for me. Hes a great guy. So anyway he was telling me about how hes on a Bowling league and hes freaking good!! He has won a couple of tournaments and he said last night he bowled a 250!! I am so excited, happy and proud of him for getting out there and doing that something he enjoys. Hes a great did I already say that?? Anyway he gave me his email addy so I wrote him an email and I wrote one of our friends Scott and told him the email and I hope that they can email and keep i touch as well.56 They were friends before me and Scott were. Brian introduced us and weve been best friends since then to. I am so glad and thankful that I have some of my oldest and best friends still in my life. Some of my friends that I hanged out with in High School are on my myspace. Shaye, Retta, Shaye, John, Amanda, another John, Misty and a few others. I love you all and am glad that we found each other. I think there are still a few of "our gang" that is out there but I haven't talked to yet but would love to. Brian said that he might get on myspace this weekend or so. I hope so :) His wife has a site and I have seen it..its ok, she put pictures of the kids up but none of her and or him. I even have pics of Leon up on mine so come on now...and Brian is a nice VERY NICE looking man that I would want to show off if he was my husband so I don't know why she didn't have a pic of him on there but thats just her for ya.
So I am in a WAY better mood now that I heard his voice earlier this evening then I was earlier today b/c I had been grumpy and just moody. its the beginning of the month and mother nature if fixing to be here for me and I HATE it and I get so cranky and moody and just plain bitchy earlier when Leon was home.
I watched my soap Y&R earlier tonight at 6 on SoapNet. OMG they need to let that baby be JT's I don't like Brad!!! I wish that Victoria would hurry up and wake up. She needs to wake up and tell Mr Bradley that shes NOT going to name HER baby boy after his father!!! That should be a decision for her and JT since they are engaged...I don't like Brad!
Then I watched Nancy Grace at 7. I didn't or rather couldn't come back in here to my desk, I had 4 kittens on me and then 3 all bunched up on me sleeping. They were sooo adorable...a kodak moment!!
OH speaking of pictures of the trip to Las Vegas that I took are in. Leon said that they called yesterday and said that they were in. So I am going to go get them soon. I got the 4" pictures and I got them in prints but also on the cd and then I also checked for them to be put on walmart online. So I will get them soon and put them on here so you all can see pictures of my awesome trip to Vegas!!
lol...I am listening to KISS FM in Dallas..listening to it online lol and its called Dateless in Dallas or something like that and they are just freaking FUNNY on there looking for dates and some of the things people funny!
I watched Nancy Grace and some lady can't ever remember her name, filled in for her since shes at home with her adorable babies. Which I have to go look at the web site and see pictures of them. I am sure they are just the cutest things in the world. I love her dearly and am so thrilled for her that shes ok and they are both ok. How perfect to have not only twins but one of each. I always dreamed of having twins and being one of each. Shes one lucky lady.
Then I watched some of Glenn Beck after Nancy and Travis Tritt was on there. I like him. Hes a country singer but does his own variety of music some of it more upbeat then the regular country songs so to speak. I like him and always have, hes one of my fave singers. He has a couple of songs that are me and Brian's songs, well I say they are, not sure if Brian agreed. He said that Journey's "Open Arms" is me and his song and Bryan Adams "Whatever I do, I do for you" is our song. Anyway, thats that.
Hmm, what else..oh yea..did anyone watch the President's news thing this morning?? I think that we need to STOP worrying about and butting into EVERYONE else's business and worry about our own or were going to be in BIG HUGE trouble by some of the other countries getting upset with us butting in and they are going to come after us. I honestly think that we need to shut up and worry about our own country, after all doesn't being the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES mean just that?? Being pres of our OWN coutnry not every one else's or trying to tell everyone else how to run there country and or goverment etc. I just DONT like where this country is going and something else that concerns me to is the fact that hard working Americans are now starting to get foreclosed on!!!! They said that the number of foreclosures I believe since just last year has DOUBLED!!! Now tell me WHY they have???? I mean to be able to get a house to begin with you have to have GOOD credit or else you don't qualify or at least thats what our problem has been credit and anyway so my question is this, WHY are these people that have put down money and have or had good enough credit to get into a good house to buy it all of a sudden is what I call it about to be foreclosed on or has been foreclosed on???? WHY? Its because our country is giving jobs to others instead of us and were not making enough money. I think that the min wage should be upped since I swear it seems like everything else is going up. The rent, the bills, the gas both that the cars run on and the one that we use to heat our homes. Even the electric bills are higher and higher. Heck a gallon of milk is now over $3.50!!!!!! Tell me what is wrong with that!!!! I mean really I thought that $2 a gallon was bad but now its almost double that...just NOT right!
Ok so thats some of my ranting and venting for tonight. I wanted to go in the other room and watch my other soap Days thats comes on here in a few minutes at 10 on SoapNet...its getting good on there..about time!!!!
So I guess that I will go and watch my soap, Leon gets off at 11 so I will probably just go to sleep after my soap. I am getting tired, even though I have a ton on my mind to blab/blog about..guess it will just have to wait until tomorrow. Bunny is showing out and jumping and walking all ovder my desk the brat!!
Anyway, I hope that everyone has a great night...oh yea...I joined a yahoo group tonight called something about the yahoo new MASH, its supposed to be a social network thing like Y360 but its by invite only right I looked around and found a group for it so I am looking forward to getting an invite to it and seeing what it looks like.
Have a great night everyone and a wonderful and safe rest of the week...hugs

Dec 3, 2007

Good Monday morning

Good Monday morning
Category: Life

Good Monday morning everyone. I hope that you all had a great weekend and are ready for this first week of Dec 2007 to start. I can't believe that its December already! I have said it before but I cant help to say that again. This year is just flying by to fast. My goodness I don't even want to think really about how close Christmas is around the corner.
Its FREAKING COLD here today!!!! We woke up to 27 degree weather!!! ICK!!!! At least its warming up a little and supposed to be in the high 50's I think today. Its 41 now...still to cold for my blood!!
So me and Leon decided to get out LATER on today when its hopefully a little warmer....hopefully key words. Anyway, I can't wait to go to Wal-Mart, I put my camera in Friday and they said that the pictures should be back today. I wander what time they will be there..hmm maybe I should call and ask if theres a certain time..hmm...I might call in a min and see when they will be there.. WE decided to go at 11:30...I need some time to sit here and warm up! I hate the freaking COLD!! Besides, lol I need to play my Farm Frenzy...can't go on having a good day until I get my fix lol from playing Farm Frenzy.
So anyway, I hope that you all have a great day and wonderful week ahead...will write more later on...hugs

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Dec 2, 2007

My Sunday

My SundayDec 2, '07 8:53 PM
for everyone
Hey there everyone. I hope that you all are having a wonderful evening and had a great weekend. Today was a pretty good day. I got to sleep in til 9 or so this morning. Got on the pc for a little while and checked things and then played a game called Farm Frenzy which me and the kids are absolutely 100% hooked on!! Lol...I've almost beat the game!! Its a pretty cool and cute game. I like it .. alot maybe a little to much...
So I hope that you all enjoyed the first weekend in December...OMG can you all believe that its freaking December already?? I can't! Its been a nice weekend but I just honestly don't know where this year has gone!
Were going to walmart tomorrow while the kids are in school and taking the bus there so that we can donate a couple of cans to the food drive thing they have going on and get some groceries while were there and I am going to put in my app there at the store since I went to it online and its not working right so the heck with it, I will just put in my app at the store fora part time cashier. This time though, I am going to put in certain hours that I can work b/c of the kids being in school etc. So I won't be able to work but something like 9am until 3 or so. I hope that they have shifts open for those hours, if not well I tried. I might go back to Wendy's or somewhere and try to get a job there, not sure. Leon's ankle and foot is bothering him so I told him he HAS to hold out until the first of the year when we do taxes b/c we have bills that need to be tended to and I am trying to do my best working online and doing some things but that just isn't adding up right now and so for now he is going to have to keep working and not to mention that I am not able to walk all the way to work, I have to be able to take the bus to work, I can't handle walking that much back and forth to work. He could of took the bus yesterday and didn't so thats his fault for walking up there and then walking around 8 hours and then walking home.
Anyway, I hope that all of you are doing good and will have a wonderful week ahead. I can't wait to get the movies in the mail. Im going to get the last Bourne movie and Pirates and then HP of course. They are on my list so that I can get them right away. I can't wait to see them all. I watched the first HP yesterday and then the 2nd one tonight and part of the 3rd one then watched Amazing Race which was pretty good and entertaining. The blondes were being stupid though and they needed to quit bickering so much..geez!
I guess Im going to go and look for some things to blog and then do some more surveys and things to get some more extra $$ coming in.
I hope that you all have a wonderful and safe week ahead. Hugs
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