Oct 31, 2007

Still up, awake and frustrated

I am still up, its not that late yet, well its nearly 1am but usually at this time I am in the bed, with the tv on Nick at Nite and awake watching George Lopez and then Prince and then I go to sleep about 1:30 so its not that unusual for me to be awake, but it is for me to be up and on the pc at this time of the morning.
I am up waiting for my freaking money to hit my bank account so that I can get my bills paid online before first thing in the morning so that when things open in the morning the money is on the account and paid and no worries, but for some reason the freaking bank is taking FOREVER tonight and the money isn't on there like it usually is. STUPID BANK!!! So here I am up, awake and getting not only frustrated but STRESSED!
Leon finally just went in the other room to lay down b/c I am in here with the lights on b/c I don't want to type in the dark since I am reading blogs and things and doing ALOT of blogging myself I don't want to do it all in the dark so he left the room.
We have such a busy day planned for today. We gotta get up at 6:30, get Jared up and gone to school, walk with him to the bus stop and then go to the little store and get a soda first thing in the morning HECK YA! lol I have missed my dp's and md's, anyway, I need soda in the morning and then we need to get the other 3 on the bus and at the bus stop and then we need to get on the bus and head to wally world and get all the things that we need, food and necessities and then call a stupid cab to come get us since our car broke down a month ago today on the 1st. At least we have bus and cab service here.
So yea I am sitting here very frustrated and trying not to get any more stressed then I already am but I tell ya what when the money don't hit at the usual time that it does you start to worry...or well I do!!
At least Leon has a job interview for Friday morning and I still have my job and I can't really wait til after my trip I come back and get the hours...YES for Christmas which will be awesome! I can't wait to work all the hours that I can during the day when the kids are at school. Then when the kids are out for there break, depending on Leon's schedule I will have to work when hes not so that he can tend to the kids, b/c its mandatory that I put in I think 25-30 hours at least from Dec 1st til the new year!! YAY! Which means really good checks!!
I hope that they start Leon out at a good rate if/when they hire him. I don't want them ripping him off with a min wage BS when he has at least a total of 10 years with wally world. But if they are cheap skates then what can we do but accept it and that be that.
Anyway, ok I am done ranting raving and venting...well at least for the next few minutes...I might just get back on here and vent about other things if I can't get calmed down! I hope that you all have a great 1st day of November!!

Can someone HELP me please!!??

Hi everyone. OK I wrote this a minute ago, BUT STUPID YAHOO HELL decided that it didn't want me blogging, so it erased it!! GRR!!
OK anyway, so this is what I need help with. The other day, on Cafemom I was going thru the journals and I found this blog on Obama. I thought ok, I don't know to much about him so lets read about it. To my SHOCK there was a picture on there ( I posted this on Oct 30th) anyway, there was a picture just a picture of him with some other candidates in front of the flag, standing and the other candidates had there hands over there hearts but he didn't. He was just standing there. So I decided to comment, read comments and do research and found out that there was a video to it all. So I got it and watched it, some lady singing the National Anthem and he is standing there swaying back and forth with his hands in front NOT on his heart!! First thought DISRESPECTFUL!!!!
OK now here is where I need the HELP! I would like to put this video up on YOUTUBE b/c I looked and can't find it on there, so I wanted to add it BUT I don't know how to do it. I have the link to where its from which is on photobucket and they got it from another site which I saw on time.com anyway, I need to get that video up there on YouTube b/c I looked and they had the picture of him just standing there and the people commented saying hes doing the right thing b/c they weren't facing the flag BUT what the people didn't realize is that there was a song being sand when they took the picture so thats what I want to get out there and let the people see that he doesn't want to raise his hand and put it over his heart to the song the National Anthem THEN he says that hes NOT going to wear the lapel pin because he wants to TELL us what he thinks etc and just doesn't want to wear it!! WTF!!!???
So anyway I need someone's help, I am going to post the video again and if someone could please upload the video onto YouTube and then please leave me a comment on the link to your YouTube if you don't mind. Thank you all in advance for your help. Here is the video.

Relieved and going to bed

Checked it and its there, taken care of things, now off to bed I go!! I guess it pays off to rant, rave and vent with nice words lol b/c as soon as I posted the blog and looked it was there!! lol..funny how things like that work! So I am off to bed, I have to get up in a matter of hours and have a LONG day ahead of me but it will all be good now that I can breathe, I will sleep better if at all..now Im freaking awake but surely hopefully I can go to sleep watching Nick at Nite as always :)
Night everyone...Happy first day of November...9 more days to Vegas!! WOOHOO!!!

Thursday the 1st of November, very busy day

Good evening everyone. How are you all?? I hope that your all doing great! I had one heck of a busy day. I stayed up until close til 2am this morning waiting for the money to get in my account, and all the while, me stressing until it did!! lol..thats just me, a worry wart on the 1st. Everything came in like it was supposed to (Thank goodness!)
Got up this morning at 6:30, got Jared up. Got him off to school. Woke the other kids up about 7:30ish or so. Got them up and ready and off to school. Me and Leon got ready and left the house around 9:20 or so, caught the bus, went to Wal-Mart and I tell you lol we stayed in there til 12:55!!!!! I called a taxi, told them LOUD and clear, "We have 2 buggies of food, so please make sure its an empty trunk" and they said yea ok we will tell the driver...YEA RIGHT! Well here in about 2 mins later here comes this taxi, in a nice descent sized car. Could of fit all the groceries in there NO problem, but yet the idiot tells us, oh well my trunk is big but not that big we have to send you a van for that. So great we thought and gave him a look like ugh! So he calls it into his dispatcher on his cb and tells them then drives off....well a couple minutes after that, another different named taxi came to pick up an older gentleman and she said did you call a taxi and we said yea its on its way and she said if you don't mind me asking, who did you call? And we told her...and she laughed, and then smiled and said you will be here all week waiting on them! Me and Leon looked at each other like oh crap! She leaves and were standing there for another 15 minutes or so. Finally I go in to re-call the first company when this girl inside there sitting in a chair thing says " you look lost" and I said no just waiting on a cab and she said which one and I told her and she said oh you will be waiting a while, I know the dispatcher! GOOD GRIEF! Not calling that company again!!! So I walked down to the other entrance b/c there was a lady HOGGING the phone on the food end. I go and call the other taxi co that the lady was with, and sure enough lol as soon as I walk back to the other end where Leon was standing with our 2 buggies FULL of things, mostly food, here comes the first cab company and he tells us there is no van available so hes there to get us. Then Leon said something about opening the trunk...and the freaking guy says "Oh the trunk don't open, but I can help you put it in there" I am like what the hell!!?? He gets in the back seat of the car and starts pulling down the back seats to put in the groceries in the trunk!!!! UM NO THANK YOU!! lol thats about the time that the other cab pulled up lol and she got out and Leon told the idiot first cab no thanks we will go with her!! LOL......So we get in her cab and load up the trunk and then half the back seat! And the other idiot cab driver shows out and squeals his tires out of there!!!! What a freaking jerk!
So we come home about 1:45 and unload it on the porch and ground lol and then bring it in the house and unload everything. By the time were done, here comes Jared in the house.
OMG!!! The freaking store either over did the ordering of candy OR people just didn't buy candy b/c there was 1 1/2 isles of nothing but candy!!!!! So we sorta went over board! lol We didn't spend probably more then $10 but got a TON of candy!! I came home and put each kind in each of there bags for them when they got home.
Me and Jared went to the little store and got milk, bread and sodas. Then sat down and ate.
Its 7, Survivor is on and I am running late getting off of here, so I will be back in an hour and do way more blogging..have a great night!!

Showbiz top 5 for Wed Oct 31st

Showbiz Top 5
Wednesday, October 31, 2007

5. Nicole Richie is denying gossip column reports that she's been sneaking cigarettes during her pregnancy. She is furious over the allegations and her publicist says any reports of Nicole smoking while pregnant are "irresponsible and untrue."

4. Jennifer Lopez is having a run of bad luck. After her new CD pretty much tanked and her movie with hubby Marc Anthony "El Cantante" could've been titled "Gigli II," her next movie is going straight to video. "Bordertown" is a movie about the murders of female factory workers in Mexico and it was a project close to Jennifer's heart. But it's so bad, it's going straight to video in January.

3. Would you believe Ashley Olsen is dating Lance Armstrong? She's 21; he's 36. The two of them reportedly were seen making out at a bar in NYC Monday night. She was sitting on his lap and the two of them were making out all night, until they reportedly left together at 2:00 in the morning.

2. What's the best cure for what's ailing you? Falling in love. Or at least, hanging out and having a good time with somebody. Owen Wilson reportedly is having himself a big old dose of Jessica Simpson. The two of them hooked up in Austin last week when they both took part in filming Willie Nelson's video. Now they're back in LA and the two of them were seen enjoying a romantic dinner in Santa Monica before heading back to his place in Malibu.

1. The judge has handed down his decision. Britney Spears can see her children twice a week, from noon til 7pm on one day and from noon til 10am the next. She must be supervised the entire time. According to court papers, the coach who's been monitoring Britney with her boys says she doesn't really pay that much attention to the boys when she has them. She doesn't talk to them very much or play with them. And she says when Britney DOES do something with the boys, it's not child-centered at all. She does believe, though, that Britney loves her sons and that they are bonded to her. So the judge says she can have them a couple days a week. Oh, and she has to child-proof her home by Friday. The next custody hearing is scheduled for November 26.

MY COMMENTS: OMG!!! The Olsen twin with a man that is that much older then her...come on now! What the heck are they thinking? I usually don't say to much or think to much about age difference but that just seems to young 21 with 36!

Then the thing with Britney well that just DISGUSTS me! I am not surprised that she doesn't spend to much time with them talking etc. Thats just sad though, I think that shes just tired of being a mom being so young and wants to get out and go party more then stay home and be a mom. She needs to snap out of it and if she can't or don't want to snap out of it, then maybe its better that the kids are with K-Fed, I haven't heard anything negative about him being with the kids like with her!

Oct 30, 2007


OMG!!! Its finally happened!!! Leon finally got a call today from Wal-Mart and he has an interview on Friday at 10:30!! WOOHOO!! Needless to say lol I am excited, thrilled, flabbergasted and beyond happy lol...so many emotions running through me right now!! LMAO!!! We got the call right after Jared came home and left to go to the little store to get him a soda. The call came in and I answered the phone, stupid caller id isn't working so I just answer all calls these days and then he asked for Leon...>WOW!!!! LOL...silly I know but I need him OUT of the house and back to work after leaving the other wal-mart back in mid February, I need him to get away and go get some money coming back in to help out. I have done it so far, but its starting to get tighter and tighter as the hours are little and slow.
So WOOHOO!! lol what a day!! I get pizza, soda, candy and I get the news of hubby probably getting hired and being gone HELL even part time I will be more then excited and thrilled at 20 hours a week. They said temp but I don't care!! lol...money is money and I don't care, I just need him OUT of the house for awhile. I need MY time just here by MYSELF without him in the other room coming in here every 30 seconds saying hey mom blah blah blah or coming in here griping or coming in here and preaching his preaching UGH!
So thats my day...hehe a good day! Hope that the rest of you have great fun and please every one of you all be safe.

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween everyone!! I hope that you all are having a great and safe Halloween so far. Ours has been pretty good. My youngest, Sean, is home sick today so not sure about going out tonight, wasn't sure about it anyway and now hes sick but feeling better so not sure what we will do if anything. My other 2 boys, Chris he got sick to his tummy 2 times in the past couple of days and then Jared had a horrible headache and fever the other day so something must be going around here. Jesse has felt fine so far, knock on wood bless there little hearts. I hate it when my kids are sick. Rather it be me. So anyway, I hope that everyone has a great day. Happy Halloween....be safe!!

Happy Halloween to me

Happy Halloween everyone...I know that I have wrote more then one today saying Happy Halloween...I just wanted to say it again lol...I am in a very blogging mood today so I am trying to get a ton of blogging done today and then do some paid blogging here in a few minutes.
Anyway, so today I got money, pizza, soda, candy and a movie in the mail (Wild Hogs) LOVED IT!!! non-stop laughter!! And then the best for last..Hubby FINALLY got a job interview at Walmart for this Friday at 10:30!!! WOOHOO!
Ok so I got that out and off of my chest again...lol..can you tell that Im just a little beside myself and excited!!!
Im still going to be working here at home, doing flowers and I want to do ASI and blogging of course I am never gonna stop blogging! And then I only have 10 days left until my trip to Vegas with one of my very very best friends and sisters Lori!!! I can't wait to go!!! I need a vacation BAD!
My kids on the other hand, well they will deal with me being gone. Sean is demanding that he is going with me...HA!! The whole point of mommy going away for a few days to relax is with no kids! He will just have to get over it and fast b/c I am going and thats that! I told Leon that he might have to take them to the park right before its time for me to leave or something b/c I have to go and I can't have him crying and screaming when I walk out the door to get in the taxi.
Right now, life is pretty good. I am thankful and blessed that were doing alright and were all healthy and doing good. I know that there are others out there not as lucky as we are. We aren't the richest by no means but we are doing alright and thats a blessing. now I just pray that me and or Lori will hit it big in Vegas!! Pray for me!!
Have a great and safe Halloween night everyone...

Oct 29, 2007

OMG this is scary!!!

I saw this on CafeMom and at first when I saw it, ok I thought is this a made up photo, BUT I did research and looked on Snopes.com and TIME.com and they played a video so I am posting NOT only the photo that is just DISRESPECTFUL among other things!!!!!!

Tom Harking Steak Fry Iowa Democrat Hillary Clinton Barack Obama John Edwards Criss Dodd Joe Biden Bill Richardson

Senator Barack Obama, Governor Bill Richardson, Senator Hillary Clinton and Ruth Harkin stand during the national anthem.
Barack Hussein Obama's photo (that's his real name)...... He had advised before hand that he would be REFUSING TO NOT ONLY PUT HIS HAND ON HIS HEART DURING THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, BUT REFUSED TO SAY THE PLEDGE.....how in the hell can a man like this expect to be our next Commander-in-Chief????

Stupid Cable Company!

Good afternoon everyone. I hope that you all are having a great day and start to the last few days of October...everyone ready for Halloween tomorrow?? Im not! No news there though, I used to like Halloween but these days its just another day! I like the day after it though, lol when the candy and things are on clearance.
For some stupid DING BAT reason the cable company thought that it would be funny today to come out and turn off my cable!!! Why??? I don't know because they are DING BATS! I had the bill extended until tomorrow and the ding dongs decided that they would just up and come out this afternoon right after lunch and turn it off!!! The IDIOTS! So I jumped on the phone and said excuse me, you came out here and turned it off but I had it extended until tomorrow so they said alright our error they will have it turned on before the end of the day..yay! So 2 hours later right when we were bored and fixing to sit down and watch Fast and the Furious they turn it back on!!! THANK GOODNESS!! The net is how I make some extra money and my main job with Flowers, thats my job and my work so yea they better get it turned back on!!!
Sean and Jared both stayed home today, they were both burning up with a fever so rather then take the chance on them getting sick at school, they stayed home.
So since the whole job thing is done on the net and the phone, gotta keep both of em on and going. And I want to do the other job the ASI if I can ever get that money together to pay for the monthly thing and to get the free cell with the minutes. So anyway maybe by the middle of the month when I get back from Vegas I can do that and then that money will be coming in to so that will help with necessities and things since Mr Leon isn't getting off his duff to help out, he sure can dish it out griping about things but boy when I tell him then he should of gotten off his duff and helped out he gets all pissed off the idiot!
SO that is my day so far...grrr stupid men! In other news, I am leaving in 11 days, on the 10th of Nov a week from Saturday. I can't wait. Its an afternoon flight. Heck I don't even think that I have a bag to pack in!! Guess thats another thing that I need to dig for.
the boys are driving me NUTS!!! They just pester pester pester and hell even when they are sick they still seem to just want to piss each other off! Damn you would think that if they were sick that htey would freaking take a break but NOPE not them!

Entry for October 29, 2007

Entry for October 29, 2007Oct 28, '07 11:02 PM
for everyone

Good evening everyone. I hope that you all had a good Monday. mine was alright, not the best, but not the worst either so no real complaining I guess. I heard from my step daughter today, finally, I was beginning to worry about her. I know that shes a big girl and can take care of herself but we were at least saying hi every day or every other day and then she just up and disappears for a week or so, so I was glad to hear that shes ok and as she said shes alive. She said that shes back at her moms, not sure what exactly happened there but I am glad to hear that she is ok and alive and safe.
So anyway, nothing to much else going on here. Can't wait til the first, I get to get out of this house and go food shopping at least. I hate the end of the month when everything is running out.
Well, less then 2 weeks until my trip to Vegas!!! I am excited and at the same time a nervous wreck!
Jared is in his room laying down, he had a bad headache when he got home so he ate his supper and then went to his room, took headache pills and is laying down, poor kid. I know how he feels, thats the way that I am like 4 out of 7 days of the week...crappy b/c of my headaches!
Leon watched some movies online last night and this morning. Hes into the movie watching now online, would of liked it better if it would of been full screen but oh well, take what you can get. I was thinking about doing the netflix thing and seeing about doing the movies online for $5 a month or so if they are still doing that.
Leon is in here laying down on my bed, he just felt sleepy...HA probably b/c he stayed up til 2 or so in the morning on the pc watching movies!! I tossed and turned ALL night long and didn't go to sleep good until this morning when the kids left at 8:30 for school. I don't know how in the world that he can say that hes tired, he hasn't done anything ALL day long but sit in front of the pc and watch movies, guess that gets tiresome after awhile...yea uh huh! MEN! He watched that movie with Nicholas Cage in it, Ghostrider or something like that...he thought it was good, not sure if I want to see it or not, the ones that I am wanting to see are Spiderman 3 and of course the HP Order of the Phoenix. I love HP!! Him and Sean watched a few parts of the SP 3 last night, I don't think that htey watched it all but some parts of it and of course they said that they were good. I want to see the whole thing, the dvd comes out tomorrow and I want it sooo bad! I put it on the kids Christmas list so we will see, maybe we will get that and a few of the other dvd's that I put on there lists.
I guess that I am going to go and watch Y&R since I missed it this morning and I am wanting to see what happened to Victoria and her baby. OMG I hope that they don't kill either of them!! That would be devastating if they let one or both of them go. I love Victoria and everything was just starting to come into place with her and then of course this happens and ruins it all.
Anyway, so I am going, I have a TON of things and issues on my mind, so I will definitely be back blogging later on to blog some more and make some money!!

Oct 28, 2007

So much crap going on in the world

Oct 28, '07 11:39 PM
I am so tired of hearing of all the crap going on in the world. All the bad things, all the murdering and all the bomb/terror threats etc. The fires going on around not just CA but everywhere else. People freaking having NOTHING else better to do in there life so they set fires on purpose and make the county burn for a freaking WEEK causing thousands of people to be without there homes now!!! They got NOTHING more to do in there day then to go out and cause trouble???? OMG what in the world is this world coming to?? Really??? What is it coming to? I wish that htey would do a day or two out of the week, ok maybe an hour or two out of every day on the news to report just GOOD things happening around the world...would there be enough good stories out there to cover or would there still be to much bad stories to still cover and not enough good. Its sad, it gets depressing to sit and hear all the crap going on and it doesn't help that they are talking about bomb threats and things in people's shoes to make bombs?? I am fixing to go on a couple of planes in the next couple of weeks...I am a nervous freaking wreck b/c of all the talk. I know that I can't go on in this life being a scary cat and worried etc all the time but damn its just getting to me I guess here lately especially with the fires and all those people that are now homeless basically!! SAD!
I guess all we can do is pray and hope that everything ends in the best way and all the families and people that lost there homes, hope that they get the help that they have coming to them to start over and rebuild and get all new things and start over. To many disasters going on in the world today. I hope that they catch the person/persons that are responsible for all the fires that went on.

Weather for the week

Weather for the weekOct 28, '07 11:08 PM
for everyone
SkyWARN 7 Weather

Hi 73 F
Lo 42 F

As Dan mentioned this morning, we continue our stretch of dry weather across Texoma. High pressure has pushed all of the good moisture well into the Gulf of Mexico, so that will keep rain chances fairly low for the next several days.

Tuesday should see the wind increase out of the south. Temperatures will respond accordingly, with highs approaching 80 across the west. A cold front will move through on Halloween. No moisture means no rain, but the front will bring a decent wind...out of the north at 15 to 25 mph. Temperatures will be cooler for the latter part of the week.

Andy Wallace
SkyWARN 7 Meteorologist

7-Day Forecast

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Hi 73 F
Lo 42 F
Sunny & Mild
Hi 76 F
Lo 46 F
Breezy & Warmer
Hi 72 F
Lo 49 F
Windy & Cooler
Hi 64 F
Lo 41 F
A Bit Cooler
Hi 68 F
Lo 42 F
Partly Cloudy; Still Cool
Hi 65 F
Lo 46 F
20% Chance of Showers
Hi 68 F
Lo 42 F
Mostly Sunny
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