Sep 27, 2007

Thursday Night

Thursday evening
Category: Life

Hey there everyone...well its nearly Friday yet again....dang this week went by FAST! Its the last weekend of Sept!! Hard to believe that Christmas is literally around the corner!! I have good news...the Cloud 10 business where I got the interview on Sept 1st and got hired, well I wrote them today again asking about how much longer until a project/job comes available. Well later on tonight guess what? I got an email invited to work for T-mobile!!!! WOOHOO! So FINALLY I get a chance to work a job for them. I get a good amount for 2 weeks training and then a good amount same as flowers with the highest incentive per hour and its a SET schedule of 25 hours a week. Doesn't sound like much BUT at least its from 5pm-10pm is the one that I am going to choose so that leaves my days open to kids dr appointments and so forth that I need to take them to etc So I can't wait. I took the next step in doing what they told me to do so hopefully (crossing fingers!) they won't take forever to get back with me to tell me when the training starts and where or if its here at home etc.
So I guess thats about it. Not to much going on here. Oh yea mom ordered us pizza again after calling about 5 different pizza places until one of them would take her darn debit over the phone!! GOOD LORD!
So anyway she did that since Jared was going to be the class rep one of them in his class and Sean got student of the month so thats pretty cool. Have a great night everyone..

My day

Good evening. Just wanted to say hey to everyone. I hope that everyone is having a good night and will have an awesome Friday.
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