Spanking your child...whats your thoughts on this??


Question: Whats your opinion of spanking a child? Should it be Illegal to spank your child on the butt or is that over doing it???


I think that spanking of any kind should be Illegal

I think that spanking on the butt should be allowed when trying to disipline a child

I think that grounding and time outs should replace spanking


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Good evening everyone. I have a question for all you moms. Should it be Illegal to spank your child?? I talked to a good friend of mine yesterday and he told me a story that happened to him in a TX Walmart not to long ago. I want your opinions on this just b/c I think that some of it sounds ridiculous personally.

He was in Walmart with his 2 children one girl one boy and his wife. His wife was off doing her own shopping in the store and he had the kids. Ok, well he caught his 8 year old daughter STEALING something!!! This isn't the first time that its happened, it happened a couple years ago I believe and once he found out that she stole it from the store he brought her butt right back up there to the store and made her tell the security guy that she stole the toy and the gu talked to her and told her how wrong it was etc.

Well the other day when they were in the Walmart and he caught her stealing or rather trying to steal, he got onto her and told her that she wasn't supposed to do that and it was wrong etc, well she got a mouth on her and back talked him. So he spanked her on the butt with his 2 times popped her on the butt. Another couple, strangers, walked up to him and got in his face and was telling him that hes abusing her etc and that he shouldn't of done that and didn't give him the chance to tell them what happened, the reason behind it or well that it was even any of there business!! So the couple a guy and a lady, the guy got up in my friends face and was yelling at him, well here comes another couple and they got involved and started griping and telling there opininons of it as well. Then there shortly here comes his wife around the corner. She starts saying her 2 cents b/c they are in her husbands face and so they turn on her and start telling her off. Well the man started getting to close up in my friends wifes face so he told him to back off. So the guy gets up in my friends face and pushes him into the shelf and my friend pushes him back. Well the cops were called and they (both couples I believe) wanted the cops to arrest my friend b/c he spanked his little girl there in public in the store. The cops said that they couldn't arrest him for that, since there wasn't a law stating that spanking in public was illegal etc. Then the couple the one that got in my friends face decided that he wanted to press assault charges!!! Yea when HES the one that pushed my friend, well the cops looked at the video and saw what really happened and I am glad to say no one got arrested...GOODNESS just b/c some people decided to butt in when they didn't know the situation.

So me and my friend was talking and he said that Massachusettes had passed a law where it was ILLEGAL to spank you kid. Now I am not sure if its illegal to do it in public or anywhere or what (I need to research that) but he said that they tried to pass it in TX and they said no and it didn't go thru but did in Massachusettes I believe is where he said that if you spanked your child in public or if the child tells a teacher or someone that there parents are going to spank them and they go to the house and the parents did or was or whatever spanking that they would be arrested!!!

Now I know that spanking well it can mean a ton of different things. With your hand is one thing, on the butt is one thing, with a belt is one thing and by hitting there other places besides the butt is another thing. When my kids were smaller and they got into things and such well yea I would pop there hands and tell them no like when they were toddlers and as they grew up they got into things or something and I would tell them no and pop them on the butt with my hand. I don't see that as a problem but I definately am not saying that hitting there anywhere else but the butt is right etc...I just want some of your opinions on it ridiculous that the state can and did pass a law to where its illegal to spank a child?? Then how are we supposed to let the child know that what they are doing is wrong?? I was abused physically as a child and so I know what child abuse is all to well that is why I don't like spanking my kids and as they have grown up I don't spank them, I talk to them and time out and ground them for things they do wrong or talking back but when they are younger how are you to disipline the kids if you can't just easily pop them on the hand and tell them no or on the butt??

So tell me what you think about this...heres the poll with the question whats your opinion of you think that it should be completely illegal or is that over doing it