Dec 10, 2007

Monday morning....BRRRR!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday morning....BRRRR!!!!
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BRRRR!!!! I am freaking freezing cold this morning!! Its like 30 here and messy as all get out. Rain, sleet and juck ICK! They actually had the buses run here today although Chris' bus was like 10 minutes late and there was no way that I was going to have my kids wait out in this crap for some bus that is going to be 10 minutes late so I let them stay home. My fault...I thought by the looks and talk about it last night that they wouldn't of had school today b/c of it being so messy and icy and slick out but no they did it anyway, so thats that. My kids missed, oh well I don't want them to stand otu there and get sick...tomorrow they are more then likely going, since they are driving me up a wall today but dang today was just to messy and slick and not to mention that I kept waking up all hours of the night to freaking sirens! So yea I am guessing there was alot of wrecks/accidents here in town last night from all the sirens going off.
Leon didn't get to much sleep last night. Not sure what his problem was really. I woke up in the middle of the night around 2-3 or something like that and he said that he couldn't go back to sleep then I woke up about an hour or so after that I woke up and he was in here with the light on...MEN! So then this morning when the kids woke up when Chris' bus came close to 8:30, hes telling them to hush and go back to sleep! yea right you don't tell kids thats just not right. So I told him to shut up lay back down and go to sleep and the kids would be quiet, eat there bowl of cereal and watch tv and he would just have to deal with it. So he did...surprisingly far!
The phone rang twice this morning but by the time I got up and in here to get it, it quit ringing and no voicemail so thats that, guess it wasn't that important or else they would of left a voicemail I would think.
So its freaking COLD here and supposed to get messier tonight and some of tomorrow I think is whawt it said but thankfully on Thursday its supposed to just be cloudy and thats good b/c thats the day that we or just Leon depending need to get out and go get his check and pay bills. So I don't know if I want to get out or just stay home completely and let him get out in the COLD!
I keep reminding him to go and get my pictures out and his ding dong butt better NOT forget b/c if he does OH I am going to be on his butt like white on rice!!! They came in like last week but didn't have the money, thanks to Leon and so they have to wait til Thursday then I will have the pictures and the pics on cd so that I can put them up here on the net of my trip that I LOVED to Vegas.
So anyway guess I will be going now, its freaking COLD and I need to get a few things done...yea well good luck with that! I hate this freaking weather.I am looking into places to move to for when/if we decide to move which we probably will just haven't totally decided if were staying here or moving to another town/city. So I was looking online last night and found some descent rent places in Denison and Sherman so if I did that then I would be closer to my friends like Misty who lives around the Mckinney area I think and Shaye and Retta and a few others that live around there to and Brian that lives in Allen and Lori that lives in Garland so they are all right around there and I MISS them sooo much and I think that it would be cool to be able to hang out with them again or heck now and then and give me the chance to get out of the house and spend time with the people that I loved to hang out with years ago.I still love em all and miss them and would love to see them again after all these years. We had a high school reunion a few years back and it was great seeing them then. And I miss them now and here theres no one so I might as well be somewhere where I could have fun and get out of the house more. So Im thinking and considering that.
Hope you all have a safe and warm day...hugs

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