Dec 5, 2007

Mid Week

Good afternoon everyone. I have had a pretty good day so far. Got up this morning, woke Jared up a few minutes late but he still got up and ready and out the door on time. The other kids got up and ready and off to school. I fell back asleep for a few minutes, not even an hour and got up at 9:15. Came in here and surfed around the net and checked emails and things. Leon was asleep on the couch. He didn't get home til 11:30 or so last night.
I got to watch not only Y&R today but also Days!! I hardly ever just take the time out to watch them both, usually wait til the end of the night at 10 and 11 on soapnet or at 6 on soapnet for Y&R. Anyway, I made a pizza, watched the rest of Y&R, its getting good and then got up and did some dishes. Leon got the mail in...Jesse got her movie today "The Bratz" movie and so shes going to be THRILLED to say the least when she gets home so that she can sit and watch it. Jared got home on time today (thank goodness) He was going to go to the store and get him a soda and me a bag of tators but not sure hes going now. His foot is hurting him and hes limping around on it. Leon went to the store earlier today during Y&R and got him a soda, me 2 sodas (I drink mine WAY slower and they last me for a couple of days, just the 1 liters of dp) and me some chips to dip into my cheese dip..yummy. I like to snack while we watch our show and toinght is KID NATION love that show. I think that I heard its just tonight and then next Wednesday its the last episode of it. And I think that I saw/heard on there also that Survivor just has 3 more episodes so the shows are coming to an end already! Wow time is flying by. I heard that American Idol is coming I think they said in Jan which is good. I like that show. I like the Amazing Race to and watched it the other night.
I have a TON of things and issues and stuff I want to blog about but the kids are going to be home any minute now so I guess that I will end this for now.
Some of the things that I am thinking about writing about later on is spanking your child...should it be illegal to spank your child?? Should you get arrested just for tapping your child on the BUTT in public b/c they talk back to you? Is that really a thing that should lead to jail time or fines or anything?? Also my thoughts on Chuck Norris and him supporting a presidential candidate Huckabee for 2008...interesting..just heard that earlier today while Leon was surfing around on YouTube or somewhere so I want to say my 2 cents about that. I personally don't know to much about Huckabee but I think that he said some good things the other night at the debates or from other times I heard him talk.
Im making roast for supper yummy so I better get in there and get it started so it will be done about the time the movie is over or right before and then we can eat after the movie.
I hope that everyone has a great night...hugs

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