Dec 7, 2007

Huckabee and Bush things

Huckabee and Bush things
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Good evening everyone. I forgot to blog about this last night or else I would of done it then. To much going on and my mind is going around in a million different directions....anyway, I watched Glenn Beck last night for the first 1/2 hour and he had a conversation with Mr Mike Huckabee. I haven't heard to much to be honest from him so I wasn't sure how his views were/are on things etc. So I sat there and listened to him and I liked most of what I heard. I am still trying to decide on who I like and might vote for. There are soo many choices and I tell you I have so much on my mind that politics and the election coming up is a big part of whats on my mind but sometimes other things of course come first.

So I decided to sit there and listen to what he had to say and I like him. It was said on the CNN news ticker thing that his ratings are up like 22% or so. Yea I can see why. So maybe what he has to say makes since and maybe he would be a good president. I tell you all in all honestly I think that ANYONE ok almost anyone would do a BETTER job then the president we have in office now.

I can't believe that he came on in a news conference...I think this was yesterday and said that hes going to try to help out the homeowners. Well from what I heard and understood it doesn't make since and its completely a waste of time and effort.

We saw the thing on the news where it said that if you missed a payment that you would NOT qualify. And if you could prove that you couldn't afford the higher interest rates or something like that you would qualify. And some other things.....Has anyone else looked into this?? Am I the ONLY one that thinks that it doesn't make since to sit there and say oh yea ok were going to help these homeowners that might be heading for foreclosure...ok then tell me something...I thought that foreclosure meant that you HAVE missed a payment um DUH thats why your close to being foreclosed on. YET hes stating that if you missed ONE payment that you DONT qualify for the help...ok so how can you sit there and state that your going to help homeowners that are in trouble and fixing to be foreclosed on if they don't qualify b/c they have missed a payment????!!!! That just pissed me off...DOESN'T make since to me. ITS A BUNCH OF BULL in my opinion. I don't own a home, thank goodness at this time in the world but we were considering maybe in the beginning of next year looking for a home but no not when the rates are going up and its just crazy out there in the world. I tell you people are just tongue twisting words and going around in circles and I just don't get half of what they (president and some others) are saying lately. Just like Giuliani about the bible thing...its a simple yes or no but yet they seem to run around the question in circles without completely stating a simple yes or no.

So there is my politics rambling and venting for the night...

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