Dec 6, 2007

Gangs and Guns on my street!!!!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Gangs and Guns on my street!!!!
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Good evening...OMG my 2 youngest children came home this afternoon and they were shaking and both talking at the same time...I had to calm them down and tell them one at a time! My daughter is 10 and my youngest Sean is 9 and they came in here and was telling me that they were walking home from the bus stop (which is by the way only 2 blocks down,I THOUGHT it was safe and ok for them to walk just the 2 blocks down...HA maybe not now!!!) Anyway, they said that they got off of the bus and was walking home and there was another kid to two with them and my son Sean and another little boy was walking and talking about Spiderman 3 when these guys my kids referred to as gangsters/gang members was across the street knocking on some ladies house and one of the guys took something out of his pocket and turned around and pointed a GUN at my KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then they said that he looked around and then turned back around put the gun back in his pocket and started knocking on the door again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesse said the other kids started running home but Jesse said that her backpack was so heavy that she couldn't run so they (my two) just walked really fast to our house!!!!! OMG that scared the CRAP out of me!!!!! So according to my kids these guys were like 3-4 houses down the street right here on MY block and OMG I can't get over how shaken up they were and how shaken up I am now!!!! I was like lock the doors!! LOCK THE WINDOWS! and hollering to make sure everything that could be locked was and all the blinds were closed etc. I was still waiting on my middle son to get home. He rides a bus that brings him right here to the house so at least I didn't have to worry about him walking home from the bus stop or anything. Talk about scary. My daughter comes up to me and says mom they said that our street was one of the ones where you want to keep your doors locked and the blinds shut and I am like GREAT!!!! When we first moved here back in April there wasn't anything bad going on over here. You couldn't tell there was alot of traffic at the house diagonal from us and you couldn't tell that there was apparently gang people walking down the street!!!! OMG where can you move these days to where its safe???? Even the little bitty town that we moved from had crap going on! They had a shooting 2 houses down from us when we lived in a little bitty 2000 population town or so!!!! A SHOOTING 2 houses down so that told me ok well its not even safe here so thats why I made the decision to move here where there was more work and I really didn't think that where we are on this side of town was bad. They have some pretty nice homes over here but yea looks can be decieving to say the least because DAMN! So anyway b/c of the rocks being thrown at our windows a couple of weeks ago we are thinking about moving even if it means breaking our lease. I can't have my kids coming home from school and seeing guys with guns pointing at them across the street and people more likely kids throwing rocks at my windows... What the HELL is going on with this world that all this crap is happening and I swear its always bad things...where the heck are all the good things that should be going on??? When I was a kid (not to long ago, Im only 34) I didn't hear about the gangs and guns being brought to school and mall shootings etc. Either I didn't hear about it b/c it wasn't going on or Ididn't hear about it b/c I didn't watch the news more often to hear about it!!!

So that was my afternoon and I am sooo scared for my kids that I am going to start going down there to the bus stop and walking the kids home in the afternoon and making hubby go with them in the morning b/c I don't want anything to happen to them ... MY GOODNESS ITS HORRIBLE!

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