Nov 28, 2007

My son Chris' 12th birthday today!!Nov 28, '07 2:52 PM
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My son Chris’ 12th birthday!!
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Good afternoon everyone. Well today is my son Christopher's 12th birthday!! I can't believe that hes 12 already!! They grow up way to fast. We ordered pizza so today when he gets home from school he can have pizza and he can help me make his cake after school to.
Leon was supposed to work yesterday adn called in and then he was gonna work today but NO he called in again!!!!!!!!! I am soooo pissed at him for calling in!!! We need the money and hes calling in! He gets a check tomorrow and we will be lucky if its $50 since it was only for 1 day for the past 2 weeks the JERK!!!!
I swear its like he doesn't care that Christmas is coming up and I want to get the kids a few things. Further from his mind. Hes LAZY and doesn't like walking to work...well TOUGH CRAP!!!! I work online and make some extra money from blogging and doing surveys and a few other things and I am still employed with just haven't gotten any hours as of yet but soon hopefully I will. I haven't completely quit them yet. Hes off Thurs and Friday for this week, works Saturday and then off Sunday and Monday so I have to put up with his stupid ass here at home for the next couple days then he BETTER go to work on Sat and then off Sun and Monday..lucky me!! NOT!!!! I am to the point of where I just can barely stand the site of him. Hes home to much. He should want to be working and taking care of his family. What hte HELL is wrong with him!!!!!
My mom had sent the package of Jared's shoes and Chris' money and we got that today. Jared's shoes are very nice looking. A dark brownish/tanish color..they are sketchers that she got at Kohls the other night and they cost $75 for a sz 13. Jared stayed home today with a fever, he went to bed with one last night and had one this morning. Hes been in bed all day long. We brought the shoes in there to show him and he smiled and liked them. Poor child, I hope that he doesn't have the fever crap like Chris and I did. Its a crappy feeling to do nothing but lay in bed all day.
I am in here in my room and blasting Kiss 106FM in Dallas listening to "today's music" and playing a few games and just trying to relax and stay in my room til the kids come home. I don't want to be in the other room wth him. He just makes me MAD that he didn't go to work.
I went to bed early last night, bad headache but I did wake up in time to see some of Dancing with the stars Finale and I saw that the car racer Helio won!!! WOOHOO!! I liked him over the Mel girl. I liked Marie and I loved Jennie Garth but she made it far and I am proud of her for doing as good as she did. WTG JENNIE!!
So congrats to HELIO for winning Dancing with the Stars. They were kick butt Monday night on there freestyle...oh they kicked it man it was awesome!!
Hope that you all have a great rest of the day and week...hugs

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