Nov 25, 2007

My night

My night!!!Nov 25, '07 10:00 PM
for everyone
WOW what a night I have had!!! I fixed tacos for us to eat. I ate my tacos and was wanting to watch Fast and the Furious but couldn't find the dvd so I decided on The Mexican soI was watching it and Jared had come in here to play his game or watch YouTube tv shows and all of a sudden I hear Jared scream "OH MY GOD!!!" and there was a loud noise when he was saying that but with my movie going and it being where they were shooting off there guns on there I coudln't tell exactly what the noise was and figured that maybe something just fell off of my pc desk (I have pretties sitting on it so if something fell it wouldn't be the first time) anyway Jared came running in there before I could jump up b/c my lap was full with 3 kittens and a cat on it so I was slow pushing them off to get up. He said that someone just threw a rock at our window!!! I came in here and looked and sure enough a huge hole about twice the size of the other hole in the other side of the window from Friday night was now in the window right there where my pc is sitting. It almost hit Jared in the head if he wouldn't of ducked!!!! So now there is 2 holes in my windows in here in the bedroom and I am PISSED to say the least. I don't know why someone would do this and I don't know who. We don't know anyone and we keep to ourselves. We don't bother others etc and I just don't know why they would come by and on 2 seperate nights throw rocks at our house at my bedroom windows!! The other night my bedroom light was on and the porch light and me and Sean was sitting right here and they threw a rock then tonight the bedroom light was off but the front room light and the porch light was on. My bedroom is in the room where the garage would of been so its right there beside the front room Now why on earth would someone just come up not once but TWICE within a couple of nights and throw rocks at our windows. They are high up where they threw them otherwise they could of thrown them in the middle of the windows and hit someone like Jared when he was sitting here at the desk. SCARY! So I am seriously considering looking for another place to move into sooner then what I was going to but not sure b/c if we move sooner then that means that Leon would be with us and I don't know if I want that but I don't want someone to come and throw more rocks at the house either. So I have some heavy thinking to do and some figuring out things to do to.
So that was heck of an evening. It happened right before 7 because I was fixing to turn the movie off and watch AR but it ended up not coming on until 8 b/c of 60 mins.
Anyway, I hope that you all hada great weekend and have a great last week in Nov 2007...wierd how Dec is a few days away. Hugs..night

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