Oct 31, 2007

Still up, awake and frustrated

I am still up, its not that late yet, well its nearly 1am but usually at this time I am in the bed, with the tv on Nick at Nite and awake watching George Lopez and then Prince and then I go to sleep about 1:30 so its not that unusual for me to be awake, but it is for me to be up and on the pc at this time of the morning.
I am up waiting for my freaking money to hit my bank account so that I can get my bills paid online before first thing in the morning so that when things open in the morning the money is on the account and paid and no worries, but for some reason the freaking bank is taking FOREVER tonight and the money isn't on there like it usually is. STUPID BANK!!! So here I am up, awake and getting not only frustrated but STRESSED!
Leon finally just went in the other room to lay down b/c I am in here with the lights on b/c I don't want to type in the dark since I am reading blogs and things and doing ALOT of blogging myself I don't want to do it all in the dark so he left the room.
We have such a busy day planned for today. We gotta get up at 6:30, get Jared up and gone to school, walk with him to the bus stop and then go to the little store and get a soda first thing in the morning HECK YA! lol I have missed my dp's and md's, anyway, I need soda in the morning and then we need to get the other 3 on the bus and at the bus stop and then we need to get on the bus and head to wally world and get all the things that we need, food and necessities and then call a stupid cab to come get us since our car broke down a month ago today on the 1st. At least we have bus and cab service here.
So yea I am sitting here very frustrated and trying not to get any more stressed then I already am but I tell ya what when the money don't hit at the usual time that it does you start to worry...or well I do!!
At least Leon has a job interview for Friday morning and I still have my job and I can't really wait til after my trip I come back and get the hours...YES for Christmas which will be awesome! I can't wait to work all the hours that I can during the day when the kids are at school. Then when the kids are out for there break, depending on Leon's schedule I will have to work when hes not so that he can tend to the kids, b/c its mandatory that I put in I think 25-30 hours at least from Dec 1st til the new year!! YAY! Which means really good checks!!
I hope that they start Leon out at a good rate if/when they hire him. I don't want them ripping him off with a min wage BS when he has at least a total of 10 years with wally world. But if they are cheap skates then what can we do but accept it and that be that.
Anyway, ok I am done ranting raving and venting...well at least for the next few minutes...I might just get back on here and vent about other things if I can't get calmed down! I hope that you all have a great 1st day of November!!

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