Oct 28, 2007

So much crap going on in the world

Oct 28, '07 11:39 PM
I am so tired of hearing of all the crap going on in the world. All the bad things, all the murdering and all the bomb/terror threats etc. The fires going on around not just CA but everywhere else. People freaking having NOTHING else better to do in there life so they set fires on purpose and make the county burn for a freaking WEEK causing thousands of people to be without there homes now!!! They got NOTHING more to do in there day then to go out and cause trouble???? OMG what in the world is this world coming to?? Really??? What is it coming to? I wish that htey would do a day or two out of the week, ok maybe an hour or two out of every day on the news to report just GOOD things happening around the world...would there be enough good stories out there to cover or would there still be to much bad stories to still cover and not enough good. Its sad, it gets depressing to sit and hear all the crap going on and it doesn't help that they are talking about bomb threats and things in people's shoes to make bombs?? I am fixing to go on a couple of planes in the next couple of weeks...I am a nervous freaking wreck b/c of all the talk. I know that I can't go on in this life being a scary cat and worried etc all the time but damn its just getting to me I guess here lately especially with the fires and all those people that are now homeless basically!! SAD!
I guess all we can do is pray and hope that everything ends in the best way and all the families and people that lost there homes, hope that they get the help that they have coming to them to start over and rebuild and get all new things and start over. To many disasters going on in the world today. I hope that they catch the person/persons that are responsible for all the fires that went on.

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