Oct 30, 2007

Happy Halloween to me

Happy Halloween everyone...I know that I have wrote more then one today saying Happy Halloween...I just wanted to say it again lol...I am in a very blogging mood today so I am trying to get a ton of blogging done today and then do some paid blogging here in a few minutes.
Anyway, so today I got money, pizza, soda, candy and a movie in the mail (Wild Hogs) LOVED IT!!! non-stop laughter!! And then the best for last..Hubby FINALLY got a job interview at Walmart for this Friday at 10:30!!! WOOHOO!
Ok so I got that out and off of my chest again...lol..can you tell that Im just a little beside myself and excited!!!
Im still going to be working here at home, doing flowers and I want to do ASI and blogging of course I am never gonna stop blogging! And then I only have 10 days left until my trip to Vegas with one of my very very best friends and sisters Lori!!! I can't wait to go!!! I need a vacation BAD!
My kids on the other hand, well they will deal with me being gone. Sean is demanding that he is going with me...HA!! The whole point of mommy going away for a few days to relax is with no kids! He will just have to get over it and fast b/c I am going and thats that! I told Leon that he might have to take them to the park right before its time for me to leave or something b/c I have to go and I can't have him crying and screaming when I walk out the door to get in the taxi.
Right now, life is pretty good. I am thankful and blessed that were doing alright and were all healthy and doing good. I know that there are others out there not as lucky as we are. We aren't the richest by no means but we are doing alright and thats a blessing. now I just pray that me and or Lori will hit it big in Vegas!! Pray for me!!
Have a great and safe Halloween night everyone...

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